In this post “7 Beaches in Mexico for foreigners” We will try to recommend which beaches you cannot miss, it is surely very subjective, but it will serve as a guide…

Traveling through Mexico is a fascinating experience, there are very beautiful places, but if we talk about beaches, the correct word would be dazzling, dreamed of, unique places and all the adjectives that go beyond that.

It may seem somewhat exaggerated to highlight Mexican beaches with so much emphasis, but when you visit them and you can enjoy them, you will agree with me…

Whether they are from the Caribbean or on the Pacific coast, they all have something that makes you fall in love… Discover them!

1. Playa Paraiso, Tulum

Tulum is one of the most fashionable destinations in Mexico, receives visits from both Mexican and international celebrities and has a lot to offer.

If you go by car, the journey along the coast admiring the beauty of the landscape by the sea is a dream.

Playa Paraíso is one of the most famous in the Riviera Maya and our first option in these 7 Beaches of Mexico for foreigners, the breadth of the beach is perfect to enjoy games, rest, sunbathe, practice yoga and more.

If you walk a bit, you will also find beach clubs where you can enjoy good music, a pleasant atmosphere and Caribbean menus accompanied by your favorite drink.

The most interesting thing is that the archaeological zone of Tulum is very close, so during your visit you can enjoy the beauties of the Mayan culture.

Beaches of Mexico for foreigners

Interesting proposal for those who enjoy rough seas, its waves are ideal for lovers of surfing and that is an attraction much sought after by many foreign visitors.

Located 10 minutes from the town of Punta Mita and 20 minutes from Bucerías, it is a beautiful beach to enjoy an unforgettable day.

You will have to cross an estuary, in an incredible natural environment, to reach this wide virgin beach; you can bring your food and a tent or umbrella for the sun, there are few people so you will surely enjoy tranquility.

The adrenaline of daring to surf is its greatest attraction, it does not matter if you are a beginner or already experienced, you will surely find a wave to venture into the sea.

Crossing the sea on a ferry, yacht or boat and reaching the island already has a special charm, beautiful views, the turquoise blue of the sea that makes you fall in love and if you are lucky, a dolphin may surprise you along the way.

From the moment you arrive, you only walk a couple of streets and you will already be able to visualize the imposing white sand beach and a sea so calm that it resembles a huge natural pool.

You will find public beach areas where you can take your umbrella and food, but there are also beach clubs, with all the comforts for you to spend a nice day.

After your visit to the beach, you cannot miss a walk around the island, a good walk or a nice tour in a golf cart, they are options that you may like.

Beaches of Mexico for foreigners

To get to the beach you must venture on a walk through the Jalisco jungle, about two km from Boca de Tomatlán, south of Vallarta; You will go along the sea on a delimited path.

The emerald green and the transparent water are part of an incredible scenery, the waves are calm and you can swim and snorkel, and although it is a bit small, you have space to sunbathe and also with shade to rest at ease.

A different option to be in contact with nature; Bring water and food since it is a virgin beach, there is nothing.

You can also get there by boat, but you miss out on the interesting part of the journey and it can be quite expensive.

5. Dolphin Beach, Cancun

The beaches of Cancun have to be among the most beautiful in Mexico and in the world, there is something for everyone and the good thing is that they are just a few minutes from each other, so you can visit them whenever you want.

Of all of them, Playa Delfines has a special mention and it is surely one of the 7 Beaches of Mexico for foreigners, the impressive view from the moment you arrive, from a beautiful viewpoint, will leave you speechless.

An enormous beach of white sand and a turquoise sea that accompanies it, are incredible postcards of your visit to the Mexican Caribbean.

If you arrive early you can take advantage of a palapa to shelter yourself from the sun, it also has bathroom facilities, games for children, you can even take photos in the giant letters with the name of the destination.

In this area the sea is a bit choppy since it is open sea, that makes it very attractive for those who enjoy playing with the waves; It is good to know that there are lifeguards, but it is always advisable not to expose yourself if you do not know how to swim.

If you go to this beach you have to bring your food as it is a bit far from the centers of consumption.

Beaches of Mexico for foreigners

Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico and as such, you will have to make the sacrifice of getting up early if you want to visit it. Only between 400 and a thousand people can enter this beach per day, the capacity changes according to the Covid traffic light.

Even if you are not a fan of getting up early, when you get there you will understand that all the effort was worth it.

Sunrises and sunsets are more than beautiful, swimming will be a pleasant experience and you can also take the opportunity to snorkel or dare to paddle board, a dream.

A nice walk along the seashore or a bit of hiking in the mountains will reward you with beautiful views.

Another of the beaches in Mexico for foreigners is the beautiful beach of Akumal, a few minutes from Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

If you are a lover of nature and marine fauna, you will be fascinated to know that in this paradisiacal destination you can enjoy the wonderful experience of swimming with turtles.

The waves on this beach are very calm, the sea is shallow, ideal for putting on your gear and encouraging yourself to snorkel.

There are inns where you can enjoy delicious dishes and a Caribbean cocktail and take the opportunity to relax in their facilities.

Check for boat rides and other water activities, there are also adventure tours, walks and tours of the Mayan jungle, cenotes and much more.

Beaches of Mexico for foreigners


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