Guanajuato It is an old mining city, with streets full of magic that invite you to walk and discover each of its corners. This city considered as World Heritage has many tourist places to offer and give to the tourist.

Boredom does not exist in Guanajuato, since there is always something to do, see, visit and learn about in the capital of this wonderful Mexican state. If you wonder what to do in Guanajuato, let’s get to know 15 must-see tourist places!

University of Guanajuato

University of Guanajuato

This neoclassical building became a University in 1945. During its first years it was a hospice. Its beauty is unique and it is built in green quarry with a beautiful staircase from which you have a great view of the City of Guanajuato. A good place to start our adventure.

Juarez Theater

guanajuato -

It is perhaps after the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, the most beautiful theater in Mexico. Built between 1872 and 1903, in a Roman Doric style, it was inaugurated on October 27, 1903 by then President Porfirio Díaz with the opera Aída. It is located in Plazuela de Cata 1, Guanajuato.

Alhondiga de Granaditas


This building is a witness of the Mexican War of Independence. It is currently a museum that exhibits works of art from pre-Hispanic times to the present. It was built in neoclassical style between 1798 and 1809 to be used as a grain store, but it was not used as such for a short time due to the start of the war. You can visit it from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm. Sundays from 8am to 3pm.

government palace

guanajuato government palace

Legislators and public servants in Guanajuato can feel proud of having one of the most beautiful legislative palaces in Mexico. Its façade is neoclassical in style and the interior has a marked influence Art Nouveau of the fourteenth century. Ask permission to go inside and then have a coffee on the esplanade to admire its façade.

Campanero Bridge and Tecolote Hill

bell ringer bridge

It is a very unique tourist place in Guanajuato. It is a small bridge that joins two houses. Here you can enjoy a coffee or tea in the restaurant on site. The bridge was built because after lowering the slope several meters, the doors of the houses were at a considerable height and it was practically impossible to access them without the bridge.

House of Count Rul and Valencianamansion conde rul

It is a beautiful two-story neoclassical building, the work of the Celayense architect, painter and engraver Eduardo Tresguerras. Its façade is made of pink stone and it belonged to Diego Rul, a wealthy Spaniard who made his fortune in his youth in Spain and Mexico in the Zacatecas Mines during the 18th century. Benedict XVI stayed in this house during his visit to Guanajuato.

Miguel Hidalgo Street

miguel hidalgo street

This street is a symbol of the city of Guanajuato. It is 3 kilometers long and its layout is due to the mountainous characteristics of the City of Guanajuato. Inside, the walls are made of stone with columns and arches that today are its main attractions.

Countess Alley

alley the countess guanajuato

According to legend, a distinguished Count met a beautiful woman many years ago, whom he fell in love with and married. Shortly after her marriage, her count began to mistreat her and speak ill of her in the street. The embarrassed woman locked herself in her huge mansion and only occasionally was she seen leaving through the small back door that leads to this alley… hence the name of this beautiful alley.

Kiss alley

kiss alley gto

Two balconies, separated by just 68 centimeters on a narrow street is what is known as the Alley of the Kiss. It is an emblematic tourist place in Guanajuato and has its own legend, (see here). If you visit it as a couple you have to kiss her on the third step of the alley, they guarantee 7 years of happiness, a place that you should visit.

Singer’s Garden

garden the singer

Another legendary place in Guanajuato is this 19th century park. It has quarry columns, fountains and a kiosk in its center. Its name is due to José Carpio, a musician who encouraged the inhabitants in this place in colonial times with his music.

Union Garden

Joaquin Obregon Gonzales Garden, Guanajuato, Mexico

Also know as The Cheese Slice, is a triangular park surrounded by bars, hotels, museums and theaters. You can sit quietly to listen to music and dance danzón. During the Cervantino Festival this park is very visited by students and young people make this park their own.

Pípila Panoramic Funicular

the pipila

Behind the Juárez Theater begins one of the most spectacular tours in Guanajuato. It is the Panoramic Funicular from which you can see all the splendor of Guanajuato. You can take it in the back of the theater or next to El Pípila. It is open every day from 9am to 10pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 9pm.


Mines in Guanajuato

Like any mining city, Guanajuato had several important mines in colonial times, which today are tourist attractions. There are several such as the Experimental Mine, the El Nopal Mine, and the Rayas Mine that was discovered in 1558 and is almost 500 meters deep. Today this mine is the deepest monument in the world. Here you can see another article about the route of the mines in Guanajuato.

Santa Rosa Mountains

santa rosa sierra

It is a beautiful nature reserve, one of the most important in the state. It is ideal for practicing ecotourism with activities such as camping, bird watching and getting to know the flora and fauna of the area. In the Hope Basin There are tents for rent with bathrooms and some services for the visitor. It is located 5 kilometers north of Guanajuato. There are guided tours at very affordable prices. You can request information at (473) 735-26-00.

Guanajuato Bicentennial Park

gto bicentenary park

It is of recent creation, events such as the last visit of the Pope to Mexico, concerts and massive events have been held here. It is located 13 km from Guanajuato and it has an area of ​​almost 15 hectares where events and fairs are continuously held.

Have you already written down the places you are going to visit?


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