Traveling and strolling is always a unique and unforgettable experience and even more so if you have time to visit at least a couple of destinations; don’t miss this post”3 Travel Routes through Mexico” and choose your favourite.

The number of sites and attractions in the country is enormous, so all travelers can find a fascinating place to discover and enjoy.

Incredible beaches, with or without waves, mountains, volcanoes, caves and forests, rivers, pools, jungle, cenotes, are something you can experience.

There are also beautiful cities, with incredible architecture, an admirable cultural legacy, exquisite food, and we can continue listing… But let’s better see some good options among these travel routes through Mexico…

Route 1: CDMX – Puebla – Cuernavaca

Mexico City

Visiting Mexico and not going to the beautiful Mexico City is a sin; many proposals to see and do that will occupy several pages in your agenda of travel routes through Mexico…

The Zócalo and its surroundings are surprising places and if you can do it on a tour and with a guide who will tell you about its history, you will appreciate it much more.

Walking along Paseo de la Reforma is very pleasant, a coffee in the Zona Rosa is ideal; Garibaldi Square, invites you to enjoy the music of the mariachis, the Palace of Fine Arts, day or night, is fascinating and a tour of the Chapultepec Forest and the Castle are also worthwhile.

Add to that a tour to the Basilica of Guadalupe and the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, an unforgettable experience; And if you still have time, discover the beauty of neighborhoods like Polanco, Roma and Coyoacán, all with their own particular charm.

Mexico travel routes

Puebla City, Puebla

After a few days in the cosmopolitan CDMX, it’s time to give Puebla the opportunity to surprise you…

A good way to get to know the historic center is to get on the turibus, with a tour that shows you the main attractions of the city. Visit the Cathedral and other parishes, each one offers dazzling architecture.

Likewise, in the Callejón de los Sapos you will have incredible postcards for your photos and you will also find Talavera workshops, with beautiful pieces to choose from and take home a nice memory.

The cable car is a nice ride to see the beauty of the city from above and don’t forget to try the cuisine of Puebla, the famous chile en nogada will delight you.

Just 25 minutes from downtown, the magical town of Cholula promises to dazzle you, visit the beautiful church on top of the pyramid and the temple of San Francisco Acatepec, an incredible work of art.

Cuernavaca, Morelos

A final destination in this alternative travel route through Mexico is Cuernavaca, another beautiful Mexican city where you can find unique places, one of them is the Palacio de Cortés, an imposing construction where there is a museum and beautiful murals that tell the history of the state.

The Cathedral is very beautiful, the main square as well, and Chapultepec Park is another unmissable attraction, with wide green spaces, waterfalls, a lake where you can ride a pedal boat, zip lines, restaurant areas, and more.

Called the city of eternal spring and with a very pleasant climate, it is a good idea to visit the spas, there are several options, one of them the former Hacienda de Temixco and its water park.

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Route 2: Creel – Los Mochis – La Paz

Creel, Chihuahua

What do you think about going from the mountains to the beach, with a journey by train and another by ferry? It sounds like an interesting option, get to know one more of the travel routes through Mexico.

The attractiveness of this route, to the north of Mexico, is that you can enjoy the variety of landscapes that this wonderful country has.

You can start in Creel, a magical town in Chihuahua, a nice and quiet place, where enjoying a good rest, in a cabin, is really a dream; Afterwards, go ahead and visit the Cristo Rey monument and enjoy the attractions in Copper Canyon. Finally, do not forget a nice souvenir made by Rarámuri hands.

From this destination you can take the famous El Chepe train, which has departures three times a week, on alternate days, which allows you to make intermediate stops, get to know and walk around, and then continue on your way.

The adventure of traveling by train to Los Mochis will be an incredible experience, with beautiful views of the landscapes of the Sierra Tarahumara, in a luxury transport.

El Chepe invites you to enjoy a very pleasant trip, it has seating spaces, a restaurant, a bar and a terrace with unique views.

If you want to make a direct trip, the journey is 9 hours, from Creel to Los Mochis; but if you wish, you can stop for a day or more at intermediate destinations.

The stations are Creel, Divisadero, Bahuichivo, El Fuerte and Los Mochis. El Fuerte is a magical town that is worth visiting, at least one day of tour its imposing constructions deserve and spend the night there, you will like it.

Mexico travel routes

Los Mochis, Sinaloa

In Los Mochis, Sinaloa you can enjoy Sinaloan cuisine in Plaza 27 de Septiembre, with several food stalls, spaces to relax, games for children, artisans, etc.

Opposite, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, is another unmissable visit; add to your list the Cerro de la Campana, with impressive views of the city, the Sinaloa Park, with palm trees and a botanical garden, the Cuauhtémoc Market, and much more.

If you liked the ride so far, wait until you see the icing on the cake…

Mexico travel routes Mexico travel routes

Photos: El Chepe, official website

La Paz, Baja California Sur

It is time to go to the port of Topolobampo and take the ferry that takes you to La Paz, Baja California Sur, a wonderful trip, in which, if you are lucky, the dolphins and some whales may accompany you along the way.

La Paz is a paradise and the best thing is that it has some of the best beaches in Mexico, one of them is the beautiful Balandra beach. You can also visit Isla Espíritu Santo.

The center of La Paz is very beautiful and the boardwalk is a beautiful setting for your photos, in addition to finding shops, bars, etc., to visit and have a good time.

Travel route through Mexico 3: Campeche – Mérida – Holbox

San Francisco de Campeche, Campeche

Starting the trip in San Francisco de Campeche is a good alternative, the architectural beauty of the city is something fascinating, with its historic center declared a World Heritage Site; walking through its streets makes you fall in love.

Dare to get on the tourist tram and discover its main attractions and a bit of history from a good source; Between walks, try the delights of traditional cuisine.

The Cathedral, House N6, the Baluarte de la Soledad Mayan Architecture Museum, the Wall and its bastions, you have to visit and 59th Street, is another obligatory step, with an incredible atmosphere for dinner at night, not without first passing by the dancing fountains.

Nor can you miss the Fort of San José, where in addition to its outstanding architecture, you will find the Museum of Underwater Archeology; You can also visit the San Miguel Redoubt and the Mayan Archeology Museum, in both places discover why they have a particular design in their accesses.

The boardwalk area is another of the most beautiful attractions, the photos from El Ángel Maya will be a beautiful memory; the sunsets from there will be an indelible image. And if you already want to try something on the beach, you can visit Playa Bonita, about 15 km more or less.

Merida Yucatan

Continue your route to Mérida, the White City, a destination where you can admire its European architecture and the imposing Mayan ruins.

As we mentioned in other cities, getting on the turibus is a very good option, you visit the most emblematic sites and learn more about the history of the place.

Among its main sites of interest, the main square, the cathedral and the Passage of the Revolution walkway, added to the various museums that you find, are perfect for sightseeing and needless to say when you walk at night in the all-illuminated center, a place magical.

Walking along Paseo Montejo is another recommended activity. There are beautiful mansions, some of which are open to the public, leafy trees that make the walk pleasant; In a part of the long road, you find the Monument to the Fatherland, you will like it.

And if you enjoy eating well, check out the Museum of Yucatecan Gastronomy, where in addition to delighting yourself with traditional dishes, you can learn more about the culinary customs of the area.

Being in this city and only 1 hour and a half from the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza, it is impossible not to go. And add to your list, the Geohydrological Ring of Cenotes State Reserve, a unique place that you have to enjoy.

Mexico travel routes

Holbox, Quintana Roo

Close your tour with a flourish, on a paradisiacal beach in Holbox, without a doubt a place to rest and fill yourself with peace.

To get to the island you must go to Chiquilla and from there take a ferry that will leave you in this fascinating destination.

After settling in one of the hotels or hostels, you can go straight to the beach, a transparent and calm sea awaits you, with an extensive sandbank that together create an amazing landscape.

Punta Mosquito, passing the Palapas del Sol hotel, is one of the favorite places, otherwise you have several beach clubs walking very close to the center.

Touring the town by bicycle is a beautiful experience, there are many beautiful murals to photograph and then relax in a cafe around the town square, it can be an excellent plan.

Check for the bioluminescence seasons, there are special places on the island where the sea lights up at night and it is a privilege that few destinations offer.

While there, you cannot miss visiting Isla de La Pasión, another paradise on earth that will leave you speechless.

Take a boat ride to the Yalahau cenote, go to Isla de los Pajaros, swim with the whale shark, practice water sports, kite surfing, they can be part of your experience.

Finally, do not forget to pamper yourself with a lobster pizza, it is a delicacy; at night, you will surely find good live music, to enjoy a Caribbean cocktail.


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