The end of the year is approaching and if you go on vacation to Cancun it is time to evaluate the lodging alternatives, that is why this post “Airbnb in Cancun, 3 tips” it may interest you…

For some years now, Airbnb has been added to the classic accommodation options, an alternative that allows the use of a platform to specify the vacation rental of a property.

It is true that the rental of houses already existed, but the procedure was a little more rustic since you had to have some recommendation and the owner’s data, sometimes it was just a matter of luck to reach the destination and find a good option and price, even, in some places, the local newspaper was the one that helped you.

But, with technology on the rise, today you only enter an internet platform and you need some time and a good eye to choose that site that promises a delightful stay.

However, not everything is rosy, many of us did not know how to choose and it has cost us dearly or at least, it cost us an upset. The good thing is that it can be avoided…

What is an Airbnb?

For those who are just getting acquainted with technology, it is good to clarify that talking about an Airbnb is referring to the rental of a vacation accommodation place that can be a house, an apartment, a studio, a villa.

You can choose the characteristics of the place on the platform that offers the service and this is the issue to which you should pay close attention since it will depend on how we are going to enjoy the days of stay.

According to a September 2021 Reportur publication, in the state of Quintana Roo there are more than 50,000 accommodations under the Airbnb modality. Cancun concentrates a large part of that offer, just as Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Bacalar, etc., have options to offer.

Tips to achieve a safe rental from an Airbnb in Cancun

1. Choose a good location

If we ask ourselves what is the best location to choose an Airbnb in Cancun, there is much to analyze, Cancun is a fairly large city and there are many areas that are not clearly defined, which generates confusion when it comes to finding a good area to rent.

Among the different areas that you find in Cancun we have:

Airport Area

Located 30 minutes from downtown; It can be a good option to stay if you want to be near the airport or if you have a car, this is because the accommodation can be far from the road, which is the only place where means of transport pass through and it is not very safe, even more so if We talked about walking at night and with suitcases.

Airbnb in Cancun

Beach area in Cancun

This area is quite extensive along the Cancun coast, so we can divide it into other areas that we will describe below, following an order from north to south.

Beach area in Costa Mujeres:

It is north of Cancun, 30 minutes from downtown and is the newest area of ​​the city in terms of tourism development; You will find large hotel chains that opened a few years ago, there are also small hotels and apartments, many of them located on the beach.

The good thing about this area is that it is the least affected by sargassum, the beaches are in a more virgin environment; Likewise, it is close to the ferry terminal that takes you to Isla Mujeres.

The not so good thing is that there are no public means of transport accessible, you will depend on a taxi for any transfer (they are expensive); In addition, it is a developing area, it does not have commercial activity.

Puerto Juarez beach area:

From north to south, after Costa Mujeres continues Puerto Juárez, an area on the beach that also has condominiums and hotels on the beach side and on the other, it is already an area of ​​houses where local people live.

Although it has better communication with the city center, it is not highly recommended for staying as it is somewhat dark and unsafe at night.

It is worth clarifying that a part of Puerto Juárez includes a golf course and a shopping center, it is the most recommended area but there are only hotels.

Beach area in Cancun Hotel Zone:

It begins in the center of Cancun, the Kukulkan boulevard at the corner of Tulum Avenue marks the entrance.

From there it is 25 km in which you will find numerous hotels located on the beach on one side, and on the other, at the foot of the Nichupté lagoon. There are also buildings, private houses, hostels.

It is the area with the greatest tourist development in Cancun, so there are many shops, several shopping malls, restaurants, a craft market, the nightclub area, golf courses, a museum, water attractions, etc.

The best thing about this area is that it is quite safe at all times, there is a lot of movement of people, public transport is frequent until 12 at night and it is cheap.

In this area, on the side of Laguna Nichupté, there are many houses that are usually rented as Airbnb and are a good option as long as you consider the distance from where the house is located to Kukulkan Boulevard and the beach.

Airbnb in Cancun

Downtown area

Another of the most requested areas for an Airbnb in Cancun, but, it must be said, it is quite complex to define which part of downtown Cancun is good.

What is understood as the center of Cancun we are going to delimit it as a “square”, its sides are: one side includes Tulum Avenue, from Plaza de Las Américas to El Crucero; the other side is López Portillo avenue until Kabah avenue; the other side is Kabah Avenue (changes to Rodrigo Gómez Avenue) and the last side is Nichupté Avenue until the beginning.

If you locate a map you can see that the “center” is huge and within that entire area there are recommended places and others not. In order not to make it long, the ideal is, if you want to rent in this area, choose alternatives located near Tulum Avenue, from Plaza Las Américas to the ADO bus terminal, on one side or the other of that avenue is a good area.

The area of ​​Mercado 28, Parque de Las Palapas, near Cobá avenue and downtown Walmart, Palenque avenue near Cobá, Labná avenue, Xcaret and Yaxchilán, near Malecón square and Bonampak avenue, are the most recommended areas; a little dark at night, but they are better connected by public transport and there is good traffic.

It is worth clarifying that the center of Cancun is not the same as other cities, it does not have nightlife except in certain points, so walking at night may not provide much comfort.

Finally, it is always useful to analyze the map from Google map, calculate the distance to the beach, take the hotel zone as a reference and it will also help you to confirm when an Airbnb tells you that it is 10 minutes from the beach, something that is not always true…

2. Amenities that the Airbnb has

It is very important to make sure that the place you choose has the amenities that it says in the description, even more so if not having them could affect your stay.

For example, there are people who suffer if they do not sleep with air conditioning and if you are in Cancun, with the heat that it is at any time of the year, you will need it.

Another case may be the issue of hot water, being a destination with heat almost all year round, many vacation rentals do not have hot water since the water is lukewarm, check and make sure if you need it more in winter.

The same applies to everything included in the accommodation, do not take anything for granted, ask and confirm that all the amenities offered will be available during your stay.

Airbnb in Cancun

3. Costs of an Airbnb in Cancun

Many times we have the idea that it is always cheaper to rent an apartment or vacation home in relation to a hotel; but we are sorry to say no.

When renting an Airbnb in Cancun, you should analyze and compare with other accommodation options, evaluating location, available services, amenities, extra costs, etc.

If you go on vacation to Cancun, you sure want to go to the beach, then analyze the distances and transportation costs to get there.

When comparing with other accommodation alternatives, consider hotels of different categories, there are hotel options with a room with a kitchenette that may interest you.

In short, make a list with the pros and cons of your accommodation options, and with the full costs of the expenses involved in each one, and make the decision not only because of the difference in prices but also because of what you are interested in enjoying.

Airbnb in Cancun

bonus tips

Before confirming your reservation at an Airbnb, consult the platform’s policies regarding security in the provision of the service and cancellation policies.

Before traveling, contact the host, who will receive you to deliver the keys to the place; It is important to agree on the arrival time and consult options in case your flight is delayed or unforeseen events arise.

It is good to take a video when they are showing you your Airbnb in Cancun, ask your host to take a tour together to make sure what you rented; There are times when the photos that are published do not match reality.

Airbnb in Cancun, 3 tips

And to finish, we have some airbnb recommendations in Cancun that you will surely like, as they have a good value for money, as well as an excellent location:


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