“Your flight is scheduled for tomorrow, you can now check in online”, a message from the airline with which we will make a trip warns us in our email, but what does it mean to check in online?

Generally, this opens 24 hours (sometimes 48 hours) before the departure time of our flight and it is a way to advance some information so that our boarding is easier at the airport. If you are one of those who leave this procedure at the end, we share with you some advantages of checking in online:

Fewer queues at the airport

With these magic words it should be enough to enter to complete our data. By filling out the information requested by the airline and confirming our assistance, they could arrive directly at the boarding gate without going through the counter (in case of not checking in) and if they have a suitcase, it would only be a matter of a couple of minutes to leave their belongings and go to the boarding room (many times people who have already checked in online have a special line to document).

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Helps avoid inconvenience

Airlines are the first filter for travelers and before boarding, they are responsible for confirming that all entry requirements for the destination are met. For example, since the global health crisis due to the coronavirus, some countries have changed their conditions for receiving travelers and whether they request a negative test or a vaccination certificate, the airlines are responsible for requesting these documents first.

When checking in online, many times they ask us to add these documents so that they can be validated in advance or if they are missing any, by doing it 24 hours before they have time to solve it.

In addition, in the event that the flight is oversold, we will be among the first to confirm a seat and thus avoid overbooking.

Foto: 123rf
Foto: 123rf

They can choose their seats

When buying our flights, it is common for each step to be charged with an extra price: additional bags and seat selection, among others.

When you check in online, you will have the opportunity to choose seats that do not have an extra cost (those in a higher class or with more space are not usually available). It is also important for groups traveling together to have their seats next to each other.

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