Travel to Ecuador It is a magnificent experience. We found it a super complete destinationin fact, it is also known as the country of the four worlds by the regions it has: Coast, Sierra, Amazon and Galapagos. It has everything just a few kilometers away! If you are thinking of visiting it, we will tell you some Tips for traveling to Ecuador which were very useful to us. Take note!

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1. Take out travel insurance

We never leave home without travel insurance. This way we travel much more calmly! In a destination like Ecuador, it won’t hurt to be covered. You never know what can happen while exploring the Amazon, or climbing one of Ecuador’s volcanoes, or even during a walk through the best-preserved historic center of Latin America.

Travel insurance will not only act in the event of an accident, but also If you lose your luggage, among other things. It will be a relief if you have any unforeseen events! This is a very useful tip for traveling to Ecuador.

A must for every trip!

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Baños, the Ecuadorian capital of adventure

2. Take care of yourself from altitude sickness, one of the most important tips for traveling to Ecuador

In case you did not know In Ecuador you will reach over 2,500 meters above sea level in certain parts of the country. Amazing! While it is something amazing, You may suffer from altitude sicknessalso known as soroche. It basically involves your body’s reaction to low air pressure and oxygen.

The most common symptoms of altitude sickness They are headache, dizziness, swelling of the feet and hands, nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness. Listen to your body! To avoid altitude sickness We recommend that you always stay hydrated, avoid increasing your heart rate too much, rest, eat well and without excess. This is one of the Tips for traveling to Ecuador that you should consider, especially if you are going to be at heights.

Tips for traveling to EcuadorTips for traveling to Ecuador
Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador

3. Use Uber to travel short distances

To move from one point to another within any of the cities of Ecuador We recommend you use UberAlthough there is public transportation, unfortunately it is not very well developed. Safety is not a strong point on city buses or taxis either. There have been cases of express kidnappings in these units, not all of course, but it is better to be safe than sorry. That is why we are comfortable with Uber.

And if you are worried about your wallet, you can rest easy. Uber prices in Ecuador vary depending on time and distance towards your destiny. Even so, the values ​​are lowfor example, the minimum established rate of $1.50.

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4. Choose to rent a car for long distances

Between provinces or cities it is advisable to rent a car. We have tested it and the truth is that we have a bad taste in our mouths when it comes to long-distance buses. Most people drive badlyIn fact, road accidents involving these vehicles are common. In addition, some passengers take advantage of the situation to steal your belongings while you sleep. You don’t want to have a bad time!

Although the budget goes up a little, peace of mind is priceless. Also You will have freedom in your itinerary and will not depend on bus schedules.which by the way stop every so often and the journey becomes very long.

Tips for traveling to EcuadorTips for traveling to Ecuador
Enjoying the Quilotoa!

5. When driving you have to be super attentive

We leave you some Tips for traveling around Ecuador by rental carWhen driving you will encounter all kinds of roads, some in excellent condition and others terrible. So be careful with potholes on the road. To drive in Ecuador you must have a lot of experience behind the wheel because some people do not respect traffic laws and do their own thing.

Consider that the country is made up of many mountains, that means that you will not find long and flat roads, quite the opposite, Sharp curves, steep streets to go up and down. So, with what we have mentioned, you better be super attentive when driving. Of course, another distraction that you should add is the scenery along the way that will leave you speechless and even animals native to each area crossing. Open your eyes wide!

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6. Avoid going out at night, one of the tips for traveling to Ecuador

Given the current situation in the country, We advise avoiding going out at night. Yes, there are people who do it, both locals and tourists, but we prefer to stay quietly in the hotel after dinner. In case you decide to leave Don’t walk down lonely streets, don’t accept drinks from strangers, arrange your return transportation with someone you trust or with your hotel, don’t use taxis, or even Uber. Don’t expose yourself!

7. Avoid red zones or conflict areas

As in every city in the world, There are places you should avoid whether it is night or day. These are the red zones that vary depending on the city you visit. Always ask your hotel or the tourist police which areas to avoid.But the case of Ecuador today is different, because it is going through a wave of violence related to the presence of cartels.

With the situation that the country is experiencing today, there are Conflict areas you should definitely avoid. For example, port cities and some coastal provinces such as Guayas, Los Ríos or Esmeraldas They have developed conflict areas and red zones that you should not enter.

You also have to be careful in the troubled areas of each city, especially the tourist areas. In Quito you should be careful in the Panecillo, for example, especially if you go up on foot.

Tips for traveling to EcuadorTips for traveling to Ecuador
The Virgin of Panecillo

8. Take care of your belongings at all times

Whether you’re traveling by bus, on the beach, or strolling through a city Always keep an eye on your belongings. Pickpockets are very common. and you don’t want to have a bad time for losing your documents. So never lose sight of your suitcases, backpacks or wallet.

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9. Don’t trust anyone

It is true that when you travel you always meet someone and make friends. However, Be careful not to provide personal or accommodation information to strangersThere have been no reports of this in Ecuador, but it is best to be careful and not trust anyone, even if they are people who seem extremely friendly.

10. Bring cash, a super practical tip for traveling to Ecuador

This is one of the Tips for traveling to Ecuador that can save you from any trouble. In big cities you will surely have no problem. to pay by credit or debit card. But in small towns, cities and even some tourist sites this will not be possible. Before entering any site that requires payment, always ask about payment options.

In those cases, We advise you to always carry some cash.The dollar is the currency used in Ecuador, however, They accepted euros in a couple of places for us. like the craft market in Quito.

Guide to visiting Quito:

Tips for traveling to EcuadorTips for traveling to Ecuador
Enjoying the view from Pim’s restaurant in Quito

11. Buy an eSIM

For us it is super important to always have internet. In this case it is very helpful because this way you can Order Uber wherever you are without having to search for WiFi. Even if you want to research a tourist site, look for a restaurant or cafe with good reviews, opening hours, etc. It is very useful!

We acquired the eSIM de Holafly and we had a great time. With the code LOSTRAVELEROS you will have a 5% discount on your card. Without a doubt, buying a card with unlimited data is one of the best Tips for traveling to Ecuador. It will be one less worry!

12. Pack clothes for all types of weather

Contrary to what many may think, Ecuador is not a tropical country. Actually, it has varied climates depending on the area you are in. It’s impressive! For example, In the Sierra region you will be over 2,500 meters above sea level so the temperatures are low. Although You will never get below zero anywhereunless you climb one of the snow-capped mountains.

Just a few hours from the Andean region is the coast with a warm and humid climate. Or if you travel to the other side, you will arrive at the Amazon with a more tropical climatel. Based on that we recommend you Wear clothes appropriate to the places you are going to visit. And if you’re going to make a route through Ecuador To know the essential sites, then pack for all kinds of weatherAlthough there are no extreme temperatures in Ecuador, they are privileged.

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13. Take care of yourself from the sun, a tip for traveling to Ecuador that you cannot skip

Ecuador’s location, right in the middle of the world, makes it For most of the year, there is a high level of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, between 10 and 12, a value considered very high and extreme. For reference, if you have light skin, it means that your skin will burn in about 15 minutes of exposure to the sun. You won’t get a tan here, so you need to protect your skin as much as possible.

Between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. is when the rates are highest.although it varies depending on the area. But the midday sun is the strongestthe one you should avoid and take care of the most. The UV radiation index in the main cities are: Quito – 12, Guayaquil – 11,8, Cuenca – 12, Galapagos – 10. Don’t be overconfident if the day is cloudy or if you are in a cold and high fact, is where the sun is much more powerful.

That’s why, We recommend that you use high protection sunscreen.apply it several times a day, cover your skin with caps, hats, long-sleeved shirts, use sunglasses. Also Avoid exposure during hours of greatest radiation. It’s one of the Tips for traveling to Ecuador more important!

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14. Do not drink water directly from the tap

Most of the Large cities in Ecuador have a decent drinking water systemtap water can be safely used for cooking and washing. But even so, It is not advisable to drink tap water directly.even the locals don’t do it. It has to be bottled or boiled to consume it..

In the case of In rural areas, water is not always drinkable.So don’t take any chances! Always carry a container with you to fill it with purified water.. With this we finish our list of Tips for traveling to Ecuadorthey will surely be super useful.


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