To speak of Chile en Nogada is to speak of tradition, family heritage, legends and also, the most important historical event in our country: our independence.

But how were chiles en nogada born? There are many stories, the most popular tells that this recipe was invented by the Augustinian nuns of the Convent of Santa Mónica (today the Museum of Religious Art) in Puebla to celebrate the independence of Mexico; making masterful use of seasonal ingredients such as pomegranate and walnut, they prepared a dish that bore the colors of our flag.

Chiles en nogada, Mexican gastronomy

On the other hand, the romantic legend tells that in the triguarante army there were 3 soldiers whose girlfriends lived in Puebla, they were excited by Independence and to have their lovers back, they created this dish to celebrate. Each of them chose an ingredient that had an army color.


An INAH archaeologist stated that it is false that chiles en nogada were invented to celebrate Iturbide’s birthday, he says that it was actually a dish that was prepared beforehand; that it was not a main course but a dessert and that its true origin dates back to the Viceroyalty of New Spain.

Anyway, the Chile en Nogada is one of the many wonderful contributions of Puebla to the national gastronomy and this year marks the 200th anniversary of this legend.

The state of Puebla has organized “La Ruta del Chile en Nogada” to celebrate this dish that is so representative of our country; The municipalities that have been included in this route are the main producers of the ingredients that this famous recipe requires: Calpan, Huejotzingo, Santa Rita Tlahuapan and San Nicolas de Los Ranchos. In these municipalities you can enjoy areas of Christmas pines, trout, axolotl farm, horseback riding, historical monuments, fruit orchards and seasonal fairs such as La del mole, el Tejocote, pipían and carnitas 😛


If you want to enjoy this dish, I have my favorites in Puebla; magical places that make art with their chiles en nogada and that, year after year, strive to surpass the previous year; here are my darlings so you can visit them while you do “The Route of Chile en Nogada”

The Mural of Los Poblanos

Their chiles en nogada NEVER fail you, they are delicious and the portions are perfect; Here I also recommend the sweet molletes, the piloncillo cookies and the raisin liqueur.

(September 16 #506, Historic Center, Puebla)

House Queen

If you love places with soul, this Boutique Hotel has no comparison; surrounded by art and sculptures by amazing artists such as Javier Marín, Vicente Rojo, Francisco Toledo, etc. Here the ideal thing is that you stay one night in your hotel to enjoy and pamper yourself…. Their chiles en nogada are masterful, generously served at a fair price and with an excellent flavor; in addition to being presented with MEXICAN rosé wine pairing options to accompany this baroque dish.

(Private 2 Oriente 1007, Historic Center, Puebla)

Chiles en nogada, Mexican gastronomy

The Dream Hotel

Anything you say about the hotel and its chiles en nogada falls short! A beautiful boutique hotel that boasts a family recipe for its chiles en nogada, try the martini de nogada or if gin & tonic with pomegranate

(9 East No. 12, Puebla)

If you want to eat a chile en nogada, not so expensive because of the pandemic, but with traditional ingredients, my advice is to go to the towns that produce the ingredients for this dish, for example: San Andrés Calpan is an excellent option, cheap and they make the original recipe that they say was given to Iturbide.


Here I also have my spoiled…..


This restaurant is more than classic, it opened its doors 43 years ago in the Center (Palma 23). Its chiles en nogada are abundant and its filling is sweet without being cloying. It’s worth it!!


It’s one of my favorite restaurants!! He is warm, with essence and his letter is always a surprise. It works wonders with its chiles en nogada; the ingredients they use are brought from Calpan and their nogada is salty, thanks to the goat cheese that they have incorporated into the recipe; the filling has a touch of crystallized xoconostle that is a delight. It is one of those restaurants that become “My favorite place”.

Of. Cuitlahuac 3102, Claveria


It is well called “the cathedral of chiles en nogada”, its chiles are huge and retain that homemade and fresh flavor.

Belisario Domingues No. 70. Center

Obviously, these are not all the places where you can eat delicious chiles en nogada, surely there are many more that are worth visiting. Do you know any? Tell me where the best chiles en nogada are made

Chiles en nogada, Mexican gastronomy


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