By: Marthita Carrillo

Sometimes we have visual paradises less than 2 hours from Mexico City but we don’t know it; The State of Mexico offers us different corners full of flavors, sights and smells.

My grandfather was born in Tenango del Valle, a small town in the State of Mexico, so since I was a child I have liked to go to town and on countless occasions we did it as a family in small towns in the State of Mexico and that’s how I fell in love with Malinalco, a Magical Town surrounded by mountains; Each view of the place recreates a picture full of green color and nature, in the morning the smell is of fresh grass and mist, if we walk through the center we find the smells of freshly baked bread and the tlacoyos cooking in anafres and charcoal that we They taste like Mexico.

On this occasion I stayed at Pixan Housea beautiful boutique hotel located 15 minutes walk from the center of town, this hotel has a spectacular view from its garden that makes us enter a state of relaxation, of absolute peace, the noise of the cicadas and crickets become a meditation .

It is a place to rest from the city noises and feel cozy, by the way, Dulce, who serves guests, is an expert in making you feel that you are at home; Another delight of this place is the food, which although the menu is not so extensive it is perfect, each dish is prepared with detail and with extraordinary quality, yes or yes you should order the cecina or the green enchiladas, a true delight.

On the other hand, Casa Pixan has a beautiful story to tell us since it is part of a social project supporting Kalimori, a community of adults with intellectual disabilities, through scholarships and funds for its growth, as well as the sale of manufactured products. by this community, so take the time to get to know this wonderful town and let yourself be pampered.

In short, what a great place Malinalco and its surroundings are, from its gastronomy that can start with a delicious tlacoyo, continue with a trout and end with an ice cream in its famous Malinalli snows, there are also various holistic centers where you can have a great experience. of the temazcal, and to finish I will not fail to mention its cultural relics in which, to mention a few, there is the ceremonial center and archaeological ruins; All of this is within short walking distance.

What a great place to disconnect, let’s visit more of Mexico and its corners.

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