Eating cheap in Cairo is not complicated. In the capital of Egypt you will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets! We love Middle Eastern cuisine, so we really enjoyed eating in its restaurants. In the following article we tell you 10 restaurants where you can eat well and cheaply in Cairo located in tourist areas. Some are cheaper than others, but the important thing is that you will not be far from the main attractions of Cairo.

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1. Koshary Abou Tarek, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Cairo

This place, located in Downtown Cairo, is another tourist attraction, just like the Pyramids or the Egyptian Museum. It is a true institution in the city! And the most curious thing is that they only have one dish on their menu: koshary, recognized as the national dish of Egypt. Of course, it is a real time bomb. It has macaroni, rice, lentils, tomato sauce, chickpeas, fried onion and vermicelli. Almost nothing!

If you are looking for a good place to eat koshary In Cairo, this place is the most recommended. Therefore, you will see both locals and tourists eating there.

And the best thing is how they prepare it for you! The waiter serves it to you Salt Bae style so you can record it (and give him his tip). Another positive aspect is that it is super economical. What’s more, you don’t even have to worry about the price. A plate of koshary will cost you about 30EGP (€1) approximately. Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Cairo. By the way, if you like sweets, we recommend the Rice Pudding, delicious!

El delicoso koshary

2. Taboula, a highly recommended restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in Cairo

If you want to let yourself be carried away by the flavors of the lebanese food (one of our favorites) you must try this restaurant. It is located in Garden City, one of the most recommended areas to sleep in Cairo for its tranquility and proximity to Downtown Cairo.

From the outside, the place does not attract much attention. It is located in a kind of basement, but when you enter, the panorama changes completely. The restaurant is very cozy, quite formal, even for special occasions. And what can we say about their food!

They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Your letter is infinite! In our case, We ordered a halloumi cheese to share as a starter and then a Chicken Fettah and a Messhab Chicken as main dishes. And for all that, we ended up paying 332EGP (€10).

Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Cairo. Of course, if you intend to go to this restaurant on a Friday night or weekend, it is better to book in advance.

3. O’s Pasta

If you sleep in Zamalekone of the fashionable neighborhoods in Cairo, you should not lose sight of this Italian restaurant. It is one of the best places to eat well and cheaply in Cairo! Their specialty is pasta dishes; They have a lot of variety, even for vegetarians.

Regarding prices, you will find pasta dishes from 218EGP (€6). Very reasonable prices considering its quality! Obviously, depending on the ingredients you choose to complement your pasta, prices can rise considerably. If you’re not in the mood for pasta, they also serve delicious salads and soups at even cheaper prices.

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where to eat in Cairowhere to eat in Cairo
O’s Pasta, a good restaurant to eat in Cairo | O’s Pasta

4. Abou El Sid Restaurant, a good restaurant where you can try Egyptian food in Cairo

Also located in Zamalek, this restaurant is another of the classics where to eat in Cairo. Especially if you want to try Egyptian food! Aside from its delicious dishes, its decoration is surprising, since the restaurant is set in an Arab palace. This is a reproduction of a typical Cairo house from the 1930s.

Due to its fame, it is not as cheap a restaurant as the others. Although for the experience it is worth trying it! In this case, Main courses cost from 147EGP (€4), although the vast majority are above 220EGP (€6.50). It’s still cheap for those of us who go with the euro! And if you want to save, you can always choose and koshary which will not cost you more than 80EGP (€2).

However, His specialty is the Egyptian pigeon. We didn’t dare to try it, but maybe you feel like it! Definitely, one of the best restaurants to eat in Cairo.

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5. CaiRoma, a good option to eat Italian food in Cairo

If you like Italian food, near Tahrir Square you can enjoy this Italian restaurant. They have a very cozy patio where you can taste some typical Italian dishes.. They serve quite a variety of pasta dishes and pizzas at reasonable prices. So that you have a reference, The pizza cost us 250EGP (€7) and the plate of fetuccine with mushrooms210EGP (6€).

Overall, the experience at this restaurant was very positive, both for the food and the service. Even if you are not very hungry, you can share a pizza as they are huge. Without a doubt, a good restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in Cairo!

A delicious pizza in CaiRoma

6. Oldish Restaurant & Cafe

Near the Egyptian Museum and Tahrir Square, you will find this charming place. Although its forte is breakfast, you can also go for lunch and dinner. The restaurant has a beautiful interior patio, which gives you peace in the middle of the bustle of downtown Cairo.

The restaurant is very prepared for tourists and offers everything we may need. Especially a pleasant atmosphere, generous portions and affordable prices. Besides, Its menu perfectly combines traditional Egyptian dishes and international options. Most dishes cost less than 200EGP (€5.90), So it is A good place to eat well and cheaply in Cairo.

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7. Raise up

Also near the Egyptian Museum, This is another of the most emblematic restaurants to eat in Cairo. It is a historic establishment, which opened its doors in 1959 and since then they continue to captivate both tourists and locals with their traditional dishes.

As its name indicates, Their specialty is falafel (guarantee). So if you feel like trying this Egyptian delicacy, you know where to go. However, apart from falafel, they also serve other typical Egyptian dishes such as kebabEgyptian dove or fattahamong other things, including international options.

Regarding prices, It is not the cheapest place to eat in Cairo, although we cannot say that it is expensive considering its fame. For a meal for two, expect to pay between approximately €15 and €20.

8. 9 Pyramids Lounge, the best restaurant to eat in Cairo with views of the pyramids

When you are in Cairo, sooner or later you will end up spending a morning or a whole day at the Pyramids. So, that day we recommend having lunch at this restaurant, located within the Pyramids of Giza complex. The view is amazing!

Yes indeed, reserve in advance, since many groups and individual visitors go to eat there. We didn’t do it and had to wait two hours to have an outside table with views of the Pyramids.

They have quite a variety of food, although It is not a cheap restaurant to eat in Cairo. We ended up paying 1180EGP (€35) for two mains and two drinks. The food is good, although it is nothing out of this world. You undoubtedly end up paying for the views and it is totally worth it.

where to eat in Cairowhere to eat in Cairo
The best place to eat in Cairo with views of the Pyramids

9. Zööba Zamalek

This restaurant is another gem located in Zamalek. Its history is quite curious, since thanks to the mentality of its founder, This Egyptian street food restaurant has expanded to several countries around the worldincluding Saudi Arabia and the United States.

In Cairo there are several places, although the one in Zamalek is the most recommended. There you can eat classic Egyptian street food at really affordable prices and in a nice place.. So that you have a price reference, and koshary It will cost you a little more than 50EGP (€1.50) and a ride himanother traditional Egyptian dish, 80EGP (€2). Definitely, a good restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Cairo.

10. 139 Pavilion, a good restaurant to eat in Cairo for special occasions

And finally, to finish this article on the best restaurants to eat in Cairowe did not want to forget to mention the 139 Pavilion. Definitely, It is not a cheap restaurantalthough if you feel like celebrating a special lunch or a romantic dinner, it is the best place to do it.

It is a restaurant located in the Marriott Mena House with incredible views of the Pyramids of Giza. It’s a really special place! In addition, you will eat next to a beautiful pool and super well-maintained gardens. The menu is quite extensive and they serve international options, although as we have said, it is not cheap. Although we didn’t think it was expensive for what it is!

We end up paying 2300EGP (€70) for a lunch for two people with two main dishes, two drinks and a dessert. Yes, very important, reserve in advance and ask for the tables located next to the pool. During lunch it is not as busy as at dinner. Definitely, the most special place to eat in Cairo.

A very special place to eat in Cairo


On the following map you will find the location of the best restaurants to eat well and cheap in Cairomentioned above.


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