There is no doubt that traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but like every aspect of life there are rules that we must follow And one of the things that we should pay more attention to is the luggage that we can take when traveling by plane, and although this varies from one airline to another, there are general guidelines that we should know.

hand luggage

hand luggage

Hand luggage is that which can be carried on the plane without the need to send it to the hold of the plane, that is, all the luggage that travels with you in the cabin of the plane.

Depending on the airline, hand luggage can go in the compartments that are above your seat, or below them, in addition to having to meet certain characteristics, such as certain measurements and a certain weight limit.

For example, if you travel in Ryanairan Irish low-cost airline based in Dublin, Ireland, here you can find out what Ryanair hand luggage you can take, as well as other details that will be of great help when traveling with this airline.

You just have to remember that Ryanair only makes trips in Europe, although it is the low-cost airline that makes the most trips in the old continent, with more than 2000 routes and 84 bases, so when you go to Europe you will undoubtedly have to travel on that airline.

What can be carried in hand luggage?

What can be carried in hand luggage?

In general terms, you can carry the same items in your hand luggage as in your checked baggage.although preferably, and due to the limitations you have in terms of weight and measurements, it is recommended that you carry the things of greatest value, as well as essential documents and objects that you may need at any time.

For example, in your hand luggage you can carry your camera, your personal computer, the iPad, medications with their respective prescription, passport, visaidentifications, hygiene items, tickets such as plane tickets, train tickets, etc., jewelry, keys, among others.

Only that it is essential that you read carefully on the official website of the airline that you are going to board what is allowed and what is not, and also in what quantities, since, in many airlines, and even in the same airport waiting rooms Liquid containers of more than 100 milliliters are not allowed.

Something very curious, because inside the waiting room you can buy a liter of juice and nobody says anything, but well, that is another matter.

What cannot be carried in hand luggage?

What cannot be carried in hand luggage?

This brings us to what cannot be carried in your hand luggage and which fall under the general items that cannot be carried regardless of the airline you use.

In this case, the objects that are prohibited in your hand luggage are:

  • Guardianship.
  • balls.
  • Knives or sharp objects.
  • Liquids and gels that exceed 100 milliliters, even as a whole, cannot exceed one liter.
  • Musical instruments that do not fit under your seat.
  • Any weapon, even pretend toys.
  • Any equipment that uses lithium ion batteries (don’t worry, if you can take your cell phone, camera, iPad, etc., with their respective batteries without much problem).

Of course, there are other items you can’t takeand for this it is essential that in case of any doubt you verify it with the airline with which you are going to fly.

Duty Free

Duty Free

In airports you will always find the famous Duty Free Shops which are nothing more than duty-free stores where you can make retail purchases and where local or national taxes or fees do not apply.

Now, you may be wondering what happens if you make purchases in these stores and your checked baggage is already, forgive the redundancy, checked.

Do not worry, since there are certain liquids that you can carry in your hand luggage that you have purchased in this type of store without much problem.

Although once again, you must make sure with the airline and/or the airport where you are going to board what is allowed and what is not.


Wherever you fly, you will always have the kind assistance of your airline or the airport where you are going to flyeither through its official website, by email, via chat, by phone, or by any other means.

Take advantage of them! Since it is better to have knowledge of everything than to have to give away or lose objects that have value, whether economic or sentimental for you.

In any case, we are also here to help you, just tell us which airline you are going to fly with, from which to which destination, and we will answer any questions you may have.

Traveling is amazing.


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