Miami is the second most visited city in the United States, only behind New York. Its privileged climate, kilometers of beach and a very lively nightlife have made it a very attractive city. I’m sure there are many interesting facts about Miami that you didn’t know. We tell you 16 interesting facts about Miami so that you can fully discover its history, architecture and most famous inhabitants.

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1. Do you know the Miami tribe?

The city of Miami gets its name from one of the native tribes that lived in the region in the 1600s and 1700s, the Mayaimi. It means big water. So first it served to baptize the Miami River and, later, the entire city.

2. The first female city

In 1896, Miami became the first in the United States to be founded by a woman. Businesswoman Julia Tuttle encouraged a railroad magnate to expand train lines to Miami. That attracted many inhabitants and encouraged construction in the city.

3. Incredible cultural diversity, one of the best curiosities of Miami

Since its origins, Miami has been a multicultural city. Currently, it is the city ​​with the largest foreign population in the world. Almost 60% of its inhabitants come from other countries, mainly Latin American. It has become a perfect place for thousands of Cubans who have fled their country after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959. Miami is only 300 kilometers from Varadero. That’s why, 34% of Miami’s population has Cuban origins.

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4. Spanish, the first language in Miami

With so many Latin American population, more Spanish is spoken in Miami than English. Only 25% of the inhabitants speak English as their native language at home, while 70% speak Spanish with those around them. . . . Therefore, both are official languages ​​in the administration.

Other languages ​​spoken in Miami are Haitian Creole, French, Portuguese or Italian. One of Miami’s most international curiosities.

5. It has only snowed once in Miami

One of the most predictable curiosities of Miami is that it has an enviable tropical climate. The average annual temperature is 25ºC. Snow has only been recorded once, on January 19, 1977.

Thanks to its warm climate throughout the year, it has become a large producer of avocados, mangoes and tomatoes. It is one of the most unexpected Miami curiositieswho knew that a big city full of skyscrapers was a leader in agriculture!

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6. Miami Beach is a farce! One of the curiosities of Miami about its origin

In 1915 Miami Beach officially became part of the city. And now it is the most visited area! It is a set of artificial islands about 5 kilometers from the city connected to the mainland by several bridges. But in its day, this glamorous area was nothing more than a large sandbar. A lot of tons of sand were added to make it habitable.

Its origins continue to haunt Miami Beach. Every year we have to add sand to the beaches because the sea is gaining ground. Furthermore, it is an area very prone to flooding during strong storms.

This beach is the protagonist of several curiosities of Miami

7. Architectural record, one of the best curiosities of Miami

Miami Beach posee la largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world. There are more than 800 buildings of this style built in the 30s and 40s. Its geometric shapes, pastel colors, neon lights and molded ceilings were ideal to give a cheerful touch to the streets of American cities after the great economic depression of the 1920s. Not only are there many Art Deco buildings, but they are very well preserved.

If you want to discover all the secrets of these buildings, you can book a guided tour of Miami in Spanish. And if you’re not planning to visit Miami anytime soon, you can make a virtual tour of all Art Deco buildings.

8. You can sleep at Versace’s house

One of the most emblematic buildings in Miami Beach is the impressive mansion where Gianni Versace lived from 1992 to 1997, when he was murdered right at the door. Now you can stay in The Villa Casa Casuarina, an absolutely stunning luxury hotel. If your budget is more modest, we recommend a lot of accommodations and neighborhoods to sleep in Miami.

If you want to visit the homes of more celebrities who live in Miami you can Book a boat tour of famous houses.

9. You can smell money in the city, one of the best curiosities of Miami

It’s no secret that many wealthy people live in Miami. That’s why, Downtown Miami has the highest concentration of international banks of all country.

One of the Miami curiosities More fun is that in 1996 an ATM designed for skaters was installed, with a ramp at the entrance to facilitate access. You will see that in Miami Beach there are many people who move quickly with their inline skates.

10. Burger King fan? you will love Miami

The Burger King hamburger chain opened in Miami. The first restaurant opened in 1954. At that time, a Whopper cost only 30 cents.

11. Emergency lifeguard huts

He Hurricane Andrew hit Miami in 1992. After the beach was devastated, architect William Lane designed 25 new lifeguard huts for Miami Beach. Each one has a different, colorful design with an Art Deco touch.

Miami Beach lifeguard hutsMiami Beach lifeguard huts

These cool booths are one of the curiosities of Miami

12. Raven loves to run on the beaches of Miami, one of the nicest Miami attractions

You’ve probably never heard of this man, but Raven is a hero in the city. On January 1, 1975, it was proposed run 8 miles on the beach every day of the year as a new year’s resolution. And not only did he keep his promise that year, but he continues to keep it today. Decades later, he still goes out for a run every afternoon in Miami Beach, accompanied by anyone who wants to join. to his sporting feat. You can see the Appointment schedule and details on their website.

13. The best tan originated in Miami Beach

It’s not a good idea to go running with Raven without putting on sunscreen. And you can also put on tanning lotion to have an ideal skin tone. The first suntan lotion was invented in Miami in 1944.. Benjamin Green was a pharmacist who combined red paraffin, cocoa butter and coconut oil upon completing his service in World War II. With this mixture the Coppertone brand of solar products was founded.

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14. The Giralda of Miami

We are not confused! La Giralda is in Seville, Spain. But in downtown Miami there is a replica named Freedom Tower. It opened in 1926 as a newspaper headquarters, but is now used to host art exhibitions.

Freedom Tower Miami curiositiesFreedom Tower Miami curiosities
The famous Giralda in American version

15. Miami is the lung of the United States

It is among the most unexpected Miami curiosities because it is not usually related to nature, but it is the city ​​with the most parks in the United States. There are more than 800 green spaces. It is also the only city surrounded by two national parks: Biscayne and Everglades, which are two of the best excursions from Miami.

16. A video game city

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Then Miami is surely familiar to you, since it is the inspiration for the fictional city called Vice City. If you look closely, you can see characteristic streets and buildings of Miami.


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