We show you some outstanding reasons to visit one of the most populated cities in the world.

In the southeast of China is this modern city full of skyscrapers. Many of the images that go around the world come from them and that quickly take us there in our memory.

A lot of luxury and extravagance are combined with its popular neighborhoods and a huge number of street stalls where you can get a little bit of everything. After seeing these reasons, you will surely want take bags and fly to Hong Kong.


The number of skyscrapers that the city has give it an incredible atmosphere. Remember that It is one of the most important financial centers worldwide and that goes hand in hand with the buildings that have risen in recent years. In this area, there has been a show of lights and colors that is in the Güines record book as the largest in the world. Among the buildings that stand out are the Two International Finance Center, the Central Plaza or the Chinese Bank Tower.

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


It is the largest and most peaceful island in the city, making it a good area to explore. There is the largest bronze Buddha in the world, reaching 23 meters to be found on a hill 500 meters above sea level. Besides, the atmosphere that exists in the bay and the scenarios that surround it is striking.

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


Hong Kong cuisine is recognized in various parts of the world, so there are restaurants for all types of budget and of course, there are many stalls on the street. The food served is very tasty and varied. A place where you will find several points where you can try it is in Temple Street, a renowned night market.

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


There are cruises of different durations. Those who have little time can take advantage of the sunset to get to know the nearby areas by boat and those who have more space on their agenda have the option of navigating different corners of the island, making stops in some important villages and temples. In this way, Hong Kong is known from another perspective. 10 must-see destinations in Southeast Asia

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


The historical imprint of the city is maintained in different corners, so you’ll see architecture and design dating back centuries, among them of the XVI. There are other more recent ones, such as the Clock Tower that was built in 1916 based on granite and red brick. You can find out about its past in depth by visiting the Museum of History.

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


Throughout the year there are different festivities and celebrations. So when choosing the date, look at what event you will get when you step on the city. Some of the traditional ones are harvest time, Chinese New Year or Lantern Festival.

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


A 554 meters high This peak is located from where you have privileged views of the entire city. Likewise, there lives one of the most prestigious residential areasor in Hong Kong. In the distance you can see some distant islands and to regain strength, in the place there are several shops, including restaurants and cafes.

Reasons to visit Hong Kong


Throughout Hong Kong you will see the curious trams that they began to work in the year 1904. These cars are two-story and take you to interesting corners of the city. are at least 6 routes and about 120 stops to which you will have access for three days once you buy the first ticket. It is best to check the website and see the schedules.


To the east of Hong Kong is this fairly populated neighborhood that, due to its architecture, has become a favorite place for photographers. We add to this that it has been taken into account in the making of some important films. It is also known as “Monster Building”, as they are five interconnected structures in which thousands of people live.

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