There are many tours and excursions from Miami that will allow you to complement your visit to the city. You won’t be short of things to do in Miami: its downtown full of commercial life, Miami Beach and its atmosphere at all hours, Little Havana and its Cuban culture… You won’t be bored! But Have you considered taking several excursions from Miami? You won’t regret it, its surroundings are as interesting as the city itself. In this post we share the 12 Best Tours and Excursions from Miami so you don’t miss anything from one of the most interesting cities what to see in the United States.


1. Tour of Miami and its contrasts, essential to discover the city in depth

⏱️ Duration: 4 hours

Miami is a city with many faces: the luxury of seaside mansions, Art Deco buildings, neighborhoods full of Latin character, a financial district full of skyscrapers and much more. Taking a guided tour of all these places is a great way to get to know the city. The tour begins in the famous Miami Beachpassing through the houses of various famous people, the Art Deco district, the downtown or financial district, Coral Gables, Little Havana and ends in the colorful Wynwood murals.

Book the contrasts tour in Miami

The excursion lasts a total of 4 hours in which You will learn a lot of interesting facts about the past and present of Miami. The tour of contrasts is, undoubtedly, one of the best excursions from Miami. We find it super interesting to have a first contact with the city and that is why We recommend doing it your first day in Miami.

excursions in Miami
Miami Beach is as spectacular as in the movies!

2. Boat trip through the houses of famous people

⏱️ Duration: 70 minutes

This is one of the most popular tours in Miami. Did you know that the city has the nickname “the capital of the sun”? And it has, nothing more and nothing less, 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It is one of the sunniest cities in the country and this attracts many celebrities to build houses to take advantage of the good climate.. They are usually spectacular mansions by the water that will leave you speechless.

With the tour of famous houses you will ride on a boat to See up close where international stars like Julio Iglesias, Shaquille O’Neal and Al Capone live. you will also see locations of series or movies very popular and, of course, you will enjoy great views from the water. This is one of the best excursions from Miami for the most curious. Plus, since it only lasts an hour, you can do it even if you don’t have much time in the city.

Book the tour of famous houses

best excursions from Miami
Seeing mansions this close is a very cool experience in Miami

3. Yacht rental with skipper in Miami, a great experience for groups

⏱️ Duration: 2 to 7 hours

Do you want to enjoy Miami in a very special way? Rent a private yacht to spend an unforgettable day at sea. You can choose the areas to navigate and even make stops. The ship has capacity for up to 12 people, ideal for groups of friends or families visiting Miami! The skipper of the boat will take you wherever you want during a day of true luxury. We recommend watching the sunset from the water, beautiful!

Reserve your yacht with skipper in Miami

best excursions from Miami
Imagine sailing on a yacht in Miami

4. Everglades, one of the best excursions from Miami

⏱️ Duration: 4 hours

This is probably the most popular. The Everglades National Park is one of the most spectacular to see in Florida and throughout the country. And also one of the most feared, because there are a lot of crocodiles! If you want to see these imposing reptiles up close, you can’t miss this place.

The simplest thing is book a tour to the Everglades which includes transportation from your Miami hotel, a hovercraft ride, and a crocodile show. Is a half-day excursion, but you can complete it by adding a guided tour of the main attractions of Miami. It represents savings compared to the two activities separately and we find it a great way to spend a very full day. Ideal if you have little time in Miami but you really want to see different places!

However, if you have already rented a car and prefer to go to the Everglades on your own, you can book the hovercraft ride without transportation. It only takes a while one hour to arrive by road.

excursions in Miami
A feared crocodile in the Everglades

5. Key West, one of the best Miami excursions for beach lovers

⏱️ Duration: 2pm

The keys are one of the main attractions of Miami and its surroundings. Key West is the southernmost of all, a few kilometers from Cuba. And it’s probably the most attractive too. Do you know why it’s called Key West? Because there the colonizers found human bones. Although that anecdote sounds a bit macabre, it is a totally paradisiacal place.

Their turquoise water beaches They are perfect for snorkeling and their sunsets are spectacular. Key Hueso has historically been a weekend destination for Miami’s wealthiest residentsincluding famous people such as Ernest Hemingway.

The best option to get to Key West from Miami is rent a car. The trip lasts about 3 and a half hours. You will have to go through all the keys and that road that only circulates the sea is beautiful. However, if you don’t drive or just want to do this excursion outside of the city, you can book a full day tour. You can choose between hiring just the transfer or adding activities such as parasailing, snorkeling or a boat trip.

Book your Key West excursion from Miami

best excursions from Miami
The southernmost point of the United States is in Key West

6. Orlando and its theme parks, one of the best excursions from Miami

⏱️ Duration: 1 to 4 days. We recommend spending a minimum of 3 days in Orlando.

Our trip to the Orlando theme parks was one of the best we have taken to date. It was super fun! We spent a week there and enjoyed all its theme parks like children. If you have little time on your trip but you are dying to visit Walt Disney World, you can take a day trip. It will be a long day and you will end up tired, but even happier because the atmosphere is magical!

Book a Disney Day Trip

If you have more than 4 days in Miami, we recommend adding Orlando to your Florida itinerary. You can hire one excursion that includes transportation and accommodation for 2, 3 or 4 days. If you want to do it on your own, We tell you in detail all the transportation options to get from Miami to Orlando.

Guide to visiting Orlando and its theme parks:

excursions in Miami
Magic Kingdom, the park we liked the most

7. Gastronomic and cultural tour of Little Havana

⏱️ Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

A few hundred kilometers separate Cuba of Miami. But if you go to the Little Havana, one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, you will realize that there are no kilometers or borders. You will feel fully in the streets of Havana!

The main artery of the neighborhood is the famous Eighth Street. Yeah, the same one that Pitbull usually mentions 😉 There you will find most of the shops and restaurants run by Cuban immigrants. Although you can walk around Little Havana on your own, we We recommend taking a tour with a guide in Spanish to learn a lot of interesting facts about Cuban culture and gastronomy. Definitely, one of the best excursions in Miami with Latin flavor.

8. Miami Outlets, one of the best excursions from Miami for food lovers shopping

⏱️ Duration: all the hours you want to spend shopping!

Miami is a great destination if you like shopping. It has many renowned designer stores, although the truth is that they are not for all budgets. Fortunately, there are also many outlet centers with hundreds of stores offering well-known brands at highly discounted prices. The two most famous centers are Dolphin Mall y Sawgrass Millsbut there are many other outlets around Miami!

We recommend the 5 best outlets in Miami

You can reach the best outlets in Miami easily by car or Uber. If you prefer, you can also book round-trip transportation from your hotel with a Spanish-speaking driver. If you are going to visit Orlando, we also recommend taking a look at the best outlets to buy cheap in Orlando.

9. Kennedy Space Center, one of the most popular excursions from Miami

⏱️ Duration: 1 day

If you are a curious traveler, you will surely want to visit the Kennedy Space Center. It is one of NASA’s strategic bases. It is called that because the former president of the United States JFKennedy proposed it as launch center for manned missions. It is very entertaining and educational. You can learn a lot about life in space. Even try a launch simulator!

Our complete guide to visiting the Kennedy Space Center

It is located in Cape Canaveral, about 3 and a half hours north by car from Miami. Cae much closer to Orlando, so we recommend visiting it from there if it is part of your travel itinerary. If you can not book round-trip transportation from your hotel in Miami with a Spanish-speaking driver.

10. Excursion to the Bahamas Islands

⏱️ Duration: 1 day

Miami Beach is very beautiful, but the Bahamas islands are on another level. There are more than 700 islands, but the Bimini Archipelago is just 2 hours by boat from Miami. Take the opportunity to enjoy spectacular white sand beaches and crystal clear waters! It is one of the best excursions from Miami to live an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

Book your excursion to the Bahamas

A movie setting just two hours from Miami

11. Cayo Vizcaíno (Key Biscayne)

⏱️ Duration: 1 day

Unlike Key West, this key is close to Miami. There you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with very beautiful and quiet beaches, especially in the southern part.. The northern area is ideal for surfers because of its waves. Also has lots of green space with two huge parks where to enjoy nature.

You can get there by car in just 20 minutes from Miami. If you prefer to go by public transportation, bus 102 leaves from the city center and arrives in Key Biscayne in about half an hour. Don’t miss one of the best excursions from Miami!

The combination of the green of the trees with the turquoise of the water makes Key Biscayne a true paradise

12. Key Largo and its beautiful beaches

⏱️ Duration: 1 day

To finish with our list of excursions from Miami, we propose another key with incredible beaches. Key Largo is another paradisiacal destination where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Its beaches do not disappoint, they look like something out of a postcard! Plus, it takes just over an hour to get there from Miami. A perfect day trip if you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relaxing on the beach.

Book an excursion to Key Largo

An unbeatable sunset in Key Largo


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