Eating cheap in New Delhi is very easy. But the most important thing is to eat in a safe place! Unfortunately, hygiene conditions in India are not the best, so It is not recommended to eat anywhere. In fact, food poisoning is very common among tourists. In general, for those of us who travel with euros or dollars, eating in India seems cheap almost anywhere, but that does not apply to those who travel from countries with more devalued currencies.

We have decided to organize this list of restaurants where to eat in New Delhi in two categories:

  • 💰 Cheap (and safe) restaurants: with dishes costing up to 500INR (€6).
  • 💰💰 Mid-range (and safe) restaurants: with dishes ranging from 500INR (€6) to 800INR (€9). These are the ones we frequent the most, since they seem very economical compared to Europe or the United States, but we understand that not so much for locals or countries that have more devalued currencies. And the food is luxurious!

Another thing to keep in mind is that Indians eat little meat. Therefore, all restaurants have vegetarian options, and these are much cheaper.

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1. Veda, one of our favorite restaurants to eat in New Delhi

💰 Mid-range restaurant

If we have to stay with only one restaurant where to eat in New Delhi, without a doubt we stayed with Veda. It was a recommendation from our driver…and he was not wrong! It is clear that for the pockets of the locals, it is not a cheap restaurant. In fact, he told us that he goes to the restaurant with his wife to celebrate special occasions. However, for Spaniards the prices are very reasonable.

They serve some of the most famous dishes of typical Indian food.. So if you want to delve into its gastronomy, it is the perfect place to do so. They have a lot of variety! In addition, the premises, located in Connaught Place, the best area to stay in new delhiis beautiful.

Regarding prices, most dishes range between 600INR (€7) and 1000INR (€11). We ordered two main dishes and a side (rice) and paid just over €20 for two people. Very reasonable considering it is one of the best restaurants to eat in New Delhi!

The chicken biryani was tremendous!

2. Karim’s, an ideal place after visiting Old Delhi

💰 cheap restaurant

This place is a true institution in the city. It is located in Old Delhi and most tourists come to this restaurant after visiting the old part of Delhi. They have been serving Mughlai (or Mughal) food to locals and tourists since 1913.

We recommend going to this restaurant if you feel like eating meat, since it is their specialty. The place is not very attractive and is always packed; Even so, we recommend you let yourself be carried away by its flavors. Regarding the price, despite its fame, it does not seem expensive at all. You can taste half a portion of tandoori chicken, one of the restaurant’s (and India’s) signature dishes, for 550INR (€6). However, most dishes cost below 300INR (€3). Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in New Delhi.

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3. Sandoz, one of the best options to eat in New Delhi

💰 cheap restaurant

This small franchise saved us on more than one occasion. They have several locations in New Delhi, although our favorite is the one located in Connaught Place. From the outside it doesn’t attract much attention, but it is almost always full (and this is the best indication that the food is very good there).

They have traditional and international options on their menu.. So don’t worry if you don’t fancy Indian food! Of course, like in most restaurants, ask for “zero spicy” if you don’t like spicy. Don’t trust the “little spicy” because it stings too much!

Si vas a Sandoz, order the famous Butter Chicken. It’s delicious! Most meat main dishes cost between 400INR (€4) and 600INR (€7). We paid €20 for two main dishes, a starter and two drinks. Very reasonable!

where to eat in New Delhiwhere to eat in New Delhi
The butter chicken, a good recommendation

4. Barbeque Nation

💰 Mid-range restaurant

If you don’t want to complicate your life, Barbeque Nation will get you out of any trouble. It is a large international franchise with restaurants in several countries such as United Arab Emirates, Oman or Malaysia. However, India is where it is most famous, with more than 200 places where you can taste grilled meat.

The bad thing is that the Connaught Place location is very busy. If you go on a weekend, it is highly recommended to book in advance. The place is famous because it consists of a fairly complete buffet that starts at 599INR (€7). By the way, don’t forget to try Gulab Jamun, India’s most famous dessert. Delicious!

5. Nando’s, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in New Delhi

💰 cheap restaurant

This international chain is famous for its peri-peri chicken, a recipe from southeast Africa. We have already tried it in several countries and we think it is a great option if you want to distance yourself a little from Indian gastronomy. They have combos from 189INR (€2), although if you want to try their peri-peri chicken (their specialty), 1/4 will cost you just over 300INR (€3). Super economical!

Another positive aspect is that they also have vegetarian options and salads that are very well priced. Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in New Delhi.

where to eat in New Delhiwhere to eat in New Delhi
Connaught Place, an area with many restaurants to eat in New Delhi

6. Saravana Bhavan, a good restaurant for vegetarians in New Delhi

💰 cheap restaurant

They are sold as the number one restaurant in the world for vegetarian Indian food. And the good comments support them! As we have said before, many Indians tend to eat vegetables, especially the middle and lower classes, since the cost of chicken is quite high (and they do not eat beef). Thus, If you want to try vegetarian Indian food, we can’t think of a better place than this place, located in Connaught Place.

In this case, we recommend trying dosas, a typical dish of South Indian cuisine. They are really good! In addition, it will also help you save, since You can eat a dosa from only 180INR (€2). Very cheap!

7. Cafe Lota

💰 Mid-range restaurant

This small restaurant is one of the gastronomic treasures of New Delhi. If you eat there, you will take a culinary journey through this Asian country through its food, one of the best in the world. The restaurant is not at all cheap by Indian standards: The dishes cost between 500INR (€6) and 800INR (€9) approximately, but they are well worth it.

The restaurant is located in the National Museum of Crafts, New Delhiso eating there is not a bad plan if you are interested in visiting it.

8. Gulati Restaurant

💰 Mid-range restaurant

And finally, to finish this post about the best restaurants to eat in New Delhiwe did not want to forget to mention Gulati. Their specialty is chicken, especially Butter Chicken. Most mains cost between 700INR and 900INR (€8 to €10). It is a little more expensive than the previous ones, but it is well worth it.

If you want to try it, it is better to go during lunch, since at night it almost always fills up and you may have to wait a long time. Don’t miss it on your list!


On the following map you will find marked best restaurants to eat in New Delhi mentioned in the article.


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