Eating cheap in Dublin is not easy. The Irish capital is not a very economical city if we compare it to our country. But where do you eat as well and as cheaply as in Spain? We are too well used to it! But don’t worry, investigating the streets of Dublin we found some places where you can eat in dublin without breaking your pocket too much. In this post we tell you the 8 best restaurants to eat cheap in Dublin. Take note!

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1. Sano Pizza, our favorite restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Dublin

If we only had to choose one restaurant to eat cheaply in Dublin, without a doubt we would choose this one.. We really enjoyed eating there! If you have already read several of our posts about food, you will see that we love Italian food, especially pizzas. And eating at this restaurant was like moving to Naples.

We don’t know if the ones in this restaurant are the best in the city. But without a doubt, if we take into account their quality-price ratio, they are unbeatable. For just over €10 you have a delicious artisanal pizza. The place is quite large and central. As soon as you enter you are captivated by the smell of the sausage.

It’s hard to eat cheap in Dublin, but in this restaurant it’s very simple. Do not miss it!

eat cheap in dublin
A spectacular pizza at Sano’s

2. Pho Kim

We return in love with Vietnam and their food. And in expensive European cities, it is appreciated to have good Asian food restaurants since they are usually much cheaper. Whether you have already tried the typical vietnamese food as if not yet, We believe that it is a great ally for eating cheaply in Dublin.

They have quite a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes. Their pho (noodle soup) is really good and filling. It’s easy to eat there for just over €10. Its flavors do not disappoint! It was like moving to Hanoi in the heart of Dublin.

3. Boojum

This is one of the most famous food chains in Ireland. They have restaurants in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. And they are always full! If you like Mexican food, you can’t miss it. They basically serve burritos, tacos, nachos and delicious salads.. If you have been in USAit would be the equivalent of Chipotle.

Their specialty is burritos. And you make them yourself! There are 4 phases where you add the ingredients. It is very easy to eat for just over €10 with a drink. Prices that are hard to beat if you want to eat cheap in Dublin.

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4. Bunsen, one of the classic places to eat cheap in Dublin

Bunsen It is another of the classic restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Dublin. Well, in Ireland in general, since it has stores all over the country. The restaurant’s specialty is its hamburgers. Never better said. And they only have 4 options on their menu (which is a calling card). Very original, hey!

With such a limited menu they could not allow the products to be of poor quality. They do little, but the little they do they do well. The fries are hand cut and very good.

For about €12 you have a very good burger with fries. Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheap in Dublin.

eat cheap in dublin
Delicious burgers!

5. Cirillo’s

This Italian is located in the Georgian quarter, our favorite area of ​​Dublin. It is famous for its colorful doors and elegant streets. We recommend spending a morning walking around the neighborhood. AND There is no better way to put the finishing touch than enjoying a good Italian.

The only downside is that they don’t have much of a variety of pasta. Dishes range between €12 and €17. They also have salads and pizzas, highly recommended.. The prices are a little higher than in the previous restaurants, but as you will see, the atmosphere is also much better. Without a doubt, a good restaurant where to eat cheap in Dublin.

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eat cheap in dublin
Dublin’s beautiful Georgian quarter

6. Umi Falafel

This is another of the most popular places. Like Bunsen, it is a chain with restaurants throughout the country. So If you are looking for where to eat cheap in Dublin, it is a safe bet.

As its name indicates, specializes in falafels. They make several types, all of them good and cheap, under €10 a plate. If you want to experience Lebanese food, it is a great option to save money.

However, The most interesting thing is the menus that usually have until 6:00 p.m. They cost €12.50 and include a sandwich with a side, drink and coffee. Eating cheap in Dublin has never been so easy! Honestly, it’s hard to find a cheaper restaurant than this one in Dublin. Recommendable!

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7. El Grito Mexican Taquería, a good Mexican where you can eat well and cheaply in Dublin

In Ireland and the United Kingdom they love Mexican food. Well, who doesn’t? It is one of the best cuisines on the planet. This restaurant is a little piece of Mexico in Dublin. You can eat some of the specialties of Mexican street food at super cheap prices. For many, it is the best Mexican restaurant in Dublin.

So that you have a reference, You can eat tacos from €2.50, burritos for €9.99 and order a filling chimichanga for only €11.80. And the micheladas are very good! Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheap in Dublin.

8. Aperitif

We went there to eat on our last day in Dublin. Basically dishes of typical Italian food at reasonable prices. They have baked pasta dishes from €7. Super interesting! For that price, in the heart of Dublin you can’t ask for more. And if you want a recommendation, try the panzerotti, you will not regret it.

So we believe that It cannot be missing from this list of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Dublin!

9. The Mongolian Barbeque, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Dublin

Do you feel like eating meat? In Dublin you will not find a better restaurant to devour everything you want without breaking the bank too much. If you are looking for a place to have lunch, this restaurant offers super interesting menus from 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, do not go at night as the prices are much higher.

In fact, They have an offer that you can eat all you want for €16.90. Not bad for Dublin! If you want something cheaper, They offer a lunch bowl for only €10.90. You can choose the vegetables, meat and spices to your liking for the chef to prepare.

10. Green Beach Cafe, a perfect place to eat cheaply in Dublin for vegetarians and those intolerant to gluten

And finally, To finish this list of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Dublin, we couldn’t leave out the interesting Green Beach Cafe. More and more people are choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet and luckily, it is becoming less and less difficult to find restaurants that offer dishes for them. Green Beach Cafe is one of them! It is a paradise for vegetarians (although they also serve meat). If you can’t eat gluten either, they prepare many dishes for celiacs.

They basically make very good sandwiches and salads. They have salad + soup or sandwich + soup combos for just over €6. If you like eat cheap in dublin Besides being healthy, you can’t miss it.

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On the map you will find the location of all the restaurants where you can eat cheap in Dublin that we mentioned.


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