Don’t know what to do in Filandia? The colors of the houses fill the place and have a unique charm. Here you will know what a traditional coffee town. The landscape that surrounds the town is super beautiful. With green mountains and lush vegetation. It is located just 20 kilometers from Salento, another very famous town in the area. Super close! So getting to know Filandia is one of the best things to do in the Coffee Region. In this post we tell you what to do in Filandia, a magical Colombian town.

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1. Visit the Iglesia María Inmaculada, the most beautiful temple to see in Filandia

Like all Latin American people, Filandia has a beautiful church in the center. The Mary Immaculate Church You will love it with its architecture and its color combination, white with a super striking blue. Obviously, the church could not be outdone by the colorful houses of the town.

We found it to be a beautiful church, one of the most beautiful we saw in Colombia. Not forgetting the amazing Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. Knowing her is one of the most important things what to do in filandiasince it is the most beautiful building in the city.

what to do in filandia
The beautiful Church of Filandia

2. Get lost in the streets of Filandia

Filandia is known for its colorful streets. Walking through them will not only allow you to admire the beauty of the town. It will also give you a perspective of the daily life of a small town with the local people, their sales, businesses, hospitality and friendliness. All the streets compete with each other to be the most beautiful. You can’t miss the famous Street of Stopped Time. You can already imagine what you will find here, her name speaks for itself. It is one of the most beautiful streets in Filandia!

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Walking through its streets is an essential thing to do in Filandia

3. Fall in love with the colorful facades of Filandia

Find your favorite facade! It’s one of the best things what to do in filandia The houses are very well preserved and the colors are very striking. They give a unique charm to the town! Even the rooftops are colorful. You’ll find bright blues, greens, and oranges. Did you know that the beams are 200 years old?

And what is most impressive is that they still support the roofs of restaurants and hostels without a problem. So the challenge is to see the facades and choose just one as your favorite.

what to do in filandia
The facades on Calle Real

4. Watch the sunset at the Mirador del Tiempo Detenido, one of the best things to do in Filandia

This is one of the most attractive sites what to see in filandia. You will find an amazing landscape that surrounds this charming town. Super green mountains full of vegetation. If you look closely, some are coffee plantations. So you’ll see the typical landscape of the coffee axis.

We recommend you enjoy the sunset from the Mirador del Tiempo Detenido. The scenery will take your breath away! Also, there are cafes nearby where you can wait for the moment. You can find this viewpoint almost 10 minutes from the town center. Here the atmosphere is very calm, you breathe serenity. Visiting this viewpoint is one of the best things what to do in filandia.

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what to do in filandia
the view is amazing

5. Take lots of photos at the Encanto Viewpoint

The landscape that surrounds Filandia is so beautiful that a single viewpoint is not enough. This is very special as it is like a small amusement park to take many souvenir photos. the place is inspired by the Disney movie Enchantment. Which in turn was inspired by the traditional coffee towns of Colombia for the locations of the feature film. It’s a very fun place what to see in filandia!

You should consider that to enter the site you must pay a fee of 6,000 COP (€1) per person. The place is very famous and you will probably have to wait a bit in line to take pictures. We recommend you go in the afternoon, when the sun is not so strong and there are fewer people.

what to do in filandia
You will have a great time!

6. Visit a coffee farm, a mandatory activity to do in Filandia

Filandia is within the coffee axis so you cannot miss a visit to a farm to know the coffee process from scratch. Did you know that Colombia is known for its very good quality coffee? And it is that, unlike other countries, the collection process is done manually. Grain by grain!

In a coffee farm you can take tours around the place and they will explain in detail each step that is carried out. You’ll even taste some of the delicious coffee. It is one of the most entertaining activities what to do in filandia!

what to do in filandia
Collecting the coffee fruits

7. Have a good cup of local coffee at Café Quindío

If you did not drink coffee on your way through the coffee axis, it will be as if you had never been there. So you can’t miss enjoy a good cup of local coffee. There is a rather famous place called Cafe Quindio. The atmosphere is quite cozy and with a spectacular aroma of freshly ground coffee. You can buy bags of coffee beans to take a few home with you. They are the best souvenir from Colombia!

what to do in filandia
Having a coffee in this place is something highly recommended to do in Filandia

8. Go up to the Illuminated Hill Viewpoint

This is one of the most famous viewpoints in Filandia. It is a structure with 9 levels that in total measure 27.5 meters high. In this little town there are no buildings, nor anything that high, except for the Colina Iluminada Viewpoint. So this makes it the tallest building in Filandia. The landscape is impressive! If the day is sunny you will be able to see almost all the municipalities of the Quindío and Pereira region.

The design of this viewpoint is quite particular. It has a cone-shaped architecture and resembles a beehive. As soon as you see it, it will remind you of the Vesselin the city of NY. To get there you will have to walk around 15 minutes from the town of Filandia. You can also have a drink to enjoy the place in the cafes and shops that are there. You will have to pay 8,000 COP (€2) per person to enter.

Salento is one of the most beautiful jewels what to see in colombia. It is very similar to Filandia because of its colored houses. There are also viewpoints and very famous coffee farms. However, Salento it’s a much smaller town. So you will feel closely how is the daily life of people in a small town. You can stay here for a couple of days to see all the wonders that Salento keeps.

9. Visit Salento, one of the best things to do in Filandia

Salento is also an excellent starting point if you want to visit the Cocora Valley. Here are the famous wax palms They can measure up to 80 meters in height. Of course, we recommend you go very early to take advantage of the day. Get ready for a day of hiking in the middle of nature!

It’s a 35 minute drive away and it’s beautiful. So you should add it to your bucket list! what to do in filandia! We must warn you that there are many more tourists in Salento than in Filandia. Although that will not ruin your stay at all. You can go in the jeeps that leave from the main square of Filandia. They will leave you in the heart of the town.

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Salento, the most touristic town in the Coffee Region

10. Dine at Helena Adentro

We finish our list of best things to do in filandia with a luxury recommendation to eat. Did you know that in Filandia you can find The best restaurant in the Coffee Region? Many also include Helene Adentro in the list of best restaurants in the country. The restaurant has earned this title as they serve an innovative fusion of typical food of Colombia.

Also, the place is beautiful and elegant, it looks like a work of art. The dishes are creative and have given the place a lot of fame. Eating here is quite a visual and palate spectacle! You cannot miss the delicious food at Helena Adentro.


In the following map you will find the location with the best things to see in Filandia mentioned in the article.


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