Las best beaches in france They are ideal for a perfect getaway in the middle of the sun, the sea and the sand. This is the most visited country in the worldnot only for the historical and tourist sites in Paris, Bordeaux, Carcassonne o Lyon, but also for the natural jewels that it has such as its beaches. Many of them look like incredible movie sets. We tell you what are the 14 best beaches in france. Take note!

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1. Palombaggia (Corsica), one of the best beaches in France

The island of Corsica guards paradisiacal beachesone of them is Palombaggia, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea between France e Italia. You will be able to enjoy super clear waters, sparkling with an intense electric blue, sugar white sand and a magnificent natural landscape.

This place stays that beautiful since there is a strong animal protection and strict building rules. There is tourism, but nothing rampant. And as a result you will have an almost virgin beach, where there are still coastal forests with paths to walk. Palombaggia is one of the best beaches in france!

best beaches in france
Palombaggia, one of the best beaches in France

2. Calanque D’en Vau (National Park of the Calanques)

Amid impressive limestone cliffs hides Calanque D’en Vau. It looks like a fjord! It is part of a national park and to get here you will have to walk for an hour the path called Sentier du Petit Prince, although you can also get there by boat.

We recommend you go very early since the beach itself is not very big. And you don’t want to run out of space to stretch out on the sand and take in the spectacular scenery. Cala D’en Vau is one of the best beaches in france totally worth visiting.

best beaches in france
¿Playa or fjord?

3. Plage Notre-Dame (Ile de Porquerolles), one of the best beaches in France

Did you know that the island of Porquerolles is car-free? It is a natural treasure protected by the government. It’s found a short distance from the coast of Hyères, so the boat ride will be super short. In addition, it is full of pine forests, eucalyptus trees, vineyards and divine beaches. Notre-Dame is the most beautiful beach on the island!

It is quite spacious and perfect for relaxing in the sun. It looks like a crescent of white sand that stands out from the turquoise of the sea.

best beaches in france
An authentic crystalline paradise!

4. Paloma (Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat)

dove is a beach located on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsulanear Nice, south of France. It is a favorite getaway spot for the European elite, divers and local families. There are activities for everyone! Dine in luxurious restaurants, enjoy a sandwich at food stalls, take a yacht ride, go rowing or take a ride over the sea on a jet-ski. You will not have a minute to get bored!

Did you know the curious name of this beach comes from the daughter of the famous artist Pablo Picasso? Her name was also Paloma. In fact, some artists have passed through this beach, such as Cocteau, Matisse y Chagall. The beach is a real inspiration! We recommend you climb the steep staircase that reaches the rocky coast. From there, the panoramic sea views are amazing.

5. Étretat (Normandy) one of the best beaches in France with impressive cliffs

Although in this place you will not find an area to lie on sand, you will be able to visit the section of the coast in Upper Normandy. On the pebble beach of Étratat are the famous limestone cliffs and arched rock formations.

At some points you will be able to observe amazing natural sculptures that were even inspiration for Claude Monet. She is one of the best beaches in france that will surely take more than one breath!

One of the best beaches in France for photography lovers

6. Petit Sperone Beach (Corcega)

Plage du Petit Sperone is considered by many to be the best beach on the island of Corsica. Despite being a small stretch of sand and sea, the beach is super beautiful. And in the summer heat you won’t want to do more than bathe for hours.

This beach is summed up in white sand, crystalline waters and a unique natural environmenteither. The combination of these three elements makes it one of the best beaches in france. In addition, the sea is shallow and there is not much wind unlike other beaches on the island. We recommend you bring everything you need as there are few facilities on the beach. You will spend a spectacular day!

7. Plage de Saleccia (Corsica)

The resplendent color of the sea on this beach will dazzle you at first sight. Diving, snorkeling and sailing lovers choose Plage de Saleccia as their favorite place. It is usually more crowded during high season, especially for the islanders. Besides, This is where the D-Day scene from the movie “The Longest Day” was recorded. released in the sixties.

On this beach there is nothing but bushes and sand. So we recommend you pack food, drinks and everything you need for a day at the beach. Since you will not find much else nearby.

best beaches in france
Saleccia, one of the best beaches in France

8. Mala Beach (Cap D’Ail)

Do you want to know one of the best beaches in France and the Côte d’Azur? Plage de la Mala is magical and beautiful, despite being small compared to the other beaches in the region. The environment that surrounds the beach is the most spectacular It looks like a movie set. It’s completely surreal!

The waters are crystal clear in their entirety and the colors of the sea degrade as it moves towards the Mediterranean. The final touch of the Plage de la Mala is given by the coves that surround the place. The views towards the sea are magnificent!

There are a couple of restaurants on the beach where you will find sin and fresh seafood. Or if you prefer you can assemble your own picnic-style food on the sand of the beach. Nothing like disconnecting in one of the best beaches in france!

best beaches in france
A very picturesque beach on the French Riviera

9. Plage de Deauville, one of the best beaches in France

The fame of Deauville beach is thanks to Coco Chanel, who opened his first clothing store here in 1913. Chanel’s style consisted of a mixture of casual and chic, which the beach acquired. And not only did she become famous with her brand, but also Deauville beach. The city’s waterfront is lined with boutique shopss, including those of Coco Chanel.

Since then the beach has been on the radar of French and foreigners to spend a few days on magnificent beaches. Besides, it is only two hours from Pariswhich give you extra points in your favor. Deauville has a good reputation for its beach, food, and casinos. There is much to discover!

10. Côte de Granit Rosé (Brittany)

if you are looking landscapes that seem from another planet, then you must go to the northwest of Brittany, especially to the Côte de Granit Rose or Pink Granite Coast in Spanish. Its name already gives you a clue, this place has spectacular pink granite rock formations. They are impressive! There is huge rose gold rocks to eroded pink sand. This combines perfectly with the sea and the colors stand out perfectly.

As a curiosity, there are only three pink granite coasts in the world: one in Brittany, one in Corsica and one in China, which makes it quite a popular holiday destination. Although we recommend you go there more to appreciate the landscape than to bathe, it is true that There are several bathing areas enabled as small beaches and coves.

But that is not all, there are also activities you can do like kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and hiking. In addition, you cannot miss having fun for a while in the sand building a couple of castles to remember your childhood. Côte de Granit Rosé not only has magnificent natural landscapes, but also has many things to enjoy from every corner of the beach.

an incredible landscape

11. Plage de Tamaricciu (Porto-Vecchio, Corsica) one of the best beaches in France

With a delicate turquoise color of the sea, this beach welcomes tourists who want to disconnect from the chaos of the city. Tamaricciu beach became famous for the pine trees in the middle of the sand, which almost touch the sea. They form an unmatched contrast!

The beach is shallow so its waters are very calm and ideal for bathing in the middle of summer. We recommend you wait until sunset on this beach. The landscape that forms is surreal! It is one of the best beaches in france with an unusual element such as pine.

best beaches in france
Who doesn’t feel like taking a good bath?

12. Coast of the Basques (Biarritz)

If you’re surf lover, this beach is for you. In fact, in 1956 French surfing originated here. The name of the first surfer to ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean off this beach was Peter Viertel. Since then, Biarritz became a reference point for surfing throughout Europe.

Beginner or expert, everyone can practice this incredible sport in Côte des Basques. Did you know that it was voted the most beautiful beach in France in 2017? So you can’t miss it.

13. Plage de Pampelonne (Saint Tropez), one of the best beaches in France

Pampelonne is the busiest and best known beach in Saint Tropez. It is located in a 5 kilometer long protected bay. So it’s super sprawling with plenty of room for everyone! The water is a brilliant turquoise color that stands out against the white sand. Also, the bohemian atmosphere envelops all who step on the beach. You won’t want to leave!

On the Pampelonne beach there are popular beach clubs and extravagant yachts They give a luxurious touch to the place. Famous people from the world of show business also come here, such as Leonardo DiCaprio y Naomi Campbell. Maybe you will meet one! She is one of the best beaches in France with a chic atmosphere.

14. Escalet Beach (Ramatuelle)

We finish our list of best beaches in france with Plage de L’Escalet. Is about a sandy cove hidden between Cap Camarat and Cap Taillat. The nature of the place will completely envelop you! You can explore life underwater, so bring your snorkel gear or you can also take a kayak for a ride on the water.

And if you like hiking you can travel the rocky coastal route of almost 10 kilometers. You will be surprised by the natural landscapes!

An authentic natural paradise


On the following map you will find marked the most beautiful beaches in France mentioned earlier in the article.


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