The best beaches in San Andrés are charming. We did not want to leave this beautiful island of Colombia because we are fascinated Its crystal clear waters with a beautiful turquoise national and international tourists fall in love and has some of the best beaches in Colombia. This island is small, but it has a magical touch in every corner. have you heard about the sea of ​​7 colors? Well, it is located in San Andrés. You can not lose this! In this post we tell you everything you need to know about the 7 best beaches in San Andrés.

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1. Spratt Bight Beach, one of the best beaches in San Andrés

With almost 500 meters of sand and seaSpratt Bight Beach was one of our favorites on our trip to San Andres. It is located in the most developed area north of the island. It is completely charming thanks to the color of its waters. The sea here is crystal clear and when the sun is up, you can enjoy the turquoise spectacle. The water is very calm so you can refresh yourself for hours. You won’t want to get out!

There are sun loungers you can rent though the sand is super soft and ideal to lie on it. If you want to discover the seabed of this beach you can buy or rent some snorkel goggles. You won’t need to go that far from the shore to find fish of various colors. Some are very curious and will approach you.

Behind the beach you will find a variety of very good restaurants, where you can enjoy the excellent sea dishes. There are also small stalls selling handicrafts, local fruits such as coconuts, mangoes, watermelons and much more that are great for cooling off. They also walk on the beach some sellers, luckily, are not usually very pushy Like in Cartagena.

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best beaches in San Andres
The Playa Spratt Bight with Johnny Cay in the background

2. San Luis Beach or Cocoplum

From this beautiful beach you will be able to see a great treasure that San Andrés keeps: the sea of ​​7 colors! You will be able to identify from deep blue to translucent aquamarine green. This natural show is due to the coral reefs in the area. Although you can see it through the window of the plane, you can see it closer in Playa de San Luis, also known as Cocoplum.

The beach is extensive and very calm. Besides, we found the sand super, super soft, we are not exaggerating! So it was perfect to lie down, sunbathe and ask for a coconut to cool off. You also have good places nearby to eat or have a drink. It is one of the best beaches in Colombia!

best beaches in San Andrés
One of the best beaches in San Andrés!

3. Rocky Cay, one of the best places in San Andres for snorkeling

In front of San Luis or Cocoplum Beach is Rocky Cay. It is a very small but beautiful key. You can cross it by boat (a 3-minute journey at 15,000 COP per person) or even on foot if the sea is not too rough. Here you can snorkel, have a piña colada and admire the large ship aground that is in front of you.

We swam in the waters near the keywe rented snorkel goggles and saw several little fish of different sizes, even a manta ray! Rocky Cay is surrounded by several colored barriers where many of these fish live that you don’t normally see on other beaches. It was a lot of fun because we saw them up close, it seemed like we were swimming in the current with them. Rocky Cay we loved it!

Rocky Cay
The water is amazing!

4. Playa Charquitos, one of the best beaches in San Andrés for children

A long barrier reef It makes a small, super-calm arm of the sea form here. Los Charquitos Beach is great for toddlers Or if you prefer to cool off in less choppy waters, this beach is perfect for you. Besides, the water is super crystal clear, with a charming blue color and the white sand is completely soft. It is a beautiful beach!

here you can see various fish that make the barrier reef their home. There are no restaurants or shops, or buildings nearby, just a small refreshment and cocktail stand. So, if you are going to spend the day in Charquitos, We recommend that you go fully prepared. On the other hand, the advantage is that the place feels very quiet so you can relax and enjoy Charquitos, one of the best beaches in San Andrés.

best beaches in San Andrés
Crystal clear and very shallow waters

5. Johnny Cay, a jewel of the best beaches in San Andrés

Johnny Cay is another of the most famous beaches in San Andrés. And it is that it attracts everyone for its crystal clear waters, its impeccable white sand and its huge palm trees. Although we must warn you that, Being a very popular beach, it is usually full. So it can be difficult to find a place if you go very late, in high season or on weekends.

To get to Johny Cay you will have to cross the piece of sea from San Andrés in a boat for 10 minutes. You can tour this small key which will not take you long. So you can lie down on the loungers and cool off in its beautiful waters. You can also go to the natural aquarium which is close to Johnny Cay. Although it is also full of tourists. It is most famous what to do in san andres!

6. Capi Beach

If you like lie back on a sun lounger and enjoy the sun, sea and sand, then Capi Beach is perfect for you. There is plenty of space to lay out on the sand and the water is clear, although with a shade more green than turquoise. Capi Beach is located next to Playa de San Luis, you also have small restaurants nearby.

In addition, Capi Beach is located in a small town in San Andrés. Here you can learn more about the life of the inhabitants of the island. If you pay attention you will notice that Here they speak another language called Creole or San Andresan Creole. It’s very interesting because it sounds similar to English!

best beaches in San Andres
One of the best beaches in San Andrés

7. Main beach of San Andrés

To end this post of the best beaches in San Andreswe cannot leave out the main beach of the island. The color of the water here is not far behind the rest of the beaches. It stands next to Spratt Bight, you will be closer to the street and restaurants where you can try the delicious local dishes like all the typical food of Colombia.

If you want to take the typical photo with the San Andrés Island sign, here you can do it. Besides, for airplane lovers They will like to know that here you can clearly see how aircraft take off right above you. It’s amazing!

best beaches in San Andres
A good alternative to Spratt Bight


on the next map you will find marked the most beautiful beaches of San Andrés mentioned above.


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