When you decide to travel, putting together a good travel route is essential, in this post “6 Magical towns near Mérida” we offer you an attractive and very convenient alternative.

Starting the tour in the beautiful white city is an excellent idea, it has many attractions and depending on the time of year you visit it, the options are many more…

The historic center, Paseo Montejo, the gastronomic tour, the cenotes a few minutes away, are part of its proposals and you can check the city’s events agenda with just one click here.

But the good thing about being based in the beautiful Mérida is that in addition to what you can do in the city, a short distance from there you will find incredible places, among which the recognized Magical Towns of Mexico stand out, which you cannot miss. .

Aguada Island

We start this list of magical towns near Mérida with Isla Aguada, a beautiful city 4 hours from Mérida, it may not be your best option for the hours, but it is worth the trip.

Isla Aguada is located in the state of Campeche, at the foot of a beautiful sea, making it a good alternative for those who want to enjoy days at the beach.

The Careneros beach with transparent waters and the Comadres Island are a beauty and not to mention Cayo Arenas, another natural spectacle that will surprise you.

On your tour of the town you will be able to visit places such as the Benito Juárez square with a beautiful kiosk, the church of Cristo del Pescador, the Chapel of Guadalupe; also the Town Museum and the Lighthouse, are places to meet and discover more of the pirate history of this beautiful magical town.

The bridge of La Unidad that connects Isla Aguada with Ciudad del Carmen, is another place to admire.

Also, do not forget to take a boat ride to visit the Isla de los Pájaros, the mangroves and the Laguna de Terminos, where perhaps a dolphin will come to say hello.

magical towns near Merida

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Only 1 hour separates Merida from this beautiful place; Declared a magical town in 2020, Sisal is perfect to fully enjoy the heat that reigns in the state almost all year round.

Its main attraction is the beach, with wide sand banks and a calm and transparent sea, ideal to take advantage of and take a good dip.

You will find palapas, restaurants where you can enjoy typical dishes of the area, accompanied by a refreshing drink, as well as a pleasant family atmosphere.

A walk through the town is something you cannot deprive yourself of, go ahead and rent a bicycle and walk the streets in search of numerous murals, unmissable postcards of your visit to this place.

Add to your list of instagrammable scenarios the main street, the pier where the letters with the name of the town are and, very close, the Customs building, where handicraft vendors usually set up with nice souvenirs to buy.

There is also the Fort of Santiago and the Lighthouse, or the House of the Empress, other emblems of the place.

Do not forget to take a kayak ride through the mangroves of Laguna Cocodrilo, highly recommended, and you can hire a tour with activities in the sea, you will surely find an interesting proposal to enjoy.

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Knowing Izamal is an invitation to visit a beautiful town that surprises with most of its buildings with yellow facades and its picturesque cobbled streets.

Although the heat is intense, prepare your hat and comfortable shoes that you will have a lot to walk; You discover the beauty of the center by touring the main square and the surroundings that, little by little, will guide you towards the main tourist spots.

This magical town was one of the first Mayan cities and its importance can be seen in more than 5 pyramids built there, some can still be seen such as Iztamatul, Habuk, Kinich Kakmó and Chaltun Ha, all are part of the archaeological sites that you can admire at the destination.

Schedule a visit to the Ex-Convent San Antonio de Padua, a site of enormous architectural beauty, it has its atrium of more than 7 thousand m² and 75 arches that surround it, it will dazzle you.

Check for the days they do video mapping, another show that you will not regret witnessing.

Be sure to visit the Museum of Handicrafts, the Park of the Cañones and the Chapel of Santa Cruz, the 5 de Mayo Park, the Municipal Palace, the local market with delicious dishes to try, all places to enjoy.

magical towns near Merida


Maní is another of the magical towns near Mérida, you can find it about 94 km away, a little over an hour, which makes it a good alternative to visit.

Your first stop in this destination may be the Convent of San Miguel Arcángel, a beautiful 16th century construction, made with Mayan basement rocks; there you will be able to appreciate the chapels of the Sagrario, the Santo Sepulcro, de las Ánimas and the Baptistery and the gold-plated altar that will leave you speechless.

The Municipal Palace is another beautiful tourist spot, perfect for a good photo, and if you visit it on the weekend, you will surely find the little market where you can buy handicrafts, textile products, honey and other options.

The bike tour can be a very good idea if you want to enjoy the town more and if you’re already hungry, check where the Doña Clotilde Kitchen is, a highly recommended stop.

Lastly, you cannot miss out on knowing one of the 30 meliponarios that are in Maní, where you will learn the process of harvesting Melipona honey and the importance of the destination as the home of this sacred Mayan bee.

Photo: Government of Yucatan

We add to this fascinating travel route Tulum, one of the magical towns near Mérida, but located in the beautiful Riviera Maya, in the neighboring state of Quintana Roo.

This site is one of the jewels of the Caribbean and receives thousands of tourists, nationals and foreigners, every year, who come to enjoy the beauty of its beaches with crystal clear, calm waters and its white sand that dazzles.

Among the main attractions we find the archaeological zone, an incredible site with a perfect location by the sea.

Very close to there is Playa Paraíso, one of the most visited places, with a variety of inns where you can enjoy a delicious meal and spend the afternoon with a super atmosphere and accompanied by good music.

You can encourage yourself to rent a motorcycle, bike or a small car to explore the extensive hotel zone, with beautiful views, a variety of shops and many hostels for fantastic photos.

In the late evening, a walk through the center cannot be missed, there are nice restaurants, craft shops, bars that await you to pamper you with their good service, a good way for you to end the day in wonder.

Do not forget to set aside time to go to the cenotes, you will find several in the area and add to your list of places to visit the Mystika Museum, the Sculpture Park of the Hotel Ahau where you can see “Come to the light” by Daniel Popper and the Sfer Ik Museion Museum, at the Azulik hotel, unique places that you have to enjoy.

To finish, we cannot fail to mention one of the magical towns near Mérida that protects one of the archaeological treasures of Mexico, Chichén Itzá.

Although the town is mostly visited for a short time, being an intermediate stop on the tourist route to the Mayan pyramid, it is a recommended place to enjoy much more.

Take time to walk around the city, the stone streets and the architectural beauty of its buildings will lead you to discover charming corners.

Of course, its Plaza La Mestiza and the Temple of San Gervasio are must-sees, but you can also visit the Murem Museum, the Casa de los Venados, the Calzada de los Frailes and the former Convent of San Bernardino, a place full of magic that You can even visit at night and admire the images of the video mapping.

When it’s time for lunch, the Donato Bates Municipal Market will be your ideal choice, try the dishes of Yucatecan cuisine, a delicacy that you will always remember.

The pineapple water with chaya can refresh you and a delicious ice cream is a dessert that you will like.

The cenotes are part of the list, you have to achieve a photo in Suytun, there will also be several to meet and enjoy.

magical towns near Merida

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