Eating cheap in Pisa is very easythe same as in all cities of Italy. In addition, you are going to enjoy a lot, because who has eaten a bad pizza in this country? But we think it’s right to do a selection of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Pisa, so you can enjoy without your pocket suffering too much. Of course, you will have to get used to pizzas, pasta and paninis, since they are part of Italian culture. But who doesn’t get used to that? we tell you 8 restaurants where to eat cheap in Pisa.

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1. The Hostel

This restaurant is perhaps the most popular in Pisa for its spectacular paninis. We dare not say that it receives more visits than the Tower of Pisa, but it is one of the most frequented restaurants in the city. Also, it falls very close to the Piazza del Duomo and the famous tower.

So that you have a price reference, a panini and a can of soda cost around €7. Even if you are very hungry, the paninis are great and one is usually enough. The only drawback is that there are very few tables but if you don’t mind eating on the street appreciating the beauty of Tuscany is a great option for cheap eats in Pisa.

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eat cheap in Pisa
A real delight!

2. La Ghiotteria, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Pisa

If you fancy a good pasta dish, going to this place is a real hit. Their specialty is pasta dishes and the portions are generous considering their prices. It’s really cheap! The menu is not very varied, but what they offer is made out of a movie. Lhe pasta dishes cost around €8, very good considering their quality!

The food is homemade, as if your grandmother made it with all her love.. It is the typical unpretentious trattoria that allows you to delight yourself with its flavors. Keep in mind that the place is not very big, so if you don’t book, you probably won’t find a table. Definitely, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Pisa.

eat cheap in Pisa
Eating cheap in Pisa sucks!

3. The Comfortable Pigs

This little tavern offers amazing panini. Also, if you want a sausage board, you can also delight yourself with them. The quality of the food is spectacular and the price very reasonable considering the quality. Undoubtedly, an incredible place to try Italian cuisine.

At I Porci Comodi you will stand out a bit from pasta dishes and pizza by eating high-quality products. In addition, in the premises they also sell some of the products that they serve you, in case you want to take them as a souvenir. You will find a wide selection of cheeses, jam and typical sausages. Everything is great!

Like most places on this list of restaurants where to eat cheap in Pisa, you won’t find much space inside. Of course, it has a small terrace, located in a pleasant and quiet square.

4. Pizzeria Gusto at 129, a fantastic option to eat cheap in Pisa

We frequent many pizzerias in Pisabut without a doubt in this place you can eat some of the best in town. If you want to listen to us, let the waiter advise you. As you will see, there is a huge variety of pizzas and it is quite difficult to choose which is the best.

The price of each one is around €7-8. Although it is not completely central, Pisa is quite small and it is worth going to. The place is quite small and simple, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. we advise book in advancesince the place usually fills up easily.

5. Pulcinella’s Tavern

If you want us to make your choice more difficult, you have to keep reading. In this restaurant the pizzas are spectacular. At this level it is quite unfair to put them in fifth place, but we must take the opportunity to say that they are the best in Pisa considering the quality-price. when we left the restaurant the price of the pizzas, about €6 eachwe found it ridiculous.

The place is small, with a reservation you will be calmer. They also have menu for €12 in which they offer three starters to choose from, three seconds, drink and dessert. Eating cheap in Pisa is super easy!

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6. Taste Right

This restaurants is definitely a local favorite. At Gusto Giusto you can eat pasta dishes from about €8 approximately. In addition, its location is also good, it falls near Vittorio Emmanuele II Square.

The place is quite small and is usually full, especially at night, but taking a panini and sitting down looking at the Leaning Tower is not a bad plan, is it? Also, it is a great option to eat cheap in Pisa.

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7. We Love Pasta – Pisa

This restaurant falls very close to the previous one and they offer pasta dishes at a good price, for just €7. They also have many varieties of menus to consult in the establishment so that you can combine different types of pasta with the sauce that you want.

A detail: the pasta is handmade, and this is noticeable when eating. Unlike many restaurants in Italy, they take great care in their design, both of the premises and of their dishes. Although it is not the best pasta in the city, it is a great option to eat cheap in Pisa.

8. Ancient Workshop of Pisa

This is a different restaurant from the previous ones, but with a style that is very popular in Italy. If you go here, we advise you to try the tables with sausages, from another world. Also, they are quite cheap. The location is good near the Tower of Pisa. It reminds us a lot of Il Buffalo Tripone in Florence.

Y for the most demandingwe advise them Emma’s TavernFor many, the best restaurant in Pisa. It’s a little more expensive than the previousbut eating one of its spectacular pasta dishes is well worth it. For about €20 per person you can eat great. Also, the portions are plentiful.

In general, most options offer great products but many times you will have to order to go because the places are simple. If you I want to sit down and eat slowly, there are menus in most restaurants in Pisa for around €12.

And even so, if in any restaurant you sit down and order a pizza and a drink, it hardly costs more than €12.

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On this map you will find marked the best restaurants to eat cheap in Pisa.


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