Eating cheap in Miami is very simple. In general, it is not a cheap city for accommodation or activities. But fortunately, in Miami there is a wide range of good restaurants at prices for all budgets. In addition, there is a great gastronomic variety and you can try dishes from a lot of different countries. Predominates the typical Cuban cuisine Due to the proximity of the island, take the opportunity to travel to cuba through the flavors! But you will also find flavors from other Latin American countries, Spain, Italy and international classics like sandwiches or pizza.

Below we recommend 12 restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Miami. At the end of this article you will find a map with the exact location of all the restaurants we mentioned to help you plan your visit to the city. Enjoy! 🙂


1. Spris, a fantastic option for cheap eats in Miami

You can’t leave Miami without trying Spris pizzas. We are not exaggerating when we say that they are the best we ate on our month-long trip through USA. Plus, at a great price. They have a promotion happy hour from 5:30 to 7pm with some $8 pizzas.

Even so, the prices outside the offer are more than reasonable. For example, a pizza will cost you around $15. For sure It is one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Miami. In addition to pizzas they also serve salads, lasagnas and other Italian-inspired dishes. The staff’s attention was very good and they have several locations in the city. Do not miss it!

eat cheap in miami
The delicious pizza with burrata

2. The Sandwich Shop

This is another of the most famous restaurants in Miami. As its name indicates, the restaurant serves delicious sandwiches at a very good price. For reference, they cost between $7 and $10. They also serve salads that are good and smoothies Very rich.

We believe that It cannot be missing from your list of restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Miami.. They have a location in South Beach and another in Brickell, the two most touristy areas of the city. We can’t think of a better plan than buying some sandwiches to take away and eating them while sunbathing in Miami Beach.

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3. Pincho

You can’t leave Miami without trying one of the best and most curious burgers. Have you ever imagined replacing the typical hamburger bun with a couple of slices of fried banana? Well, don’t miss the Totón Burger! They have quite a few stores and a wide variety of products. There are cheaper restaurants to eat in Miami but you can tell that the ingredients are top quality.

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4. Sanguich, home of the authentic Cuban sandwich

Walking through the mythical Eighth Street, you can’t miss this sandwich place. He Cuban sandwich with ham, suckling pig, cheese, pickles and mustard It is known throughout the world. At Sanguich they know how to prepare it perfectly with top quality ingredients. Their menu is super small: they only offer 6 types of sandwiches, croquettes, chicharrones, sweet potato potatoes, Cuban nachos and smoothies. That’s enough to leave you totally satisfied for less than $15. A essential stop in Little Havana!

where to eat cheap in Miami
Sanguich sandwiches, a delight in Little Havana

5. Versailles, an emblematic restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Miami

Versailles proclaimed itself “the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world”. The reality is that it is almost always full and success does not come by chance. The prices are super reasonable, the portions are generous and the food is delicious. Without a doubt, it is one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Miami. Even for breakfast! An experience in Little Havana that It will make you travel to Cuba through your taste buds.

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6. Puerto Sagua

This is another of the Cuban restaurants that you cannot miss. Although it is not as well known as Versailles, it is also very good. Furthermore, it has a great location in Miami Beach. In general it is a place very busy but worth the wait. The dishes are simple, without great elaboration, but tasty and economical. They have a super extensive menu that is based on meat or fish dishes with rice or salad accompaniments. Prices range between $10 and $20. Another little piece of Cuba where you can eat cheaply in Miami!

7. Manna Life Food, a vegetarian restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Miami

Do you want to take care of yourself while visiting Miami? Manna Life Food makes it easy for you with its healthy and delicious dishes. It is a restaurant with vegan and vegetarian options in the heart of the city, next to Bayfront Park. Do salads, tacos, arepas, various sweet and savory bowls and exquisite smoothies. In addition, the place is super cozy and the service is excellent. Who said that eating well is boring? 😉

where to eat cheap in Miami
Manna Food Life’s delicious and vegetarian dishes

8. Coyo Taco

Another good option for eat cheap in miami It’s Coyo Taco. As you can deduce from the name, it is a restaurant chain specializing in tacos. They also have several locations in the city, but the one we liked the most was the one in Brickell (we believe that It is the best area to stay in Miami).

Although the one in Wynwood is also cool after seeing the graffiti! The portions are generous and the tacos are great for the price.. Furthermore, the atmosphere is very good, with good music and a great atmosphere. We recommend it as a great option for eat cheap in miami. You will feel very close to Mexico!

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9. The Taco Stand, a taste of Mexico in Miami

Wynwood It is one of the most sophisticated areas of Miami. Therefore, it is difficult to find cheap restaurants there. But The Taco Stand is the exception that proves the rule. you can eat tasty burritos for less than $10. We recommend the burrito California, which is filled with beef, cheese, guacamole, salsa and chips. Impossible to stay hungry! They also serve tacos, quesadillas and breakfast dishes. The only negative point is that it’s usually full of peoplebut that is a sign that it is one of the best places where to eat well and cheap in Miami 😉

eat cheap in miami
Enjoy downtown Miami and its most affordable restaurants!

10. Vapiano, among our favorites for healthy eating in Miami

May you never miss a Vapiano in your life! We love this German restaurant chain. Whenever there is one in the city we visit we go to eat there because of its great value for money. If you don’t know it yet, they serve delicious pasta dishes, pizzas and salads.

We really like their concept: they make your food right in front of you and you can customize it by adding or removing ingredients to your liking. Have two restaurants in Miami: one in Brickell and the other in Doralnear the airport. Dishes are around $15.. It is not one of the cheapest places that we recommend on this list, but it is one safe bet to eat delicious and healthy.

eat cheap in miami
Vapiano is always a fantastic idea to eat well and cheaply

11. The Palace of Juices

We continue with another proposal that brings Cuban flavors to Miami. You have the Palace of Juices several locations, none particularly central, but it is well worth stopping to eat if you are passing through there. Serving juices, smoothies, sandwiches and classic combined dishes of Latin American gastronomy. There is no shortage of chicken with rice, sweet plantains, steak, various soups and salads and a huge variety of accompaniments. Their menu is almost endless and has very affordable prices!

12. Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Entre Wynwood y Miami Design District you will find this charming restaurant. They have a menu with many sandwich options for all tastes. But there is one thing that does not change: Prices under $10 and very delicious food prepared with love. We recommend the cuban sandwich with croquettes, a classic with a very tasty extra. Beyond sandwiches, they also serve Very complete breakfast dishes and they have daily specials that change at lunch time. If you are looking for a inexpensive place with no frills but full of flavorDo not miss it!

13. Five Guys

Five Guys is a true burger institution in the United States! They started in Washington a few years ago in a simple location and now they have restaurants all over the world. The burgers cost less than $10 and are tremendous. One of the best we’ve tried in the United States! And what about the potatoes? They are also very good and come in a lot of quantity.

If you like eat cheap in miamiYou can’t miss this burger joint. We recommend the store in the Miami Midtown shopping area to recharge your batteries after a shopping session.

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The burgers and fries at Five Guys are spectacular

14. Shake Shack, one of our favorite options for cheap eats in Miami

This is another of the most famous burger chains in the country. It probably sounds familiar to you if you’ve been to NY or have you read any of our posts about the city. Although we like Five Guys more, the truth is that Shake Shack is also very good.

The prices are similar and the burgers are delicious too.. We advise you to order the homemade lemonade and the potatoes with cheese sauce. You sure want to come back! As they say, once a year doesn’t hurt 😜

Shake Shack, a classic that never fails

15. Ms. Cheezious

This is another place where they prepare delicious sandwiches. If you like cheese, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy their grilled cheese. They are quite affordable with prices under $10. They have a single location north of Miami, next to Little Haiti. Although it is not very central, we think it is worth visiting since it is a great option for cheap eats in Miami.

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16. GoGo Fresh Food, a healthy alternative to eat well and cheaply in Miami

There is enough fast food on our list of restaurants where you can eat well and cheap in Miami. We try to end with a healthy option like GoGo Fresh Food. In this restaurant you can eat delicious Argentine salads and empanadas. They have quite a variety, so the most difficult thing is deciding what to choose. If you are tired of eating hamburgers and pizzas, It is a great option to eat cheaply in Miami.


On this map you will find marked best restaurants to eat cheap in Miami. Remember that you can save it to your Google account to have it at hand when you are in Miami. Click on the star next to the map title and you will be able to see it in the “My Maps” section of the Google Maps application.


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