You will not lack outlets in Miami. Florida’s most visited city is known for its glamor and luxury shopping. But it is also one of the best destinations in the United States to buy cheap and find bargains. Although in general we liked them more Orlando outletsin this post we share the 5 best outlets in Miami so you can take advantage of the offers. If you have time after visiting the city, shopping at these outlets is one of the best excursions from Miami.

At the end of this article you will find a map with the location of the best outlets in Miami. And if you don’t want to complicate the organization, you can Book a Miami outlet shopping tour that includes round-trip transportation from your hotel.


1. Dolphin Mall, our favorite outlet in Miami

🛍️ Number of stores: 240 (see directory)
⏱️ Time: every day from 10am to 9pm
🚗 Travel time from downtown Miami: 30 minutes by car

If we had to stay with one of the best outlets in Miami, without a doubt we would stay with the Dolphin Mall. It is truly amazing! Its about largest outlet in Miami, with more than 240 stores of the most famous brands. You can easily spend a whole day discovering their great offers. The chances of you leaving Dolphin Mall without buying anything are really low!

Also has a wide range of restaurants, especially fast food. Although what is really important is the good selection of stores and not so much the food, it is good to know that you will find something to your liking. We take this opportunity to recommend the best restaurants to eat cheap in Miami.

The only drawback is that It is the most popular mall in Florida and there are usually many people. However, we think their offers and promotions are worth it. A good tip to avoid crowds is to avoid weekends and try to go as soon as they open in the morning. Without a doubt is one of the best outlets in Miami. It is a pleasure to have such a good outlet just half an hour from downtown Miami and about 45 minutes from Miami Beach by car. There are also public buses that go to Dolphin Mall from downtown Miami and the airport. You can check the most convenient route from your point of origin on Google Maps.

Dolphin Mall is very close to the airportso if you have the flight in the evening, it is a great option to spend the last few hours in Miami and fill your suitcases with clothes 🙂 They even have twhere to store your luggage while shopping. By the way, if you want Saving on accommodation compared to the high prices of Miami Beach, booking a hotel near this outlet is a very good idea.

best outlets in Miami
One of the best outlets in Miami

2. Sawgrass Mills, one of the best outlets in Miami

🛍️ Number of stores: 340 (see directory)
⏱️ Time: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm | Sunday from 11am to 8pm
🚗 Travel time from downtown Miami: 45 minutes by car

And this is the other outlet that plays in the same league as Dolphin Mall. It’s also amazing! In the end it does not surprise us because it is owned by the Simon companywhich owns the majority of best outlets in the United States.

In this case, Sawgrass Mills is further away from the most popular areas of Miami. It is in the north of the city, about 40 minutes by car from Downtown Miami. It has more than 340 storesso there is even more variety than in the Dolphin Mall. You will find offers in all the main shopping windows: Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Converse, Gap, Levi’s…

Our advice is to arrive early, a little before opening time.. This way you will avoid much of the crowds that form at midday and find parking more easily. Likewise, try to avoid weekends.

Another positive aspect of one of the best outlets in Miami is that it has a good food court to recharge your batteries and continue shopping. Without a doubt, next to the Dolphin Mall, it is one of the best outlets in Miami.

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3. Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace, a good alternative on the way to the keys

🛍️ Number of stores: 32 (see directory)
⏱️ Time: Monday to Thursday from 11am to 8pm | Friday and Saturday from 10am to 9pm | Sunday from 11am to 7pm
🚗 Travel time from downtown Miami: 45 minutes by car

This outlet is on another level if we compare it with the previous two. Basically in terms of surface. It’s much smaller and there isn’t as much variety. It only has 32 outlet stores. Also It is a Simon Center, so it will hardly disappoint you in terms of the quality of the brands. Us we really liked the Converse store. In general this brand has good prices and offers in all outlets, but especially in this one.

If you have little time and are only going to visit a shopping center with outlet stores, te recomendamos visitar Dolphin Mall o Sawgrass Mills. They are much larger and concentrate a greater range of brands. But if you are passionate about shopping and want to know several of the best outlets in Miamiwe believe that this one cannot be missing from your itinerary either.

Unlike the ones we have mentioned, Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace is in the south of the city. If you go by car, It will take about 45 minutes from Downtown Miami. It is an interesting stop if you are driving from Miami to the beaches of the Florida Keys, since it is on the way.

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best outlets in Miami
GAP always has good offers

4. Tanger Outlets Palm Beach, a smart option if you are looking to shop in peace

🛍️ Number of stores: 130 (see directory)
⏱️ Time: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 8pm | Friday and Saturday from 10am to 9pm | Sunday from 10am to 7pm
🚗 Travel time from downtown Miami: 1 hour by car

In most outlets you will have to deal with many shoppers looking for the best deals. However, Tanger Outlets is ideal if you are looking for tranquility. It is located in Palm Beach, 1 hour drive from downtown Miami. It is close to the highway exit, making access super easy.

We think it’s worth it if you’re looking to go shopping without a lot of people. The previous outlets on our list are much better known and tend to be more crowdedsince they are closer to Miami.

But just because there aren’t that many people doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s a super complete outlet! In fact, in most outlets you will find the same brands and similar discounts: Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle, Calvin Klein… In general, we liked the Orlando Premium Outlets better but we recognize that there were better prices on some products here.. It all depends on the dates and offers!

It also has several restaurants, making it a great option to spend a day shopping. Definitely, one of the best outlets in Miami.

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best outlets in Miami
The beautiful entrance to the outlet | © Tanger Palm Beach

5. Vero Beach Outlets, a great stop if you go from Miami to Orlando

🛍️ Number of stores: 37 (see directory)
⏱️ Time: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm | Sunday from 10am to 6pm
🚗 Travel time from downtown Miami: 2 hours by car

Y and Palm Beach This is another of the best outlets in Miami and surroundings. It has more than 50 outlet stores where you will find good deals. You can see that it is not as popular as the previous ones: firstly because there are not as many people and because there are quite a few unoccupied premises. Even so It’s a good place to find good discounts!

Maybe it’s not worth going to and from Miami because it is 2 hours away by car. But if you go from Miami to Orlando, you can stop and see what you find. If you plan to do so, we will tell you in detail how to get from Miami to Orlando.



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