Eating cheap in Milan is just as easy as finding clothing stores on its streets. In Italia you can eat well for very little almost anywhere. And that Milan is one of the most expensive cities in the country! Although it is best known for its great designers, Milan has a great gastronomy to discover. In this post we tell you 10 restaurants where to eat cheap in Milan.

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1. Author’s pasta

To start this article on the best restaurants to eat cheap in Milan, obviously we had to do it talking about pasta. In Italy they are the kings of pasta and you will be able to enjoy this incredible delicacy like nowhere else in the world. If you want to know one of the best places to eat pasta in Milan, you must visit Pasta d’Autore.

This restaurant was born from a family made up of a grandmother, mother and children. Three generations of knowledge to create a different place! His specialty is pasta; You must choose the type and, later, the sauce. The dishes are amazing!

For you to have a price reference, you can eat delicious pasta dishes from €10. They also have pizzas and amazing desserts. Don’t miss the tiramisu! Definitely, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Milan.

2. Piz Milano, to eat one of the best pizzas in Milan

After talking about pasta, it’s time for pizza! Pizza is one of the treasures of typical Italian food. In Milan you can eat good pizza almost anywhere, but we were fascinated by this restaurant.

If you want to eat one of the best pizzas in Milan, you must try it. You can try them from €8.50! Its menu will not attract much attention due to its design or its variety, but let yourself be carried away by its flavors. You’ll be surprised!

3. The Prosciutteria

This restaurant located near the beautiful Sempione park it is one of our favourites. He is from the same chain as one of our favorite restaurants in Florence. They have a huge variety of products where sausages are the real stars.

The most famous are its delicious tables of sausages that can cost from €8 to €18 depending on the size you choose. Apart from the sausage tables, they also have panini, salads and a good range of wines. Without a doubt, a restaurant with quality ingredients, perfect for cheap eats in Milan.

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eat cheap in Milan
Its delicious sausage tables

4. Luna Rossa, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Milan

Sf you are looking to eat cheap in Milan, you will hardly find a better place than Luna Rossa. This traditional restaurant stands out for serving specialties of Italian gastronomy at super cheap prices. For you to have a price reference, you will find pasta dishes from €6. They also have focaccia, calzone, pizza and a wide variety of pasta. The hardest part will be choosing!

In addition, the local It is located in the historic center of Milan, very close to the Duomo and its main attractions. So their prices are even more surprising! Definitely, one of the best restaurants to eat well and cheaply in Milan.

5. Pascoli Artisan Piadineria Milan, piadinas rich and cheap

If you are hungry and want to eat something fast, we recommend this restaurant to try the authentic piadinas. This type of sandwich, typical of the Emilia-Romagna region, is world famous. They are made with flat bread stuffed with all kinds of ingredients to your liking. In addition, the piadinas son Great for cheap eats in Milan.

For you to have a reference, you can eat their delicious piadinas from €7.50. And they have a lot of variety! Don’t leave town without trying them. The place is small but charming and the staff very friendly. Super recommended!

eat cheap in Milan
A spectacular flatbread! | Pastures Artisan Piadina

6. Pizza AM, one of our favorite places to eat cheap in Milan

Are you looking for the best pizza in Milan? In Pizza AM they are scandalous, one of the best pizzas we have ever tasted. Homemade dough, first-class ingredients and baked in a wood-fired oven.

Also, the prices are very reasonable: pizzas from €7, although the vast majority cost around €10. The menu is not very extensive, but everything is so rich that you will be right no matter what you choose. Of course, keep in mind that they charge €2 for service and cover, so that you take it into account. This is done in many places in Italy!

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7. Fratelli La Bufala, a great chain to eat cheap in Milan

If you are looking for one restaurant chain where to eat meat, salads or a good pasta dish without spending a lot, this is a great option. It has many restaurants around the world, several of them in the center of Milan. The pasta dish costs around €10 And the portions are quite generous. We recommend the pappardelle bolognese. It was hot!

Despite the fact that they have a wide variety of dishes on the menu, meat is not that cheap, although it is also a good choice. A safe bet!

eat cheap in Milan
Our pappardelle, a great option to eat cheap in Milan

8. SandwichLab at the hardware store

Located very close to the previous restaurant, but this one is different, fun and with a lot of variety. Do not expect the typical pasta dish, but it is about a restaurant that offers very good and cheap panini.

The place is quite small and is usually full, but if you want to eat something quickly it is a great option. The price of the panini is around €8. Surely a good place to eat cheap in Milan.

9. Yuan Duomo, a good place to eat cheap in Milan to disconnect from Italian food

Are you tired of Italian food? They say that even the best one gets tired… If you want to disconnect a bit of pasta, pizza and panini, We recommend you eat at this Chinese restaurant. Finding the place will not cost you, since It is located next to the Duomo, the main attraction of Milan.

They serve dishes of the typical Chinese food at very reasonable prices, considering the size of the portions, the location and the quality of the ingredients.

eat cheap in Milan
The imposing Duomo of Milan

10. Hands in Pasta

And to end this article on the best restaurants to eat cheap in Milanwe will talk about a small franchise famous for its pizzas. They have several locations in Milan: beautiful, cozy and their menu prices are quite good.

A pizza will cost you from €8.50, depending on the ingredients, although they have some premium ones that cost more than €20. Of course, its ingredients are first class! Obviously, their specialty is their pizzas, although they also have other dishes on the menu such as focaccia, sausage tables or salads.


On the following map you will find marked the best restaurants to eat in Milan well and cheap.


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