Knowing Mexico is an amazing experience and as proof of this you have to read this post “7 things you should know about Tecate” and discover another beautiful destination that you can undoubtedly add to your travel agenda…

For any plan with family, friends or as a couple, it is a good option to make a getaway to this beautiful Magical Town of Mexico that will surprise you with the variety of proposals it has for an unforgettable visit.

Below we give you more details of Tecate and its charms, so that you can put together a guide that will help you enjoy the most beautiful parts of the city.

What are the 7 things you should know about Tecate?

1. Where is Tecate located?

This beautiful destination is located in the north of Mexico, in the state of Baja California, on the border with the United States; It borders Tijuana, Ensenada and Mexicali, in addition to the neighboring country to the north.

Among the options to get to Tecate, a good alternative is to take the Tijuana Tecate Tourist Train; With departures from the Garcia station only once a month, it offers a route of approximately 8 hours.

The experience includes travel time and a few hours of stay in Tecate, attractions during the transfer such as mariachis in the wagons, beer, wine and cheese tastings. More details on their Facebook page.

But, if your idea is to rent a car, it is good to know that the Tijuana – Tecate highway is highly recommended for its good condition and beautiful landscapes.

On the other hand, if you go by car from Mexicali, you will be able to get to know and discover what used to be the most dangerous road in Mexico, the Rumorosa highway; Today, with renovations and new sections, but always with the recommendation to be cautious, it offers a route with unique scenarios to portray in its viewpoints.

Photo: Unknown Mexico

2. The classics of Tecate

Whenever you visit a destination, you can’t miss the photos in the “classics”…

In Tecate, the main square or Miguel Hidalgo Park, has a nice kiosk, comfortable benches to take advantage of the shade of the trees, there are also giant letters with the name and it is the meeting point for cultural events.

Added to this, the Tecate Community Museum is a good opportunity to learn about the history of the town, with interactive guides on the Kumiai people, the time of the ranches and the current situation of the place.

And if you want to spend an afternoon outdoors, visit the Parque de los Encinos, with extensive green areas, a theater and several activities for the family, or you can also enjoy the Parque del Profesor, also with wide spaces for walking.

Likewise, walking its streets you can find some murals with beautiful designs that will be part of your memory of the place.

To complete this first tour, do not forget to visit the craft houses and marvel at the Tecate clay crafts and find a nice souvenir to put in your house; If you go on the weekend, check out the Cerro Azul Artisan Bazaar.

Photo: Cadena Noticias

3. Tecate is famous for the deliciousness of its breads

Continuing with the idea of ​​the typical or classic places that you should know in each destination, traditional food places are of great importance since they reflect the essence and culture of those who live there.

In this beautiful magical town, bread is the main star, who visits it, has an almost obligatory appointment with the most recognized bakeries and cafeterias.

One of the main places to visit is the El Mejor Pan de Tecate bakery, open since 1969, it is like a bread supermarket, with a great variety and it is open 24 hours a day; another of the most recommended is the Don Fidel Bakery, with breads that are out of the ordinary and its traditional option which is the fig braid, unmissable.

Likewise, those who have already walked through the destination recommend going to Casa París where they can enjoy a delicious coffee, which surprises with a variety of flavors and delicious options in bakery and pastries to accompany it.

And it is worth telling you that you have to try all its gastronomy, tacos, raspados and other more elaborate dishes that you find in the main restaurants in the town.

tecate bread

Photo: The Best Tecate Bread, Facebook

4. Tecate Brewery, a symbol of the town

Recognized throughout Mexico and in many other countries, Tecate beer has its origin in this beautiful border town, to which it owes its name; the factory was founded in 1944 and is a site that receives many visitors each year.

It is good to know that you can find the old factory in the center, a few streets from the main square, so you can visit it, tour the museum and its facilities and thus learn a little more about its history and production process, as well as enjoy a complimentary beer.

5. La Rumorosa and Vallecito, two must-sees on your walk through Tecate

The Sierra de Juárez or as also known as the Rumorosa and its roads, have a height that reaches a little more than 1000 meters above sea level; It is the nexus that connects Tecate with Mexicali, a place of myths and legends, where the wind that hits the mountain slopes gave rise to its name.

Among its attractions is the famous Casa de Piedra, an abandoned house in the middle of the mountain, about which many stories are told about its possible owners and the reasons why no one lives there.

In addition, you can visit the Alaska Field and the Wind Farm, two ideal places to learn a little and also admire the beauty that the landscape offers.

The viewpoints of the roads (one going up and one going down) of the Rumorosa have their own charm, prepare the camera and enjoy its beauty; A plus that this beautiful place offers you discover it on a night tour, the views are incredible with a sky full of stars and even more so if there is a full moon…

Vallecito, is a Kumiai archaeological zone, with 23 groups with paintings and petroglyphs, of which only 5 are open to the public and which are visited on a tour of a thematic trail of about 2 kilometers. There you will find a museum, palapas, grills and restrooms, more info at this link.

In the area you will find very interesting programs for lovers of outdoor activities, some alternatives are trekking, mountain biking, rappelling, hiking, zip lines and there are also options for those who enjoy camping.

the Noisy Photo: Forbes

6. The Wine Route in Tecate

Thinking of the Wine Route in Mexico is synonymous with Baja California, a state that has the best labels in the country and whose recognition is international; Tecate’s presence on this route is of great importance, being considered the gateway to the Valle de Guadalupe Wine Route.

Some of the options offered by Tecate are:

In the southern area, on the way to Ensenada, the ideal fertile valleys for wine production are the Las Palmas Valley, with the Don Juan vineyards, and the Tanamá Valley with the Ulloa, Rancho Tecate, San Lorenzo, and Tanamá wineries.

On the way to Mexicali, you will find the San Valentín Valley with vineyards such as Rosa de Castilla and San Valentín, as well as the Casa Veramendi vineyards.

In any of the aforementioned, you will be able to learn about winemaking and surely participate in tastings and other events.

Tecate door of the Wine Route

Photo: Infobaja

the wine route in Tecate

7. What do you find in the ranches of Tecate?

Going to Tecate for a few days and not knowing one or more of its ranches is inexcusable…

The number of options is quite large, around 50 or more, each one with a different proposal to enjoy the day or you can also find some with an accommodation option.

To give you some idea of ​​what you can do on a ranch in Tecate, you can learn for example:

Rancho Las Creaturas, located 15 km from downtown, where you will find many activities to enjoy with the family, with options such as sports facilities, vineyards, several pools, some with slides, motorcycle rental, bicycle rides, you can also stay in their cabins.

Rancho Tecate is another alternative, just 25 minutes from downtown, it has artificial lakes, a restaurant with a wine cellar, spaces for events, horseback riding and biking, picnic options and you can also dare to enjoy glamping.

At Rancho Los Alisos you can also spend a fun day, it has a water park, pools, slides, suspension bridges and you can also enjoy the rich menus at the restaurant.

Another of the most famous ranches is Rancho la Puerta, recognized as one of the best spas in the world; They offer different treatments for the care of the body and the mind, it also has villas where you can stay and enjoy its services and facilities.

rest in Tecate

Tecate Ranch

So far we have provided you with super important information so that you enjoy your next trip to Tecate to the fullest, remember that we are still in a time of pandemic and you need to take care of yourself and continue traveling for many more years!


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