By: Norma Helena Barradas Aburto

Traveling is a lifestyle, traveling alone is the best experience.

Thus, I have made trips with friends, as a couple, in large and small groups, as a family but nothing like the experiences and learning of traveling alone.

In a country as safe as the United Arab Emirates, a single woman is highly respected, supported, helped and protected.

The first great fear: Migration

When I arrived at the immigration module in Dubai, the officer took my passport and told me: How are you? Fine?, he said it so quickly that excitedly I only responded: Happy!; He scanned it, put the stamp, gave me my passport “just my passport, he didn’t ask for anything else” and continued: Welcome to Dubai! Already? Was it all? And the vaccines? And the PCR? And hotel reservations? And the return flights? This way I entered the most luxurious and ostentatious country in the world with the easiest and fastest immigration process of my life.


In Dubai everything is simple, everything is perfectly prepared to receive tourists regardless of their nationality or language, coupled with the technology that with just a cell phone in hand allows you to communicate without problem (for my part I bought a SIM card when I arrived in Dubai and I was always connected and had access to all my Apps).

In restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, mosques, tourist places, I always received cordial, friendly treatment, attentive to communication and interaction, although my level of English is merely functional.

The coin:

Returning to the comfort and accessibility of everything in the Emirates, I carried a few dollars to change, a debit card and a credit card. To get some dirhams I used an electronic ATM with my debit card, it gave me the cash in local currency at the exchange rate of the day for the currency of my country (Mexico) that is, I did not have to make a double peso change to dollar and from dollar to dirham avoiding losing money.

The credit card in the Emirates is the easiest way to buy, they receive it “everywhere” EVERYONE, even in the taxi or the corner store, it is important to choose the option to pay in dirhams so that the exchange rate, Just as in the case of cash, there is no double conversion and you save by receiving the direct charge on the card, in your currency.

What to eat?:

A great attraction is food with gold, I was able to enjoy this at the Burj Al Arab breakfasts, in some sandwiches, but especially in the seductive desserts; Another option is to have a coffee at the Armani hotel which has a light gold coating and is accompanied with a small sandwich.

Among the typical food of the place are hummous, falaffel, kepi, Arabic bread or blakawa, a delicious dessert.

For nothing in the world could I miss the opportunity to eat many dates and coffee which they offer everywhere.

For those who do not dare to try different flavors or if they have problems with certain foods, there is nothing to worry about because you can find a wide variety of international food from eggs, rice, pasta and very simple dishes.

To do?:

EVERYTHING, everything you can, whatever you want, everything is fantastic.

My favorite, the safari in the Al Madam Sharjah desert, I would do it a thousand times. If you like adrenaline, not even the best roller coaster will make you experience so many sensations: fear, vertigo, well-being, you feel like you could die but at that moment, there, no. it matters. This tour also includes a typical dinner with Arab dances.

Visit the mosques, if religion is not your thing, you should at least visit Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi, a simply spectacular place.

In Abu Dhabi you can’t miss the Louvre museum and the Ferrari World park with the fastest roller coaster in the world which I went on many times.

The contrasts between the old and the new Dubai touring every corner, sailing in Khawr to see the great gold and spice souks or approaching the Jumeirah area with the best hotel complexes in the world and the beautiful Dubai marina.

Another way to see old and new Dubai is from the golden frame of Dubai, a great experience.

The museum of the future of the latest places in Dubai.

During my trip I was fortunate to attend the international Expo Dubai which was in this country.

The Dubai Mall, to know and enjoy this shopping center, you need at least 3 days since, being the largest in the world, it houses many activities that can be enjoyed according to each taste and interest.

The basic thing is to know the Burj Khalifa inside and out, living the exciting experience of climbing to the observation deck of the tallest building in the world.

The fountain show in front of the mall, which offers different shows day or night.

The aquarium with huge fish tanks, ice skating rink, all kinds of restaurants.
And of course stores of all brands, the best, largest and with the greatest variety of products in the world.

And I was able to do all this “traveling alone” safely, without fear, owner of my time, of each of my steps and of my decisions.

The post A woman traveling alone through the United Arab Emirates in Spanish first appeared on Alan x el Mundo.

The post A woman traveling alone through the Arab Emirates in Spanish appeared first on Alan x el Mundo.


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