The beaches of Koh Lipe are the main attraction of the island, they look like they came from a postcard! Its turquoise and crystalline waters are perfect for discover the seabed by snorkeling or diving. For this reason, there are several diving schools on such a small island. The Koh Lipe beaches They are also an idyllic place to take a break. refreshing bath, tanning by sipping coconut water, renting a kayak or seeing the sky in a thousand shades during sunrise and sunset. We tell you what are the best beaches on Koh Lipea true paradise on earth 😉 At the end of this article you will find a map with exact location of all of them.

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1. Pattaya Beach

We start with the most popular beach in Koh Lipe. It occupies a large bay in the south of the island, with the sand extending more than 500 meters. Pattaya could be considered the center of Koh Lipe life. Has lots of bars and restaurants with great views of the sea. At night, it is a pleasure to sit and have a drink on the sand under the stars with the sound of the waves in the background. There are even venues that organize fire shows almost every night of the week.

In the center of the beach begins the lively “Walking Street”, which extends towards the north of the island with plenty of shops and restaurants. Don’t miss this area at night, it’s super lively!

Although Pattaya Beach is quite large, It is not ideal to be calm. And a large part of the shore is occupied by dozens that make it difficult to find a little corner to bathe, in addition to making noise when they arrive or leave. In fact, Pattaya Beach is the first thing you will see when you arrive on the island. As there is no port for ferries, they anchor a few meters from the beach and several boats arrive longtail typical of Thailand to take passengers to the shore. We tell you more about this process in our articles on how to get to Koh Lipe from other parts of Thailand or from Langkawi. In summary: It is not the most idyllic beach on the island, but you do have to know it for its excellent atmosphere.

Pattaya Beach
The most popular beach on Koh Lipe

2. Sunrise Beach and its scandalous dawns

You can’t leave Koh Lipe without getting up early! It sounds like the antithesis of a good relaxing vacation, but we assure you that watching the sunrise from Sunrise Beach is an incredible experience. Walking along the shore while the sun turns the sky a thousand shades of pink and orange is one of the best ways to start the day.

Beyond the moment of sunrise, Sunrise Beach seems to us to be the best beach on Koh Lipe in general terms. It has spectacular crystal clear water perfect for snorkeling and seeing little fish. Furthermore, it is a very extensive beach and at no time will you feel overwhelmed even if there are people. In fact, there are many hotels along the beach that have their own restaurants where to have a drink or eat with unbeatable views. We stayed in Idyllic Concept Resortsouth of Sunrise Beach, and we loved the quietness of the beach in that area.

best beaches of Koh Lipe
There are no words to describe this sunrise in Koh Lipe

3. Coves south of Sunrise Beach, among the best beaches on Koh Lipe

At the southern end of Sunrise Beach there are a couple of small coves that are very worthwhile, especially early or late when there are hardly any people. They are in front of the hotels Ten Moons Lipe y Serendipity Beach Resort. They have water the same gorgeous turquoise shade, plus plenty of rock formations that make these beaches a postcard setting beautiful to take photos.

If you want to eat delicious food and have a good view of the beach next to the Serendipity resort, we recommend the restaurante On The Rocks. It’s not cheap but it’s totally worth it 🙂

best beaches of Koh Lipe
A beautiful and very peaceful sunrise on the beach next to the Serendipity resort

4. Bulow Beach

If you walk north from Sunrise Beach you will reach another of the best beaches on Koh Lipe. We are talking about Bulow Beach, also known as North Point Beach. As you can see the names are quite explanatory 😝 It has 400 meters of fine white sand which practically merges with the water, which is usually super calm for swimming in this area. The color of the water in this section is brutal. Furthermore, it is the area closest to Koh Adang and has beautiful views of the vegetation of the neighboring island. Totally paradisiacal!

When the tide is low, you can even continue walking along the coast and continue towards other virgin beaches in the north of Koh Lipe. Of course, we recommend that you wear appropriate footwear and be very cautious with the tides if you do so.

best beaches of Koh Lipe
A postcard scene north of Koh Lipe

5. Sanom Beach

If you are looking for tranquility, Sanom Beach is a wonderful small beach near Pattaya. Can walk from there via a wooden walkway that goes around the rocks. It is usually quite calm because it is away from Walking Street, the center of the action on Koh Lipe. But in high season it is advisable to arrive early to have a good spot on the beach.

Having a slight horseshoe shape, Sanom beach is ideal for swimming in calm waters and very clean. You will be able to see the rocks under your feet and surely some small fish. Don’t forget your snorkeling equipment to swim in to see what marine species you find. While you sunbathe, you may receive visitors from some exotic bird species They live in the tropical forest area next to the beach.

6. Sunset Beach to end the day, one of the best beaches in Koh Lipe

To see them Most amazing Koh Lipe sunsets by the sea, you have to go to Sunset Beach. This facing west and has great views of the sunset. Furthermore, there is a bar where you can buy a drink to accompany that magical moment while the sun goes down and the sky turns into a thousand colors.

Just don’t expect to be alone. Most people go to this beach in the late afternoon and it usually fills up despite it being large. Furthermore, as it is surrounded by vegetation, there is usually quite a few mosquitoes at sunset. Don’t forget an insect repellent!

best beaches of Koh Lipe
Sunset Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Koh Lipe to end the day

7. Galah Beach

Practically at the western end of Koh Lipe you will find another small beach perfect for relaxing in an idyllic setting. Pantai Galah is quite remote, but It can be easily reached in about 5-10 minutes walking along a path that crosses the vegetation.. It is clearly seen from the end of the road that reaches that area of ​​the island. If you prefer, you can also go kayaking from Pattaya Beach.

This is a fairly small beach where you may not find anyone else. Unfortunately, there are some plastic remains in the sand and that makes you lose points. But it’s worth it if you’re looking for a Remote and very quiet corner to enjoy the beach in Koh Lipe.

8. Koh Adang and Kla Island

We finish our list of the best beaches in Koh Lipe with a little cheat. And we recommend you visit the neighboring island of Koh Adang. It takes just 10 minutes to get there water taxi from Sunrise Beach for 100 baht (less than €3). There’s a super relaxed atmosphere ideal if you feel like absolute disconnection. Next to the beach there is a great campsite to sleep surrounded by nature. Plus, you’ll have nice views of Koh Lipe from the beach south of Koh Adang.

Halfway there you will find the Kla Islet, where you can kayak from Sunrise Beach. It has two impressively pretty little bays connected to each other and with a little luck you will have them to yourself. Unfortunately, the road that connects them through the middle of the islet is full of garbage. For the rest, a paradise desert island.

best beaches of Koh Lipe
Water taxis to Koh Adang



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