Eating cheap in Copenhagen is complicated, we are not going to fool ourselves. The Danish capital is a beautiful city but at the same time quite expensive. But don’t worry, it’s not mission impossible. In this post we recommend 10 restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Copenhagen so you can recharge your batteries after a day of sightseeing less than 150DKK per person (approximately €20). A real bargain considering the prices in the city!

On this map you will find marked 10 best restaurants to eat cheap in Copenhagen.

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1. Pizzeria La Fiorita, our favorite place to eat cheaply in Copenhagen

If you like pizzas you can’t miss this restaurant. Copenhagen is an expensive city and it is difficult to find good places to recharge your batteries without spending a fortune. In general, eating pasta and pizza is usually quite economical in any city. But in Copenhagen it is not unusual to pay more than €20 for this type of dish. Fortunately, At Fiorita you can enjoy delicious pizzas from only 75DKK (approximately €10). Quite a bargain considering the prices charged in the city. Plus the pizzas are delicious. You can tell the owner is Italian!

The only negative aspect is that the place is quite small And if the weather is bad (which is common), eating on the terrace is not the best idea. Even so, it is one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Copenhagen.

An ideal Italian restaurant to eat cheaply in Copenhagen

2. Café Halvvejen, great to try typical Danish food

This is a Central, typical and unpretentious place ideal for cheap eats in Copenhagen. It is a bar-restaurant that serves Typical Danish dishes at lunch time for less than 100DKK (€13). They prepare herring, a fish widely used in the Nordic countries, in various ways: fried, pickled, curried… Don’t miss it! Also have salads, rye bread sandwiches and meat dishes.

When night falls, it becomes a super lively bar full of groups of friends. The decoration is traditional, with dark wood that creates a cool atmosphere. They also have a terrace area. Finally, it should be noted that The couple that runs the place are very friendly.. Super recommended!

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eat cheap in Copenhageneat cheap in Copenhagen
Café Halvvejen’s bar is super cozy

3. Folkehuset Absalon, a different place to eat cheaply in Copenhagen

It is very likely that the chain of tiendas Flying Tiger Copenhague. They sell all kinds of party items, things for the home, children’s games and craft products, all full of color. After success, its founder decided to embark on a new project: renovate an old church and turn it into a dining room where everyone is welcome.

Folkehuset Absalon es un very original restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu varies and they serve international dishes. Attention! If you are one of those who prefer to have privacy while eating, this will not be the best place for you. Its concept is based on sharing a table with a lot of strangers. It is a community space where you can share with very diverse people and have a good time. In addition, they organize all kinds of events and activities in the same space.

Los Lunches start at 12 noon and cost only 50DKK (€6.70). They don’t take reservations, so go early to ensure a spot at their huge communal tables. They do accept online reservations for dinner until the same day at 4 p.m. Dinners cost 60DKK from Sunday to Wednesday and 100DKK from Thursday to Saturday.

eat cheap in Copenhageneat cheap in Copenhagen
An example of the menu they serve at Absalon, an original place to eat cheap in Copenhagen

4. Dalle Valle

If you like to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet, you can’t miss this restaurant.. Without a doubt, Dalle Valle is the cheapest buffet in Copenhagen. So that you have a reference, You can have lunch for 119DKK (about €15) and dinner for 169DKK (€22).

The best thing is their variety: they have quite a few options, especially Danish dishes. Definitely, a great option for cheap eats in Copenhagen especially at midday, when the menu price is really worth it. They also have a very central location, so you will have no excuse to stop by there.

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eat cheap in Copenhageneat cheap in Copenhagen
Nyhavn, the most picturesque area of ​​Copenhagen

5. Gasoline Grill, a burger chain to eat cheap in Copenhagen

First, Paying €20 for a menu at a hamburger restaurant can seem very expensive.. However, in Copenhagen it is a very good option. It’s an expensive city even if you want to pull fast food! Gasoline Grill is the trendy burger chain and it is very worth trying. They opened its first location in an old gas stationan original concept that gave them their name 🙂 Since then, they have opened more shops in various neighborhoods of the city.

Their hamburgers, neither too thin nor too thick, are made with 100% organic beef and are served in rich soft potato muffins. Also have vegetarian burgers and some original options on their rotating menu. They are all delicious! In fact, It is common for them to sell out and close before the scheduled time. So we don’t recommend waiting until the last minute to stop by. The burgers cost 100 crowns and up (about €13) and the menu with fries and a drink goes up to 150 crowns (approximately €20).

eat cheap in Copenhageneat cheap in Copenhagen
The first Gasoline Grill location inside an old gas station

6. Daughter of Sanchez Taqueriasa little piece of Mexico in Copenhagen

The Mexican food It is a good wild card anywhere in the world. If you fancy some good tacos or gringas, the Hija de Sanchez taqueria chain is an excellent option for cheap eats in Copenhagen. This chain founded by Rosio Sánchez, of Mexican parents, It started with a street taco stand and has grown to have several locations throughout the city.. Sign that they are delicious!

They import corn dough from Mexico to give an authentic flavor to their tortillas and use organic ingredients to complete delicious tacos. Menu prices are around 100DKK (about €13). It definitely seems expensive compared to what we’re used to paying for tacos at most places. But it is a very tasty option to eat cheap in Copenhagen.

7. Scurry Hub

If you like the asian food, this restaurant will not disappoint you. There you can eat Thai cuisine for very little. For example, a good curry dish with rice and chicken will cost you 78DKK (approximately €10). The food is good and abundant. So it cannot be missing from this list of restaurants where eat cheap in Copenhagen.

8. John’s Hot Dog Deli

Who said that for eat cheap in Copenhagen Was it mandatory to sit in a place? Eating on the street is also a great option, especially if you visit the city during the warmest months of the year. We couldn’t pass up this excellent hot dog stand. It is located right next to Copenhagen Station.

If you have little time to eat between visits, don’t hesitate. Take about 30 Danish crowns (about €5) and buy yourself a good hot dog. Don’t forget to add crunchy onion!

9. Abrikos, cheap stellar sandwiches in Copenhagen

Another of our recommended places to eat cheap in Copenhagen opened its doors in the summer of 2023. In a few months they have earned the reputation of having the best sandwiches in the city. The secret of its success is in the Delicious artisanal white bread that they bake daily.

Their menu is quite small: they offer the classic combination of ham and cheese (including vegetarian and vegan variants), egg salad, roast beef and cucumber. All with stellar taste for around 100 crowns (€13). They also have accompaniments such as soups, salads and potatoes. In short, we think it is an ideal place to have lunch in Copenhagen.

Delicious and well-priced sandwiches in Copenhagen

10. Diamond Slice

And finally, The last option where to eat cheap in Copenhagen is another pizzeria. At Diamond Slice they sell pizzas by the slice, although they are so large that a couple will be more than enough! Serving New York-style pizzas with thin, long-fermented dough covered with quality ingredients that change according to their seasonal menu. There is never a lack of the classic pizza with pepperoni or the Hawaiian one, for those who love pineapple as a topping on pizza 😉

Each slice of pizza costs between 60 and 75DKK (8-10€). It may seem expensive, but we promise they are huge! They also serve a variety of appetizers such as olives, salad, anchovies and a plate of stracciatella with mushrooms, hazelnuts and brutal truffle. Super recommended for snacking before pizza!


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