Do you believe in magic? The events of our life are linked to all the people we meet, our history is a set of collective anecdotes with a bit of magic.

“The butterfly effect” is the name of the new show by Ivan Maraña and it becomes a journey through anecdotes, audience participation and a menu with dishes inspired by experience.

It all starts with an email that will give you instructions to get started. The appointment is a few minutes before and that is where the trip begins with a drink called, like the show, “The Butterfly Effect”.

The Butterfly Effect: Mezcal, mango-infused vodka and green tea, absinthe, Mariposa tea, and fire

For two hours, cell phones are prohibited and once the show has started, you cannot leave or enter the room, nostalgically set in the Four Seasons hotel in Mexico City.

Maraña is an illusionist and mentalist, but above all a great storyteller who will surprise more than one with data, fantasy, secrets and wonderful things. The traveling companions will be 20 people who will be part of this collective experience.

At the end, a dinner will close this magical evening with a flourish.

Nothing is what it seems

Gray Goose Orange, red wine, Le Rouge Rojo aperitif, pear juice, clove syrup and cinnamon

butterfly cocoon

Roasted eggplant puree, eggplant paper, black pipián and cotton candy

The reality that everyone wants to see in a mirror

Transparent bread, Parmesan Reggiano mousseline, seared beef fillet and summer truffle

Stamped envelope

Tapioca toast and bull tartare (bluefin tuna)

The show happens inside your mouth (pre-dessert)

White chocolate coin and let the magic happen by melting it

Not everything is what it seems

Taro mousse, creamy lychee and eucalyptus gelee

Where: Av. P. de la Reforma 500, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX

tickets here


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