How much do you know about one of the most famous places what to see in rome? With these curiosities of the Trevi Fountain You will really want to visit it. It is estimated that around 1,200 tourists come to the source every hour. And it is not for less, her beauty captivates everyone. Did you know that there is a ritual that will make you return to Roma? We tell you what it is and other of the curiosities of the Trevi Fountain that you should know


1. The Trevi Fountain is full of rituals

Al visit the Trevi Fountain You will notice that most of the tourists are not only taking photos next to this wonderful work. And there are several rituals that take place at the source. She is one of the curiosities of the Trevi Fountain more striking!

One of them is that you must toss a coin with your back to the fountain with your eyes closed. Movement is also important, it must be with the right hand and pass over it left shoulder. The legend says that this ensure your return to Rome.

Another legend indicates that you should throw three coins into the fountain. For each one you ask for the following three wishes: return to Rome, meet the love of your life and the third will fulfill the wish of getting married.

There is also a ritual for lovers. To the right of the Trevi Fountain you will find the “ace of cups”. It is a small fountain known as the fountain of lovers. The legend indicates that the couple should drink water from the same glass to remain faithful. Are you going to try any of them?

curiosities of the Trevi Fountain
The majestic Trevi Fountain at sunset

2. Don’t even think about taking a coin from the fountain, it’s a crime!

Imagine the amount of coins people throw into the Trevi Fountain. There are many, despite the fact that they are collected from time to time. Yes indeed, for nothing in the world you should take a coin from the fountain. It is illegal!

Years ago it was super common that gangs of robbers take out the coins of the Trevi Fountain at night. Even a hidden camera from a TV show caught three thieves in 2011. But one in particular became so well known that he was even nicknamed. Is about Roberto Cercellettaknown as d’Artagnan. He was caught in the summer of 2002, but he had stolen coins from the fountain for 34 years. Awesome!

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3. The coins have a charitable purpose, one of the most interesting curiosities of the Trevi Fountain

How many coins do you estimate are thrown into the fountain daily? If you already had a number in your head, it had better be close to 3.000€, for that is the amount that is collected daily when the fountain is open. It is one of the curiosities of the Trevi Fountain most unexpected!

The Trevi Fountain coins are collected every night and are given to an Italian charity called Caritas. The money is used in a supermarket program that gives reloadable cards to the needy in Rome so they can buy food.

The tradition of throwing coins It dates back to the ancient Romans who constantly threw coins into the water, although the legend was different. back then they asked the water gods to favor their journey or help them return home safely.

curiosities of the Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain at night

4. Where does the name Trevi come from?

Interestingly, the source carries the name Trevi for its position. Fontana di Trevi is located between the intersection of three major streets in the center of Rome. Precisely at the point where the aqueduct ends. The word “Trevi” or “tre vie” in Italian means three roads. That explains everything!

Although there is also a legend that says that the name Trevi It comes from Roman mythology. Trivia was the name given to the divinity Diana or Artemis, the deity of the hunt.

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5. The first source went unnoticed

During the Middle AgesSurely this source would not have caught your attention. And it is that then public water fountains were just that. Purely functional! Their sole purpose was to supply fresh drinking water of natural springs to the people of Rome. Then people collected the water in buckets to take home.

This is how the first Trevi Fountain worked for more than a century. In fact, it was the only pure water supply in Rome.

6. It is one of the oldest water fountains in Rome, one of the curiosities of the Fontana di Trevi that you surely did not know

The fountain you see today It is a restoration made between 1732 and 1762. That is, 30 years! And it is that they found wars, lack of budget, fights and deaths. Before, a smaller fountain existed dating from the 15th century, on which the current one is based. But as we already said, that was simple and was dedicated to fulfilling its function as a source.

But the first drawing of the design you see today dates from 1410. and is attributed to Leon Battista Alberti. Originally, it had only a rectangular basin and a marble wall. The water gushed out from three different points in the form of a mask.

He Pope Clemens XII held a contest to designate the new person in charge of redesigning the fountain in 1730. Among all the important architects Nicola Salvi won the rights to design the font. But some say that Alexander Galilei originally won the competition for the project. However, there was a public outcry because Galilei was from Florencewhile Salvi was of Roman origin.

Finally, the architect Nicola Salvi was in charge of getting down to work with this jewel.

curiosities of the Trevi Fountain
An authentic work of art!

7. But Salvi never saw his finished masterpiece

Although the first jet of water came out of the fountain in 1743it was not until 1762 that another Pope Clemens XIII officially inaugurated the remodeled Trevi Fountain. This happened 11 years after Salvi’s death. So while the final product is largely his own, he never got to see his source finished.

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8. The Trevi Fountain is made of the same material as the Colosseum

Just like the matchless Roman ColiseumAlso the Trevi Fountain it is built mainly with travertine stone. It is a mineral made of calcium carbonate that forms from spring waters, especially hot springs. It is estimated that it was extracted from a natural source in the city of Tivoliabout 35 kilometers from Rome.

It is said that, during the construction of the Trevi Fountain, many men were injured. Even some died when working with huge stone, including a stonemason who was crushed by a large block of travertine in 1734.

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9. A lot of water is needed for the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is 30 meters high and 20 meters wideThis implies that large amounts of water are needed. In total, the source consumes around 80,000 cubic meters of water every day. Pumping the multiple sources and the large pool is a challenge.

Fortunately, the water is recycled so you won’t have to worry about the planet. That means that you will not be able to drink water from this fountain for nothing in the world.

10. A recent restoration cost 2 million euros, one of the most surprising curiosities of the Trevi Fountain

Can you imagine traveling to Rome and seeing the wonderful Trevi Fountain empty and closed? This happened to tourists who traveled between June 2014 and November 2015. They found one of the most beautiful places in the Italian capital. drained and sealed with fences. During this period, a great restoration at the source that required 2 million euros. Awesome!

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11. The Trevi Fountain was featured in the famous movie La Dolce Vita

if you ever saw this classic 1960 movie, La Dolce Vita, from the director Federico Fellini, then you must have noticed that the great Fontana di Trevi appears. In the scene the characters Marcello and Sylvia are seen get into the fountain and walk through the great poolto. But we must remind you that today It is forbidden to swim in the Fontana di Trevi! In fact, you can’t put a single foot in the fountain.

12. Getting into the water will be expensive!

Remember not to bathe in the fountain! If you decide to do so, the police will fine you €500. Almost nothing! We have never tried it, but we have read on the internet that several people have been fined for being curious. So you better stay out of it!


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