Can you eat cheaply in Fez without putting something in your stomach? During your route through morocco You will see a little bit of everything in terms of gastronomy and we are not just talking about dishes. You will be surprised by the ways of preparing food, the customs and even the hygiene in some places. We recommend you check the most current reviews so you don’t get any surprises. The dishes are not bad at all, in fact, the typical moroccan food It positively surprised us. TWe count 8 good restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Fez.

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1. Chez Rachid, an excellent option for cheap food in Fez

Nothing like a restaurant where you can try typical Moroccan food. Chez Rachid It is the most famous cheap restaurant in Fez, not only for its good dishes but also for the convincing power of its employees. It will be difficult to say no! If you’re eating at Chez Rachid, get ready for a show. We’re not just talking about the food but also watching the workers do their thing. It is fun!

When you choose where to eat in Fezwe advise you Don’t get carried away by first impressions. The restaurant is very simple, but we had a wonderful meal there. There’s no way you’ll leave there hungry! They have a great menu for 70 dirhams (less than €7) that includes a starter, a main course and dessert.. Plus two free appetizers!

Without a doubt, Chez Rachid is one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Fez. It’s always busy, and when a restaurant looks like this, it’s a good sign!

The chicken tagine with vegetables from Chez Rachid

2. Said’s

Restaurants like these are so good that they even have competition right next door. Even the names are similar! chez Said is a restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Fez because they also have menus for 70 dirhams. With an appetizer, main course and dessert you will be more than satisfied. What more can you ask?

Overall, Chez Said is not bad, don’t expect it to be a luxury restaurant either. But the food is good and at an affordable and pocket-friendly price. Personally, we must admit that we liked the first one better, although we didn’t complain about what we ate at Chez Said either.

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3. At Hakim’s

It seems that this business worked for more than one of them, which is why you will find Chez Hakim. It is a restaurant similar to the previous two and there are many others in the area, but we wanted to highlight these three. It is located a few steps between them, with the difference that It is a little further from the core. So we don’t consider it such a touristy restaurant. and this is a positive point. You’re sure to find a table available whenever you go!

As it was expected also offers the same menu for 70 dirhams. The taste of the food will not disappoint you, we even recommend trying the menu, they have very good traditional Moroccan dishes. You can eat tagines for just over 40 dirhams (approximately €4). Definitely, another of the best options where to eat cheap in Fez.

4. Cinema Cafe, one of our favorite places to eat cheap in Fez

If you don’t dare to try the typical Moroccan dishes You can opt for other restaurants like Cinema Cafe. It is located right next to Chez Hakim. This restaurant is characterized by its modernity: although it is nothing out of this world. But compared to the other restaurants in the Medina you could say that it is a step ahead.

There you can eat delicious paninis, pizzas, sandwiches and more. The truth is that after spending more than 10 days eating only Moroccan cuisine, this restaurant was like something out of the blue. We gave our stomachs a break from all the spice!

As for the prices, they are more than affordable. You can eat a large pizza for only 45 dirhams (about €4). They also have good burgers and delicious smoothies. Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants where to eat cheap in Fez.

eat cheap in feseat cheap in fes
This restaurant is a great option to eat cheaply in Fez

5. Nagham Cafe

Another excellent place where try traditional Moroccan food in Fez is Nagham Cafe. Best of all, it’s pretty affordable! They basically serve Moroccan food, although you can also find other international cuisine options such as pizzas or pasta. The price is not bad at all, there are dishes for about 50 dirhams (less than €5), even less depending on what you order. The extra point of this restaurant is the possibility of dine overlooking the famous Bab Boujloud, a beautiful city gate.

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6. Veggie Pause, a vegetarian option where you can eat cheaply in Fez

Even if you are not a vegetarian, this restaurant cannot be missing from your list. The food is excellent and the prices are pretty good. You can find dishes from 55 dirhams, that is, about €5. It is located in the heart of Fez and has a menu with a wide variety of dishes including pasta, pizza, toasts, salads and sandwiches.

The amazing food is quite good and will not leave you hungry because the portions are sufficient. All dishes are delicious and best of all, healthy. In addition, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere of the place is charming.

eat cheap in feseat cheap in fes

7. Cafe Clock

If you ask the owner of your riad or several places where you can eat well and cheaply, Cafe Clock will surely be the first in their recommendations. It is very famous for its camel burger, although it offers quite a variety on its menu.. Do you dare to try it? The prices of the dishes start at 40 dirhams, that is, one €4although if you want to try the camel burger it will cost you 110 dirhams.

The restaurant is very famous among tourists and locals too. Cafe Clock is a restaurant located next to an iconic clock in the middle of the medina. Another thing that also attracts attention is the decoration. There are spectacular tapestries and designs of the middle East on the walls that delight anyone. The atmosphere will accompany you during your meal with gnawa music, songs and rhythms of ancient and spiritual Islamic nature. It’s great!

8. Made in M

We close our list of cheap restaurants where to eat cheap in Fez with a cozy place. We are talking about Made in M, a restobar located in the Medina, in the middle of the bustling streets. It’s still pretty quiet though! So, if you are staying in the area, this restaurant will be great for you due to its location.

The style of the restaurant is bohemian and has a very relaxed atmosphere. As for food you can find Moroccan tagines, sandwiches and fresh mint tea, which you can’t miss. The menu options have very varied but cheap prices, You can eat well for 40 dirhams or more (€4).

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On the following map you can locate the best restaurants to eat well and cheaply in Fez. They are located in different parts of the city and will save you during your visit.


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