Eating cheap in Granada is easy. The Nasrid city is one of the main tourist destinations in Spain and offers a great multitude of gastronomic offers at a more than affordable price. Are you planning a visit to Granada but don’t want to spend your entire budget on food? Don’t worry! In this article we will show you some of The best places to eat cheap in Granadamany of them include a free tapa with each drink!

So you can enjoy the delicious gastronomy of Granada without having to worry about your budget. Plus, after you’ve filled your stomach, you’ll be ready to discover the many things what to see in Granada.Let’s go for it!

At the end of the article you will find a Map with the location of all the restaurants that we recommend to eat well and cheaply in Granada. We hope it helps you plan your visit to the city 🙂

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If you are looking to enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the city without spending too much, do not miss our selection of restaurants and bars with free tapas. here you have one list of 12 places where you can eat cheap in Granada. From the famous Bar Los Diamantes to the cozy Bar Casa Julio, there are options for all tastes and budgets.

1. The Diamonds

Its tapas are known as the best in the cityThey are also well priced. Born in 1942, it has already opened several stores in Granada and surroundings. Bar Los Diamantes is a must for any food lover looking to eat cheap in Granada. With a long tradition and a wide selection of tapasThis bar is one of the most famous in the city. Besides, each drink is accompanied by a free tapa, so you can try a wide variety of flavors and textures without worrying about the price.

It has several locations, one in Plaza Nueva, and offers a variety of options, from fresh seafood to delicious tortillas. But, especially if you are looking for a place where they serve Andalusian style fried fish, quality and good price, this is your place. You will find squid, pink fish, dogfish and delicious fish.

2. The poplar

Without a doubt, The best restaurant to eat cheap in Granada. Located at the end of the more than famous Navas street, it offers a great variety of dishes and menus at a good price. The locals will tell you to avoid going to Calle Navas because they are restaurants to attract tourists and that the atmosphere is oppressive, but this restaurant stands out from the standards: quality and tranquility.

For you to have a reference, a starter to share, plus a main course and drink costs around €12 per person. The place is modern and the attention is very good. We repeat because the food and the service of the site are worth it.

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2. Long live Maria

This is another of the best options to eat well and cheaply in Granada. Despite the fact that the place is small, it has a lot of charm. It is a traditional Italian food restaurant. and its owner, María, apart from being a master in the kitchen, is very kind and will worry about your comfort at all times.

For €10 you can eat a homemade lasagna with drink and dessert. We advise you to go at noon because at night it is often closed.

eat cheap in Granada
Eating cheap in Granada is suck

4. The Riviera in Granada

If you are looking for a cheap and delicious place to enjoy tapas in Granada, La Riviera is an excellent option. This cozy medieval-style bar is located near the city center, close to the Cathedral and in one of the most beautiful areas of Granada. It is characteristic for its famous roasted potatoes, its delicious loin bagel and its octopus.

Added to this, the price is very reasonable and each drink is accompanied by a free tapa that you can choose from its varied menu. They are advisable spicy chorizos, meat in sauce and loin sandwiches with ham. The atmosphere is informal and warm, making it the perfect place to have a few beers and enjoy a relaxed meal with friends.

5. Casa Julio, excellent option to eat cheap in Granada

Casa Julio is a bar of a lifetime, tiny but charming. If you are looking for an authentic tapas experience in Granada, this is a place you cannot miss. Although everything is very tasty, we recommend you try their Fried eggplants with honey, battered dogfish, anchovies, prawns, and shrimp omelettes. The portions are generous and are made with fresh, quality ingredients. There are also vegetarian options.

Besides, each drink is accompanied by a free tapa, which makes it a great option for those looking for a tasty and inexpensive meal. Be sure to try their Homemade croquettes and their fish tapasthey are a hit with locals and tourists alike!

6. Allied Bar

Bar Aliatar is one of the most popular establishments to enjoy sandwiches in Granada. It arose when, in 1947, its founder decided to create a concept of fast food for Granada residents and foreigners.
It has two stores, one of them is located in the historic Albaicín neighborhoodand offers a wide selection of tasty sandwiches at a good price. In addition, its Serrano ham and its local wines are a delight for the palate. The bar atmosphere is welcoming and cheerful, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

7. Bar Aixa

Bar Aixa is a small and cozy bar of a lifetime. It is located in the heart of Granada, in a beautiful area of ​​the Albaicín neighborhood very close to the Plaza Nueva. It is known for its delicious tapas that accompany fresh beer, and an extensive menu of Andalusian food with excellent value for money. The portions are large, quality and varied. For this reason, this is one of the favorite places for locals and tourists who seek to enjoy the authentic gastronomy of Granada without spending too much.

In addition, its terrace is perfect for enjoying the good weather and the lively atmosphere of the city. Bar Aixa is definitely a great option if you are looking to savor some of the best food in Granada without breaking the bank. Here you will find the letter so you can take a look at it.

8. Taberna La Tana

This is a family tavern that captures the spirit of Andalusian food. If you are looking for a place to eat well and cheap in Granada Without sacrificing flavor and quality, you cannot miss visiting Taberna La Tana.

This little place in the heart of the Realejo neighborhoodwill surprise you with its abundant and delicious dishes, which represent the Andalusian culinary tradition and combine with its wide range of wines. Its specialty is tapas, ranging from the classic anchovies in vinegar to more creative dishes such as salmorejo with prawns. Also, the cozy atmosphere and friendly service make La Tana a gastronomic experience that you cannot miss during your visit to Granada.

9. Elvira Potatoes

It is a small place that combines Mediterranean food with Arabic touches. With affordable prices and an ideal location in the city center, Papas Elvira is the perfect option for eat cheap in Granada.

Everything they do is tasty: the fresh potatoes, the stuffed eggplants, the pita bread, the pumpkin pie and the desserts. Also, it is characterized by having many vegetarian and vegan options, such as lasagna with vegetables, cous cous with vegetables, hummus, vegan burger and more. Added to this, the staff is very friendly and attentive, always willing to help.

10. Pizzeria La Nona

even if it falls a bit far from the historic center of GranadaIt is always a good option for lovers of Italian food. The value for money of their dishes is great, so don’t have any doubts. You’ll find pasta dishes starting at and pizzas starting at €7. The portions are generous and tasty, so we’re sure you won’t leave hungry.

11. Thank you very much

If you are a lover of good italian pizzas and you fancy one, join this place. It is important to know that you cannot eat inside, so only offers takeaway pizzas (they don’t deliver at home either).

If you have rented an apartment or don’t feel like going to a conventional restaurant for dinner, From €8 you can find pizzas that will remind you of the ones you ate in Rome or in any other Italian city. Undoubtedly, one of the best options to eat cheap in Granada.

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12. Entrebrasas, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Granada

Another of the great ones located on Calle Navas. We were recommended by our hotel manager and he did not let us down. As his name says, it is a place recommended for meat lovers. The price is a little higher than most restaurants on this list, but if you’re a meat eater you won’t mind making the effort. One of the cons it has is that you will most likely have to eat standing up if you are not on the terrace. To situate yourself, you can eat for about €15 per head.

As you see, Eating cheap in Granada is not complicated at all. If you are looking for places to have tapas, don’t worry either. In Calle Navas there are many places (don’t despair if the employees jump at your jugular to get you into their restaurant, as it is common). If you make us choose one, without a doubt The Diamonds.

Now you know where to eat cheap in Granada

We hope you enjoy these recommendations for cheap bars and restaurants in Granada. Do not forget to accompany your meal with a typical drink from the region, such as an Alhambra beer or a local wine. Enjoy!


On this map you will find marked all the restaurants where to eat cheap in Granada.


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