Long flights can be very heavy, even if you are heading to the city of your dreams. But it can also be a perfect time to have fun, relax or be super productive. Of course, you must be patient and avoid looking at how much is left to reach the destination. Otherwise you will feel that a minute is an eternity. And to help you with that we tell you 10 things to do on a plane so you don’t get bored. Take note!

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1. Write a journal about your trip, a creative idea to do on a plane so you don’t get bored

You are on the plane about to start a new adventure and a deep, new and intimate way to record everything is to write a journal. It’s one of the best things what to do on a plane so as not to get bored. Not only will you have photos that crystallize your favorite moments, you will also be able to write down every detail of the trip, what you feel and think about each place. And the best thing is that, writing, time will fly by!

And the plane is the perfect time to start writing it. You can start with the preparations for the trip, day zero at the airport, your expectations from the plane and all the emotions that this vacation generates in you. At night or on long journeys you can continue writing about your experiences of each day.

The best part is that when you want to remember your adventure, you can not only review the photos you took. you can also review your experiences and emotions that the trip left you. It will be a unique treasure!

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what to do on a plane
Don’t forget to look out the window either!

2. Read books during the flight

If you are a book lover, then you will want to spend the entire flight reading. We recommend you bring your favorite book because you will surely get hooked on it And the hours will fly by. Whether it’s physical, digital or audio booksthis is something excellent What to do on a plane so as not to get bored.

For those who are not such a book eater, it is better to choose one with which they can entertain themselves. Romance, comedy, fiction, drama, adventure, whatever you prefer. Reading a book on a plane will keep your head entertained and don’t despair because of the time left to reach your destination.

Something that also helps a lot is plan a routine for your flight. In this way, you never focus on what is left for the destination, but on the time left for the next task. For example, if a flight lasts 5:30 hours, something very useful is to spend the first hour (until food is served) to read. Allow about 30 minutes to eat. Then spend two hours watching a movie. Then spend another hour planning your vacation days and the last hour goes by very quickly.

The key is not to think about the total flight timebut in what is left for the next thing.

3. Listen to a podcast, a good idea to do on a plane so you don’t get bored

another excellent idea what to do on a plane so as not to get bored is to download a podcast on your mobile. So you can listen to it in full or in parts during the flight. Of course, you can not forget to bring your headphones.

Lately, the podcast has been a tool exploited by many. You can find a huge variety of themes. sure. find a podcast according to your tastes. Time will pass faster and between each chapter you will miss the time that is left to reach your destination. We recommend that you listen to one about your next destination. You will arrive as a local!

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4. Meditate a little, stretch and walk down the hall

sure you want disconnect from everything on your trip and a great idea What to do on a plane to avoid getting bored is meditate. It will also be the best way to start your vacation because you will relax and forget about all your worries. Give your head time to go blank for a few minutes and just breathe.

There are even videos or audios in apps that guide you to do it. You can find them in Spotify o YouTube. They exist of all kinds, you just have to download it before getting on the planein case the airline does not have WiFi.

Such a long trip can be stressful and meditating will help you tremendously. Besides, We recommend you get up from your seat, stretch every hour and walk a little down the aisle.. This will help your blood circulate and not stagnate. It is not good for your body to sit for so long!

what to do on a plane
Take advantage of the corridors to walk

5. Learning a new language, a productive option to do on a plane so as not to get bored

With so much time on a plane, too you can be productive. Why not learn a new language? There are some apps that allow you to do it. And while you won’t end up super advanced in a matter of hours, you will be able to know basic words or phrases and use them at your destination. The locals will really appreciate it!

This is a great option especially if you are going to a place where your language is not spoken. You will start with the lowest level and you can progress according to your progress. Yes indeed, do not forget to download the application of your choice before getting on the plane and run out of internet. There are some that are free. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting things what to do on a plane so as not to get bored!

6. Investigate about your destination

You are heading towards your destination, but how much do you know about him? Investigating your next stop is the best thing you can do. It is a norm before our trips! Not only to avoid getting bored on the plane, but also to Soak up the history, the important places, where to eat, the places you should go and the places you shouldn’t.

For this we recommend keep your browser windows open before boarding the planein case you don’t have WiFi. So you can know all the details about your destination. Besides, this will be a help to review your travel itinerary. And by the way, you get inspired before your arrival and avoid wasting time looking for information once at your destination!

7. Plan your travel itinerary, the best alternatives to do on a plane so as not to get bored

Surely you already have almost everything ready for your vacation. But with so much time on a plane, it’s a good alternative to review the itinerary with more patience. And if you are one of those who leaves everything to the last moment, on the plane you will have enough time to plan your trip. You can even take advantage of the fact that some airlines have a guide to destiny. This will be very helpful!

Go day by day. Try to gather the attractions that are closest to each other to build your itinerary for days. You can even select the restaurants where you are going to eat.

You can review our articles to plan your trip perfectly. Before boarding the plane, open the tabs of what you want to review in your browser. You will be able to know what you should visit, the best areas to stay, guides to visit the most touristic places, where to eat cheap, the best excursions, how to get around, advice and all about your destiny.

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8. A facial spa to relax, why not?

Did you know that on long-haul flights your skin becomes extremely dehydrated? So this is the best excuse to bring your favorite facial mask, the small products of skincare and take advantage of the time in the air. The best part is that this will make your skin looks perfect when landing, just like during your vacation and don’t be mistreated by the flight.

With so much time on the plane, you have the perfect excuse to spend time on your face and give it some pampering. There are masks that do not require rinsing so you can take a nap and relax completely afterwards.

what to do on a plane
With these views it is very easy to relax

9. Download series on your tablet or mobile, something typical to do on a plane so as not to get bored

The platforms of streaming as Netflix have the option to download movies or the chapters of your favorite series. And in the duration of your flight you could finish a complete series. Don’t forget to download them, otherwise you won’t be able to do it during the flight. Unless the plane has WiFi.

They take up some space on your mobile, but then you can delete them when you finish the chapter or the movie. It is also a great idea for those who travel with children, since they have their favorite movie or series and you do not always find it among the options offered by the airline.

And if you’re worried about space, Something interesting to do on a plane so as not to get bored is cleaning. It is also very useful!

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10. Browse all the movies available on the plane or check the flight map

We finish our post of things what to do on a plane so as not to get bored with the most common Usually, airlines have a screen with movies included. Some are classic, some are almost new, and some are very famous. Definitely, something to do on the plane to avoid getting bored is to watch as many movies as you can.

And to occupy more time, We suggest you watch super long movies that last more than two hours. Some alternatives are: The Lord of the ringsto the saga of Harry Potter, The Hobbitthe Bourne movies, The Hunger Games and others more. ohEntertaining your head with a couple of movies will distract you from long flights!

And if you’re tired of watching movies, you can always be curious and entertain yourself with the flight map. We spend hours reviewing the map!

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