Eating cheap in Düsseldorf is not an impossible mission. Although it has the reputation of being an expensive and elitist city (it is a bit), you can find restaurants for all types of budgets. Although it costs! Besides, who is not happy with a good bratwurst? You will find them at almost every stop. In this post we tell you the 9 best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Düsseldorf so you don’t spend more than necessary on your meals.

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1. Vapiano, our favorite restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Düsseldorf

If you are a regular reader, you already know that we are in love with this restaurant chain. It’s German, but it serves delicious Italian food. Throughout the country you will find many restaurants, and in Düsseldorf, specifically three. If you don’t know him, It is a modern restaurant where you can eat spectacular pasta dishes, pizzas or salads for about €10.

The best thing is that they make the food in front of you and you can order it to your liking (type of pasta, sauce, etc.). If you want a recommendation, ask for the Red pesto o carbonara. Tremendous. Definitely, Vapiano is the best option for cheap eats in Düsseldorf.

Vapiano is synonymous with good food. For us, it is the best restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Düsseldorf.

2. Schweine Janes, a classic to try your code

You can’t leave Germany without trying one of its traditional dishes, knuckle.. Plus you have to accompany it with a good beer!” At Schweine Janes you can eat it well and, relatively, cheaply, since it is an expensive dish wherever you go.

Although knuckle is very popular especially in the Bavarian area, it is served as a traditional dish throughout the country. In German it is called Schweinshaxeso now you have no excuse if you don’t find it in the menu. The dish of knuckle with mashed potato costs €17.50.

If you are not convinced, This restaurant also serves other typical German dishes such as Viennese schnitzel, quite common in Germany. The only drawback is that the place is small and you may have to share a table with other people, but that is not surprising in Germany.

If your budget is somewhat more limited and you want to eat cheap in Düsseldorfin this restaurant you will find other cheaper options such as their goulash for just €5.50 or chicken with potatoes for €12.90.

3. Dene & Gör, a good option for cheap eats in Düsseldorf

This place is a true institution in the city. As in most German cities, A good option to eat cheaply in Düsseldorf is to opt for Turkish food. And this place is one of the best! You just have to see the long queues that usually form to get one of their döner. They have a lot of variety, even vegetarian options. And everything from €6!

Definitely, an ideal restaurant to eat something quick and cheap in Düsseldorf. His döner is delicious! The place is not very big, but there are a couple of bars where you can sit and eat some of their specialties.

4. Romantic Pizzeria

And continuing with Italian restaurants, you can’t miss this one either. With this attractive name, this pizzeria has become one of the most popular places in Düsseldorf. The place is small and intimate, and the service is very pleasant.

Although it is a little far from the historic center, it is worth knowing their pizzas. Apart from its quality, the best thing is its prices: you will find pizzas from €6! And be careful, they also have delicious pasta dishes at similar prices. If you want to eat cheap in Düsseldorf, sign up for this place.

5. Frittenwerk

And if you are looking for original venues, don’t miss Frittenwerk. This chain has several restaurants in the country, specifically one in Aachen, another in Colonia and Düsseldorf itself, among others! As you can deduce from the name, their restaurants serve potatoes but with a thousand toppings from €6.40. They even make potato salads! The concept is very original and the quality of the product is very good.

Their premises are quite nice, centrally located and the atmosphere is great. It is not a place where you can eat every day, but it is good to know. Without a doubt, one of the most curious places to eat cheaply in Düsseldorf.

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6. Pizzeria Lupo

And returning to the Italians, this pizzeria cannot be missing from your list of restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Düsseldorf. Although they also serve pasta dishes and salads, We recommend the pizzas, since they are their strong suit.

One of the positive points is that there is quite a variety to choose from. In addition, the portions are quite large and the price is affordable. You can find pizzas from €9 and pasta dishes from €11. The place is small, but the service is attentive and fast.

7. Sattgrün, a healthy restaurant to eat cheap in Düsseldorf

If you are vegetarian, this will be your favorite restaurant in Düsseldorf. The place and its operation are quite original. You choose one of their three plate sizes and you can fill it from the buffet with products as much as you want.. So that you have a reference, the cheapest option costs €12.90but you won’t stay hungry!

Even if you want to eat cheaper, you can fill up on soups or salads for only €6.90. In short, a good restaurant where you can eat cheap and healthy in Düsseldorf. Plus, they have three beautiful locations in the city, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

8. Beef Brothers

In this list of restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Düsseldorf, a good hamburger restaurant could not be missing.. Although it’s not okay to eat American food every day, if we do it one day it’s okay! This is one of the establishments most frequented by locals because the quality-price ratio is very good. There are two types of burgers: 100g and 150g.

The cheapest one starts from €4.90 to €7.50 for the most expensive one. As a note, there is also a burger for vegetarians. A very interesting place to eat in Düsseldorf!

9. Leo’s Grill

Finally, to finish this post about the best restaurants where to eat cheap in Düsseldorf, we couldn’t forget to mention this place located in Unterbilk. It’s simple, but it’s great to eat something quick and cheap. They serve international and German fast food options at more than reasonable prices. The only regular thing is its location, in the south of the city.

For example, you can eat a delicious schnitzel from €12.80 or a simple currywurst from only €5.80. The good thing is that they have a wide variety of dishes, all of them at affordable prices.


On the map you can locate all the restaurants where to eat well and cheap in Düsseldorf mentioned above.


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