travel to Quito can be totally free, here we show you what activities and tours you can do to achieve it.

¿Why travel to Quito? It is a perfect place in world tourism. Its historic center was declared Cultural heritage of Humanity, showing impressive architectural details. On the other hand, the altitude of the city gives it an interesting natural environment in the middle of the mountains and volcanoeswith several nature reserves and environmental conservation areas.

But to enjoy it, not everything is paid, for this reason we have compiled 10 things to do when traveling to Quito without paying. We also recommend you visit Quito in advance if your goal is to start the route to know the amazon.


The specialists affirm that the best preserved colonial center in the world is located in Quito. Its size allows you to explore its architectural and cultural history easily and without complications. there you will see churches, squares, buildings and shops that leave you a captivating image.


It was previously known as Main Square and in the center is an image of the goddess Libertas that commemorates the cry for independence of 1809. It is an important monument in the history of the nation that is also surrounded by the Catedral Metropolitana, the archiepiscopal palace and the seat of the presidency of the republic among other things. Being there is to remember a little what happened in the century XVIII. You cannot miss it when traveling to Quito!

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Both during the day and at night, it is a pleasure to walk along this narrow street that preserves its dimensions of the inca period. It is at one end of the old town and maintains its own personality. This place has been home to poets and bohemians during the last times in Ecuador.


This building was built at the end of the XIX century and it is among the temples of its largest style in South America. Due to its dimensions, it can be compared with the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York or even with the Notre Dame de Paris. From the streets that are nearby you can always get a good photograph of the Basilica. It is essential to know it when traveling to Quito.

basilica of the national vote


Tranquility and the union of modernity with nature are two things that characterize this park. Hummingbirds are frequently observed posing on the different plants that make up its green areas. It is a relevant site because it connects the different points of interest in the town, located between four streets.


It is inactive volcano It is located above the city of Quito and on a sunny day you have the best views. One of the free options to go up is walking. It is always recommended that the day be clear to take the adventure and then there is a path that leads to Pico Rucuwhich is a height of 4,696 meters. Excellent option to travel to Quito and more if you like heights.

Pichincha volcano


In this place is the official residence of the president and free tours from mars to sunday. The tour includes knowing 11 salas that comprise it, including various historical sites, the president’s, banquet and cabinet rooms, as well as the chapel and various permanent exhibits.


It is one of the favorite places for nature lovers and Is that open every day of the week. It has many paths full of trees and plants, with areas for family walks, exercise, outdoor dining and cycling. In total groups 670 hectares where you can see a wide variety of fauna and camping options. Something quiet when traveling to Quito.

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In this street there are several religious buildings, located in the Quito’s Historic center. At the entrance of each of the churches you can see some stone crosses that have been placed over the years. They include the San Lázaro Psychiatric Hospital, Arco de la Reina, Iglesia de la Compañía, Iglesia del Sagrario, Iglesia de la Catedral, Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción and Iglesia Santa Bárbara.


This place is characterized by having several entertainment centers around it. It is located in the La Mariscal sector and is constantly on the move. In addition to entertainment, there are commercial houses that are usually very frequented. They are also observed artisans who exhibit their products in wood and confectionery.

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Travel to Quito?

Do you want to know any of the places shown? What are you waiting for! Travel to Quito It is a highly recommended place, so you will not regret knowing it!


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