Poland is a country with an incredible wealth of history, architecture, and culture that attract travellers. Krakow or Warsaw are perhaps the most popular destinations, however their other cities and towns are not without magic.

An example is Wrocław (Wrocław), a medieval city with an importance for the Polish language, since the Book of Henryków was created here, a manuscript that contains the oldest known notes in this language and here the first incunable (type primitive printing press) historical in Polish.

Wroclaw is the largest city and the most important historical, cultural, academic and sports center in southwestern Poland, as well as the seat of one of the oldest Polish Catholic dioceses in the country (founded in 1000).

Foto: 123rf
Foto: 123rf

In addition to its beautiful architecture, it has unique inhabitants that date back to the origins of the city. Legend has it that when Wroclaw began to be built, there was an imp in the Öder River that made life impossible for them. Given this, the first inhabitants asked the gnomes of the area for help to combat it and since then these little beings live in harmony with humans.

This magical setting was ideal for the city authorities, who, following one of their oldest stories, placed small sculptures of goblins in different corners starting in 2001.

Foto: 123rf
Foto: 123rf

Currently around 180 can be found and looking for them is a fun activity for visitors, who can even purchase a gnome map so they don’t miss any sculptures.

Among the places where it is possible to see these little inhabitants of Wroclaw, there is the old medieval town hall, the church of St. Elisabeth, the Salt Square and the University of Wroclaw, among others.

If you want to take one of these little friends home with you, you can buy them as souvenirs. This accompanies us in Alan’s office around the world.

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