Eating cheap in Lisbon is a piece of cake. Portugal is a really cheap country if we compare it with the rest of Europe, so eat in Lisbon well and cheap it won’t be a headache. In Portuguese gastronomy fresh fish is the protagonist, cooked in various ways. Don’t leave Lisbon without trying a good cod! But there is also room for carnivores and even to eat good fast food. Don’t miss the typical portuguese dishesThey are delicious!

We propose you 10 restaurants where to eat cheap in Lisbon for all tastes. At the end of this article you will find a map with location of all of them 🙂

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1. O Velho Eurico, our favorite to eat well and cheaply in Lisbon

You cannot leave Lisbon without eating at this restaurant, located in Alfama. Without a doubt, we believe that it is the best restaurant to eat cheap in Lisbon. Regarding the food, there is little to comment on. Us We ate a piece of entrecote with homemade potatoes for €9 and a very good cod for €8. And the drinks cost €1!

The place is small but special: It is usually full and you will surely have to dine side by side with other diners, but precisely this family atmosphere makes it even more attractive.

eat cheap in Lisbon
Bacalhau at home, one of the restaurant’s specialties

2. Barbecue of Peace

This is another of the classic Lisbon home-cooked meals at a good price. Although the place is small and you will have to be patient to be served, the quality of its dishes is worth it. It is a neighborhood restaurant where one can feel the popular atmosphere that permeates the city, although it is true that there are more and more tourists.

Regarding the prices, they are quite similar to the previous restaurant. You will find generous dishes for €8, especially grilled, their specialty. For us, he is one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Lisbon.

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3. The Trigueirinho

In an old and hidden place in the picturesque Alfama neighborhood, true traditional Lisbon food is served. The letter is not very extensive, since it is a very familiar placebut ask what you ask will be rights. The prices are laughable for the portions that come and, above all, how rich everything is. Don’t forget the dessert, they are homemade and to die for. For only €10 per person you are full

Same as the two previous restaurants, it is very frequented by locals. reservation is recommended or arrive a little while before they open to secure a spot. As in many Portuguese restaurants, the service is a bit slowbut the sisters who run the place are very nice.

4. Pao Pao Queijo Cheese, ideal for eating something quick and cheap in Lisbon

An excellent place to eat quickly and cheaply in Lisbon when you visit the Belém area. Do sandwiches, kebabs and salads for all tastes. In fact, there are more than 100 options on the menu! A sandwich with potatoes and drink around €6A bargain for such a touristy area. In addition, you can eat at the time you want without suffering because they close. Casa Pastéis de Belém is next doorideal to go eat dessert 😉

5. The Hamburger Culture

Whenever you travel, put a hamburger in your life. This is not only considered one of the best in Lisbon, but in all of Portugal.. You will have about eight hamburgers to choose from, all of them spectacular. And best of all, the price. If for a McMenu at McDonald’s they charge you around €6, Here you have a hamburger with the best products, bigger, with potatoes and a drink for around €9. Without a doubt is one of the best options to eat cheap in Lisbon.

eat cheap in Lisbon
The Amalia hamburger, a great option to eat cheap in Lisbon without resorting to McDonald’s

6. Crisfama

If you want to taste the traditional portuguese food feeling at home, there are few places better than Crisfama. Although it looks like just another restaurant from the outside, believe us it is not. A married couple runs it perfectly: super friendly and excellent in the kitchen.

There is no doubt that it is a perfect place to eat cheap in Lisbon. You have very complete dishes from €7. And by the way, don’t leave without trying their homemade desserts. amazing!

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7. Taberna Sal Grosso

If you have been very full for several meals, try the Sal Grosso Taberna to give your stomach a rest. The portions here are tiny. caps style, which will allow you to try various delicacies of Portuguese cuisine. They serve traditional dishes such as cod confit or octopus with rice with an original presentation. The place is a very small ground floor, so it is not strange that it is full. That is why it is highly recommended to book or arrive early. In addition, the treatment is very close and pleasant.

8. Frangasqueira Nacional

The best grilled chicken in Lisbon They are in Frangasqueira Nacional. In addition, they also do pork ribs, skewered… Also have very good accompaniments such as basmati rice, salads, chips or olives.

The place does not have space for tables, but it is well worth taking the food to your accommodation or looking for a park where you can eat quietly. It’s a cool place to eat cheap in lisbonby only €5 per person. There are some set menus for a very good price. That is why there is usually quite a queue at peak hours.

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9. Floresta das Escadinhas, to eat cheap fish in Lisbon

Another essential restaurant to eat well and cheaply in Lisbon. As in most restaurants in the city, the grilled fish is the specialty. The prices are around €8-10 per dish, ridiculous for the quality and quantity they have. They also have delicious charcuterie boards to share, but don’t rush and order too many things, the dishes are very abundant. Better go plate by plate 😉

If you still have a little hole in your stomach, stay for dessert, they have very tasty cakes. In addition, it is very central, touching Rua Augusta. And best of all is the so familiar and pleasant treatment. A complete success!

eat cheap in Lisbon
A beautiful panoramic view of Lisbon from the Portas do Sol viewpoint

10. Cerqueira Restaurant

And to finish our list, we cannot forget Cerqueira, another of the Lisbon classics. Located in the heart of the city, there you can eat hearty dishes for only €5. Yes, you read correctly, €5. The prices in Cerqueira are unbeatable. They are also generous with the portions and impeccable with the treatment. So if you pay more it’s because you want to! Although it is in the center of the city, it is a bit hidden. However, it is worth finding!


On this map you will find marked the best restaurants to eat cheap in Lisbon.


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