Those of us who enjoy traveling always take advantage of a day off to do so, if this is your case or if you would like to try it, we present you “7 Places to visit near CDMX“.

Dare to pamper yourself and take advantage of one or two days away from the chaos of the city; If you are in Mexico City or in the area, there are many options to enjoy a pleasant and pleasant walk.

Of so many alternatives, here we are going to mention some, all charming places to distract your mind, enjoy the change of air, fall in love with beautiful landscapes and try delicious food.

1. Metepec, Mexico

This beautiful town received the title of Magical Town in 2012 and, as such, receives hundreds of tourists who enjoy its attractions; You find it in the State of Mexico, less than 2 hours from CDMX and 26 minutes from Toluca, the first recommended within the 7 Places to visit near CDMX.

Famous for its clay crafts, it is a priority to visit places where you can admire these beautiful works of art and especially the tree of life, there are several artisan corridors where you can enjoy this and other works by local artisans.

Likewise, in this beautiful town in the Toluca Valley you will find a historic center that will leave you speechless, many buildings of outstanding architecture are part of its impressive beauty.

One of them is the Calvario chapel, on the Magueyes hill, which you access by going up an extensive staircase; Its interior is beautiful and you will love the view of the city that you will have from there.

Also the parish of San Juan Bautista and Santa María de Guadalupe, the Old Franciscan Convent annexed to one of them, are other of the most beautiful constructions.

To enjoy its gastronomy you can visit one of the restaurants around the main square, where you can enjoy charal tamales, some quesadillas or blue corn gorditas, also, keep in mind the alfeñique for your dessert.

For those who enjoy nightlife, Metepec has several places to have a great time, they just have to go to Paseo del Calvario and Tenango de Arista avenue, and choose the place with the best atmosphere.

Photo: Edomex Government

A must-see among the places to visit near CDMX is Cholula, located just under two and a half hours from the country’s capital.

Undoubtedly, your walk through this destination can begin by getting to know the pyramid with the largest base in the world, the only one that has a church on its top, it was made in honor of the Virgen de los Remedios; the archaeological zone right on the same site is another plus of this impressive place.

Also, there is an esplanade with many shops selling handicrafts, hats, textiles, Talavera objects and much more.

Walk through the city and find the most beautiful churches, the San Gabriel convent, the Royal Chapel with its 49 domes, are in the center; Santa María Tonantzintla and San Francisco Acatepec are further away, but going to see them is completely worth it.

You have to go through the Zócalo and its gardens, a few steps away from the beautiful Plaza de la Concordia, the parish of San Pedro y los Portales, with an impressive view and where you can also take the opportunity to enjoy a moment of tranquility in one of the restaurants of that zone. Go during the day, but also at night, and be dazzled.

The San Pedro market is the right place to taste local dishes, cemitas, stuffed chilies, mole poblano, chicken with pipián, are some of the delicacies that you can find.

93 km separate this beautiful destination from Mexico City, which makes it a very good alternative to include among the places to visit near CDMX.

It begins with a walk through the town, the stone streets and many buildings of charming architecture will be a very pleasant setting, you will also find many murals on your tour, one better than another for your photos.

Visit the former Convent and Temple of the Nativity, a 16th century building, where to enter you find the Arco de la Semilla, a beautiful mural made by artisans using different seeds. The Church of the Holy Trinity is another incredible site.

On your safe journey, discover several handicraft shops, find the perfect souvenir of your trip there, and if you go on a weekend, check where the tianguis is, ideal to see and buy something from the variety of artisan products and enjoy delicious appetizers

Tepoznieves and itacates are two delicacies that have to be on your gastronomic agenda, do not forget to try them.

Climbing the Tepozteco hill and contemplating the archaeological zone is part of the magic of the destination, you also have to tour the surroundings on a quad, an experience that promises to surprise you with unforgettable views.

The Carlos Pellicer Pre-Hispanic Art Museum is also part of what is recommended. And if you go during the hot season, very close by we find a wide range of spas that you cannot miss.

7 Places to visit near CDMX

4. Coatepec Flours, Edomex

This destination is one of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico and is located less than 3 hours from Mexico City.

The town is very beautiful, in the center the main square with beautiful gardens and its kiosk are a charming setting for your photos; A few steps away, the Asunción de María parish and the Señor del Calvario temple, are two constructions whose architecture is imposed, do not stop admiring them.

If you go in the middle of the year, on June 5 the festival of the Lord of Calvary is celebrated, an event of local tradition that summons many faithful and the Saint is venerated with flower rugs, people dressed in costumes and masks that dance different dances, there is an impressive fireworks show, in addition to the fair that takes place on those days.

Another unmissable activity in Coatepec is to visit one of the rainbow trout farms located in the surroundings, there, in addition to learning about the system of ponds where these fish are raised, you can also enjoy dishes such as trout with garlic mojo, in a unique natural environment.

Sweet breads are a specialty that you cannot deprive yourself of and you have to eat pepeto, a typical dish; do not forget to buy some preserves of some variety of fruits, another delicious local product.

The flower greenhouses are also an attraction, and being so close to the Nevado de Toluca National Park, it is impossible not to take the opportunity to take a walk there.

7 Places to visit near CDMX

Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism Edomex

5. Tetela del Volcano, Morelos

You need two hours and 45 minutes to get to this pretty town from Mexico City; Located northeast of the state of Morelos, at the foot of the Popocatépetl, it is a very good place to visit.

Lovers of nature and adventure have to sign up for this trip, it is your opportunity to get to know El Salto, an incredible place where you can enjoy unique views of the waterfall

In addition, crossing the longest suspension bridge in the state, located in the middle of the forest, is an experience with a lot of adrenaline; consult since there are two suspension bridges in the area, you have to find the indicated one.

Hiking is also an option or you can dare to dive into the icy waters of a pool.

If you are ready for more adventure, less than two hours away is the Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl National Park, a magical place.

In the town you can visit the Convent of San Juan Bautista from the 16th century, one of the first monasteries built on the slopes of Popocatépetl, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

And do not forget to go through the market, you will find rich menus of local cuisine, broad bean and bean tlacoyos, cecina enchilada or a delicious bread with atole, among other delicacies.

If you are by car, a few minutes away you can visit interesting places such as the Hueyapan Convent founded by the Dominicans, the Santo Domingo Convent, both located in Hueyapan, 6 km from Tetela. You can also visit the Churches of San Pedro and San Pablo in Tlalmimilulpan, 15 minutes from downtown Tetela.

Photo: Juan Pablo0399

6. Tepotzotlan, Edomex

Just 1 hour and a half from Mexico City, we present you one more of the places to visit near CDMX, this beautiful magical town that will fascinate you.

The beauty of this little town is indisputable, since you arrive at the main square you will be surprised by its beautiful gardens and to one side, the temple of San Francisco Javier will leave you stunned with its baroque-style architectural design and the National Museum of the Viceroyalty inside. .

Take time to walk around the area, you can see the Christ, there is also a corridor with different artisans who offer their products.

Around there there are several restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine with beautiful views and when you decide to continue on your way, stop by a pitcher with a refreshing mix of fruit juices.

The Arches of the Site and the Aqueducts of Jalpa, just over an hour from downtown, are part of the attractions that should be in your travel plan, there you will find an ecotourism park with proposals such as balloon flights, hiking, zip lines, bridge pendant and you can also walk above the arches of the aqueduct, incredible.

Xochitla is another highly recommended ecological park just 3 km from Tepotzotlán, with wide green spaces, ideal for a picnic day.

places to visit near CDMX 7 Places to visit near CDMX

7. Atlixco, Puebla

For those days when you feel like changing the air, here is one more of the 7 Places to visit near CDMX, Atlixco, an excellent plan; just 2 hours and a half from Mexico City.

This destination is located at an altitude of 1,830 m and is one of the places that has the privilege of being at the foot of the famous Popocatépetl, on the Puebla side, which indicates that your walk will be fascinating.

If you arrive early, take the opportunity to visit the Wide Staircase, which, when there are not so many people, you have the chance to admire a beautiful mural, the flower clock and take incredible photos.

From there you can go to the Benito Juárez Market, recommended to try delicious dishes such as cecina or some mixiotes, a barbecue will also delight you.

Ask where you can find an ice cream of some taste that you have never tried, it is another experience that you have to enjoy; the cempasuchil flower flavor can be a good option.

A walk through the center will compensate each one of your steps with the beautiful postcards offered by its streets with flowers that adorn them and its colorful facades; Hidalgo Avenue is one of the most picturesque, in addition, there are many outstanding buildings and the number of churches will surprise you.

Add to that the Zócalo and its two-story kiosk, the parish of Santa Marta de la Natividad and next to it the Municipal Palace with its splendid façade.

A visit to the Cerro de San Miguel, the nurseries of the Colonia Cabrera and the Cervecería 5 de Mayo, is something more than what you have to visit.

places to visit near CDMX


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