Are you looking for restaurants? where to eat in san andres? You will be happy to know that you will be able to enjoy delicious and filling dishes at totally reasonable prices. Although we must recognize that prices in other parts of Colombia such as Cartagena, Bogota, Medellín, Santa Marta and the Eje Cafetero were much lower. In any case, they are still very pocket-friendly places. we tell you the 10 restaurants to eat in San Andrés. Good and cheap!

💰 Cheap restaurants: with dishes that cost up to 30,000COP (€6). It is very difficult to find these restaurants, especially in the most touristic areas such as the center of San Andrés.
💰💰 Mid-range restaurants: with dishes ranging from 30,000COP (€6) to 50,000COP (€10). These are the ones we frequent the most, since we find them very cheap compared to Europa o USA, but we understand that not so much for locals or countries that go with more devalued currencies. And they come in luxury!

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1. Trattoria Mr. Panino, an excellent Italian restaurant to eat in San Andrés

Restaurant type: 💰💰 Midrange

Our favourite! We were very surprised to find such a good italian restaurant on a small island like San Andres. Here you can enjoy exquisite pasta, risotto, bruschetta, meat, seafood or sandwiches. We ordered pesto pasta for 48,000 COP (€10) and carbonara pasta for 40,000 COP (€8). And we can’t forget the good garlic bread they have for just 5,000 COP (1€). Finding a good pasta, traditionally made in the Italian style for those prices seemed super cheap.

Of course we visit typical restaurants with sea food. But we were so fascinated with the food at Trattoria Mr. Panino that we cannot leave it out of the 10 restaurants where to eat in san andres. Just remembering those dishes makes our mouths water!

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where to eat in san andres
A delicious penne carbonara dish!

2. La Marina, one of the best places to eat in San Andrés

Restaurant type: 💰💰 Midrange

if you want to try typical dishes in San Andrés, The Navy it is an excellent option. Is a restaurant specializing in sea foodAlthough they also have dishes with meat or chicken. The menu is super varied, from ceviches, lobster, pasta with seafood, casseroles, salmon, seafood rice and much more. You can eat hearty dishes from 30,000 COP (€6), so you will be very satisfied at a reasonable price. We tried the fish ceviche and the fish fillet in seafood sauce. Both were luxurious!

This restaurant also stands out for the wonderful views it has from the second floor. You will sit at the front bar of the place and you will be able to see the sea with its beautiful turquoise color right in front of you. Nothing like having lunch with a great landscape and delicious food!

where to eat in san andres
La Marina, one of the best restaurants to eat in San Andrés

3. The Islander, exquisite tropical dishes

Restaurant type: 💰💰 Midrange

The dishes in this restaurant are super interesting, a combination of tropical flavors. You will find everything from seafood to meat and poultry. The menu offers so many delicious dishes that you won’t know where to start. It has hot and cold appetizers, especially seafood. It’s hard to decide! But We recommend you try the specialties of the house of the sea.

The cheapest main dish costs 33,000 COP (€7) and it is the Chef’s Hamburger, so you can already imagine the wonders that you can eat for a very affordable price. We recommend you ask tropical salmon or pork ribs. Both dishes are a spectacle for the palate!

You can also enjoy a cocktail while you feel the breeze from the sea that is across the street. The cocktail menu is quite extensive, so you will have several options to choose from. It will be very good for you to cool off in The Islander!

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A very good restaurant to eat in San Andrés

4. Sea Watch Caffé

Restaurant type: 💰 Cheap

if you are looking where to eat in san andres, Sea Watch Caffé it is an excellent option. The menu is super varied. You can find crepes, sandwiches, salads, ceviches, lasagnas, pizzas, pastas, and more. The ingredients are fresh and the combinations of each dish are exquisite. Even It is a good place to have breakfast in San Andrés since they offer omelettes, waffles, pancakes and breakfast combos.

Regarding prices you can find some good dishes for lunch that range around 30,000 COP (€6). Or if you want something lighter you can order a sandwich from 22,000 COP (€4). If your budget is somewhat tight, Sea Watch Caffe will be a good restaurant Where to eat in San Andres.

where to eat in san andres
A delicious crèpe at Sea Watch Caffé

5. Hasbi, an Arab restaurant where you can eat cheap in San Andrés

Restaurant type: 💰 Cheap

Hasbi is a good restaurant to eat in San Andrés, it is also super cheap. It is an Arab place, so you will be able to find shawarmas, falafel, fatayer, kibbeh and the typical hummus. But that is not all! In the restaurant they also serve pizzas in case you don’t dare to try Arabic food. The prices of the dishes range between 25,000 COP (€5). So you can eat very tasty at a super low cost!

There are also platters to share if you want to try a bit of everything from Hasbi’s menu. It is an excellent alternative if you go in a group of 4 people or more.

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6. EatAlley

Restaurant type: 💰 Cheap

If you are looking for a pasta and pizza place, Eat Alley is a great alternative. especially because the prices are quite cheap. The cost of the pizzas varies between 26,000 COP and 39,000 COP (€5 and €8). They also offer salads with super varied and delicious combinations. Another very good option to order in EatAlley are the dishes to share. Two people can eat a single dish between 20,000 COP and 36,000 COP, that is, €4 and €7. Also, if you go with children you will find perfect portions for them and at lower prices.

We recommend you try the Diavola pizza, only if you like to feel a little spicy in your meals. If you want something lighter, you cannot miss the Quinoa Negra salad. It is a dish with fresh ingredients and thanks to the quinoa you will not leave hungry. Something that we must emphasize was the excellent attention in the place.

where to eat in san andres
One of the best pizzas in San Andres

7. Qbano Sandwich

Restaurant type: 💰 Cheap

Have you tried the seasoning? typical Cuban food? In this restaurant you can do it, although in a renewed way. Here you will find great Cuban style sandwiches. For example, the filling of your sandwich can be Ropa Vieja, a typical dish from that country. Prices range from 27,000 COP (€6). Best of all, the combo is complete, it includes fries and a drink. You will have a tasty meal for a low cost in Qbano sandwich.

8. Beer Station

Restaurant type: 💰💰 Midrange

You fancy american style food? In Beer Station you can find hamburgers, wings, ribs, chicken fingers, hot dogs and more. There are little tables to share where you will try a little of everything on the menu. These are the most expensive on the menu, although since it is the Colombian peso, if we compare it with the euro it is still quite cheap. Also, you can eat them between 2 and 3 people. Picaditas are between 41,900 COP (€9) and 52,900 COP (€11), while the price of personal dishes ranges from 25,000 COP (€5).

9. Interstate 80s Food & Drinks, a themed and fun place to eat in San Andrés

Restaurant type: 💰 Cheap

This restaurant not only stands out for its good and cheap food, but also for its decoration and atmosphere. Even the music that plays goes with the theme of the restaurant. It’s fantastic! You will feel like you are going back in time to the 80s. But the incredible decoration is not the only thing that stands out in this restaurant. The specialty here is hamburgers.. So we recommend you try Toci Jack Daniels. It’s exquisite!

They also offer wings, bbq ribs, sandwiches, and pizza. Prices range between 28,000 COP (€6) except for the ribs that cost 51,000 COP (€10). Definitely here you can delight yourself with very good food and super reasonable prices.

A very interesting place to eat in San Andrés

10. The Corral

Restaurant type: 💰 Cheap

El Corral and its food never fails! The burgers are scrumptious. You can find combos from 20,000 COP (€4) onwardsalthough they are the simplest. If you want to explore the variety of combinations in the hamburgers that it has the barnyard You will already have to pay 30,000 COP (€6) or more. Don’t know where to eat in San Andrés? This restaurant is an option with the three b’s: good, nice and cheap.


In the following map you will find the location of the best restaurants to eat in San Andrés good and cheap.


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