Meet good restaurants where you can eat well and safely in Bombay It can be a headache if you’re not prepared. Remember that In India you can’t eat anywhere, since they do not have the same hygiene standards as us. He is one of the best tips for traveling to India! To make your life easier, We recommend 8 restaurants where you can eat in Bombayespecially in the southern area, the most touristy part of the city.

We have decided to organize this list of restaurants where to eat in Mumbai in two categories:

💰 Cheap (and safe) restaurants: with dishes costing up to 500INR (€6).
💰💰 Mid-range (and safe) restaurants: with dishes ranging from 500INR (€6) to 800INR (€9). These are the ones we frequent the most, since they seem very economical compared to Europe or the United States, but we understand that not so much for locals or countries that have more devalued currencies. And the food is luxurious!

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1. Delhi Darbar, a good restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in Bombay

💰 Cheap restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat cheaply in Bombay (but good) I think Delhi Darbar is your perfect option. It is located in the famous Colaba Causeway, the most touristic avenue in Bombay. They basically serve typical Indian food dishes at really affordable prices. The place is quite spacious and the staff is very attentive.

We ordered the famous tandoori chicken and the butter chicken. Both dishes were delicious! And the best of all came at the time of paying. The total price to pay for two main dishes, accompanied by two portions of naan, two lassi and a dessert to share, 1600INR (€18). Obviously you can eat in Bombay for much less, but we doubt it’s better! If we take into account its quality-price ratio, we can say that it is one of the best restaurants to eat in Bombay.

Good tandoori chicken at the restaurant

2. The Nutcracker

💰 Mid-range restaurant

Bombay was the last stop on our route through India. And although we loved their food, the truth is that it gets tiring to eat traditional food every day! If you want to disconnect from Indian food, we recommend eating at one of the locations of this small franchise.. Apart from being charming, they serve options of International food at moderate prices. For India, it is not cheap at all, so be aware that you are going to pay European prices.

They have several locations in Bombay, although one is relatively close to the famous India Gate. That’s where we ate! They serve pasta dishes, panini, hamburgers and… above all, delicious desserts. Also, although in India it will not be a problem, they have many vegetarian options. In our case, For two main dishes, two drinks and two desserts we paid approximately 2540INR (€28).

where to eat in mumbaiwhere to eat in mumbai
A good restaurant to eat in Bombay if you want international food

3. Café Madras, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Bombay

💰 Cheap restaurant

But if you want eat cheap in mumbai, you also have more alternatives. And obviously we have to talk about Cafe Madras! This place is a true institution in South Bombay. In fact, almost most places will recommend that you eat there. Don’t expect luxury, just good food and really cheap prices. Especially for European pockets!

Indian cuisine is super complete and varied. In this case, At Café Madras you can taste South Indian cuisine. And since it couldn’t be any other way, we recommend you try the dosas, the signature dish of the gastronomy of the south of the country. They are delicious!

So that you have a price reference, A famous masala dosa will barely cost you 95INR (€1). Eating cheaply (and safely) in Bombay is not easy, but at Café Madras you can do both.

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4. Punjab Grill, our favorite restaurant to eat in Bombay

💰 Mid-range restaurant

But if we have to stay With only one restaurant to eat in Mumbai, we’ll probably stick with Punjab Grill. There is good competition though! Even though it is a nationwide franchise, we didn’t try it until the end of our trip. And thank goodness we did! As its name indicates, They serve typical dishes of Punjabi cuisine, one of the most interesting provinces in India.

This is a really elegant restaurant where you can taste North Indian food. It’s not cheap, although we found the prices quite reasonable considering the type of restaurant. We We ordered two main dishes, two portions of naan and a couple of drinks and ended up paying 2550INR (€28). Very reasonable!

For sure, we recommend the Butter Chicken and the Jeera Rice. They match perfectly! If you don’t want experiments, eating at Punjab Grill is a safe bet. In addition, they have a location in Fort, near the Puerta de la India.

where to eat in mumbaiwhere to eat in mumbai
Our favorite restaurant to eat in Bombay

5. Or Pedro BKC

💰 Mid-range restaurant

If you don’t plan to visit the beaches of goa, you can eat at this restaurant to try their delicious food. Seriously, it is very curious, since it is a mix between Portuguese and Indian cuisine. It’s worth trying! This place is located in the Bandra Kurla complex, relatively close to the airport and one of the most recommended areas to stay in Mumbai.

The place is really innovative and pleasant, they also serve very good cocktails. Regarding prices, it is not economical. Be prepared to pay European prices, but many times that is what you have to do if you want to eat well and safely in Bombay.. A dinner for two will cost you around 2300INR (€25). And if you like food, you know what to do next time: visit Goa! We are sure that their food is not the only thing that will catch you.

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6. Bagdadi Restaurant, a good restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Bombay

💰 Cheap restaurant

Returning to the area Colaba, we couldn’t forget to mention this famous restaurant. It is one of the most popular in South Bombay! Don’t expect too much from the place, but let yourself be carried away by their food, as it is really good. Its specialty is Mughal cuisine (Mughlai), that is, a mix between Indian and Central Asian food.

In Baghdadi we recommend you try their delicious chicken biryanione of its specialties. And it will barely cost you 170INR (€2)! In short, unpretentious food, but really tasty. Of course, like in most places, if you can’t tolerate spicy food, insist that you don’t want anything. Otherwise, you’ll be sweating to finish it! Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Bombay.

A good restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Bombay

7. Leopold Café, a historic place to eat in Bombay

💰 Mid-range restaurant

Another place worth mentioning is the famous Leopold Café. It is a historic place, which unfortunately was a victim of one of the terrorist attacks in 2008. There are even bullet marks on the wall! Nowadays it has become quite a tourist place, with a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines around the world: you can eat everything from pasta dishes to Indian options.

For India, the dishes do not stand out for being cheap. But that’s what it’s like to eat in such a touristy place! The important thing about this site is that They have a lot of variety, it is super well located and, above all, it is clean. Definitely, a good option where to eat in Bombay.

8. Good knowledge

💰 Cheap restaurant

And finally, to finish this article about the best restaurants to eat in Bombay, we did not want to forget to mention another Punjabi food restaurant. Personally, she was our favorite! Although it also helped that our drivers were from that province.

It is also a nationwide franchise, with several restaurants in Mumbai. However, we recommend the one located in Fort, near the main tourist attractions.

The restaurant is specialized in panyabí vegetarian food, offering traditional flavors of Amritsar in Mumbai. Regarding prices, Most of the main ones are below 500INR (€6), so they are very reasonable. Besides, The place is clean, modern and comfortable.. What more could you want?


On the following map you will find marked best restaurants to eat in Mumbai well and cheap mentioned above.


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