La Barceloneta is an emblematic neighborhood next to the beach in Barcelona. Con sailor’s pasthas become one of the most tourist areas of Barcelona. In fact, there are most of the apartments near the beach in Barcelona. This area suffered a great transformation in the years leading up to the 1992 Olympic Games due to its proximity to the Olympic village. They wanted to give the city a facelift to position Barcelona as a modern place. Since then, tourism in the city has only grown! The Barceloneta It is the neighborhood popular with all those looking to enjoy the sun and the sea, there are many Other things to do in Barceloneta beyond the beach. We tell you the best places to see in Barceloneta to get to know the neighborhood in depth at any time of the year. At the end of this article you will find a map with exact location of all places that we mentioned.


1. Beaches

We couldn’t start with anything else what to see in Barceloneta! The beaches are what make this Barcelona neighborhood famous. There are four beaches that occupy 2 kilometers of coast ideal for sunbathing, taking a bath or even playing sports in some of the volleyball nets there:

  • Sant Sebastià beach
  • Sant Miquel beach
  • Barceloneta beach
  • Somorrostro Beach

Note that The beaches of Barceloneta are not ideal if you are looking for tranquility. The proximity to the city center means that they are full of people whenever the weather is good. Furthermore, there is usually many street vendors offering all types of products and services. To avoid all this, you can go very early in the morning to get your beach fix before a day of sightseeing 😉

what to see in Barceloneta
Barceloneta beach, one of the main attractions of Barcelona

2. Boardwalk

Maybe you visit Barcelona in winter and it is cold to spend a day at the beach. But don’t leave without enjoying the promenade! Their Three kilometers are ideal for walking or cycling.. It is also a very popular place for runners. There are many restaurants with terraces overlooking the sea where you can eat a delicious paella while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood.

what to see in Barceloneta
The lively promenade of Barceloneta

3. Barceloneta Market to try local delicacies

Another emblematic place to see in Barceloneta is the neighborhood market. It is not as famous as the Boqueria market, which is located on Las Ramblas, but we assure you that it is worth visiting. Their stops sell all types of fresh foods: fruit, meat, fish, sausages…We suggest buy cheese, ham and anything else you fancy for a picnic in Ciutadella parkwhich is very close to Barceloneta 🙂 The quality of the products is spectacular, much better than what you will find in any supermarket.

Another recommendation: right on one side of the market there is a bakery called “Baluard Barceloneta” (They also have other locations throughout the city). All their breads and pastries are exquisite. Especially the bread with nuts, impressive!

4. Discover the streets of the neighborhood

The beach gets all the attention among those who visit the neighborhood. But don’t forget to walk through the streets of Barceloneta! You will be able to contemplate details of its past as a fishing neighborhood. In its narrow streets there are some traditional shops and bars that have survived the great transformation in recent years caused by tourism. There is also no shortage of buildings with beautiful facades, including the church of Sant Miquel del Port. It is a construction of the year 1753 with a very sober façade inspired by baroque architecture with a Roman classicist feel.

what to see in Barceloneta
It is well worth strolling through Barceloneta beyond the promenade

5. Barceloneta Park and Torre de les Aigües

As if that were not enough with the attractions what to see in Barceloneta, the neighborhood also has a green space! The Barceloneta park is not especially extensive; but it has grass areas, sports courts and paved paths for walking quietly. The curious thing about space is its past as a Catalana de Gas factory, one of the main industries of the 19th century. In fact, still part of a gas tank and the Torre de les Aigües, a modernist work from 1907, are preserved made with exposed brick and crowned by the characteristic ceramic mosaic (broken in Catalan) popularized by Gaudí.

6. Port Cable Car

Do you want to have a great panoramic view of the city? We encourage you to ride the port cable car, which It goes from Barceloneta to Montjuïc mountain. The journey lasts about 10 minutes, in which you will have time to contemplate the coast of Barcelona from a bird’s eye view. The one-way ticket costs €12.50, while if you want to go and return the fare is €20.

7. Clock tower

Very close to the cable car station there is a historical construction: one of the first lighthouses in the Mediterranean. Clock Tower It was erected in 1772 to guide fishermen and sailors to reach the port. In 1904, the port of Barcelona was modernized. Since a lighthouse was no longer necessary, it became a clock, a function it still maintains today.

what to see in Barceloneta
The historic clock tower with the funicular in the background

8. Port Vell, a very entertaining place to see in Barceloneta

Port Vell serves as a connection from the end of Barcelona’s busy Rambla to the Barceloneta neighborhood. Was the first port in use in the city, but today it fulfills many more functions. It is mainly a place with wide spaces to walk. Don’t miss the Rambla de Mara large bridge over the sea that leads to the Maremagnum shopping center.

what to see in Barceloneta
A rest area in Port Vell, which begins at the end of the Rambla

9. Museum of History of Catalonia in Palau de Mar

In the Port Vell area, the Palau de Mar (“sea palace”) building deserves special mention. Are the old warehouses that were next to the city’s industrial port, which were in use for much of the 20th century. They have a great resemblance to the area of ​​the docks of Liverpool. And the construction is inspired by the English port buildings of the time.

It is currently the headquarters of the Museum of History of Catalonia. Admission is €6 for the permanent exhibition or €8 if you also want to visit the temporary exhibition.

10. Olympic Port

At the northern end of Barceloneta you will find the Barcelona Olympic port, built for the 1992 Olympic Games . In addition to having a lot of recreational boats, it is one of the main nightlife areas in the city. At night, the terraces and clubs are full of people wanting to have a good time. Some of the most popular places are Shôko, Carpe Diem, Icebarcelona and the Barcelona Casino. Are you up for a night out? 🕺

Barcelona’s Olympic port comes alive at night

11. Hotels in Barceloneta with good views

Near the beaches of Barcelona there are some of the most luxurious hotels in the city. Starting with the very famous W hotel, known as “hotel vela” because of the shape of the building, reminiscent of a huge sailboat. It appears in the background of all the photos of the beaches of Barceloneta. But don’t settle for seeing it from the outside! If you want to treat yourself, stay in one of their rooms with impressive views of the coast. You can also upload to Have a drink at the Noxe bar, on the 26th floor of the hotel.

Check availability and reserve at Hotel W

Another hotel in Barceloneta that deserves a mention is the exclusive Hotel Arts. It was built as part of the urban project to prepare the city for the Olympic Games and From the top of its 44 floors it offers incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. Right at the foot of the Arts Hotel there is a large sculpture by Frank Gehry, known as the “golden fish”. It is a golden metallic structure that is sure to catch your attention.

Check availability and book the Hotel Arts

Frank Gehry’s fish at the foot of the Arts Hotel

12. Estación de Francia, a special building to see in Barceloneta

To finish our list of places to see in Barceloneta, we could not forget a majestic construction. The France station is one of the most beautiful train stations we have seen, reminiscent of the Orsay station in Paris. In fact, various movies and series have been filmed there! His large metal structure in modernist style was inaugurated in 1929 as part of the infrastructure for Barcelona to host the Universal Exhibition that same year.

Besides, from there you can take the R2 train in the direction of Castelldefels, Garraf, Vilanova or Sitges to enjoy some of the coolest beaches in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. They are much quieter than Barceloneta if you want to spend a relaxed day at the beach 😉

what to see in Barceloneta
The impressive lobby of Estación de Francia



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