Eating cheap in Dubai is not easy like years ago. The capital of the United Arab Emirates It has developed as one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Being a cosmopolitan city, you will find all the cuisines of the world. Like most places, luxury is expensive. But if you are looking for places to eat well and cheap in Dubai, don’t worry. In this post we present you 10 restaurants where to eat cheap in Dubai, a spectacular city What to visit in the Middle East.

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1. Operation: Falafel, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Dubai

If you like eat cheap in dubaiMiddle Eastern food will be your best ally. This Lebanese restaurant franchise is a true institution in the city. And not just in the city, since it has restaurants all over the world!

They have a lot of variety on their menu: from delicious soups and salads to complete shawarma dishes. They even serve Manakish, a typical dish very similar to pizza. A delicious food! Regarding the prices, you can eat salads from 29AED (7€) and very complete dishes from 32AED (8€). Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Dubai. They also have several locations and in strategic places!

2. Al Ustad Special Kebab

This is one of the most famous places to eat cheap in Dubai. The Iranian Al Ansari family has been making their customers happy with their kebabs for over 40 years! The place is located in Bur Dubai, in the traditional area of ​​the city, very close to the Al Fahidi metro station and is famous for its incredible kebabs.

Portions are very generous and cheap. In fact, you can eat their delicious kebabs from 27AED (7€). The place is quite big but it is almost always full. Who said that eating cheap in Dubai was complicated?

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3. Shake Shack, a classic for cheap eats in Dubai

If you like burgers, you can’t leave Dubai without trying Shake Shack. This American hamburger chain is a classic and whenever we travel we try to locate one of its restaurants. In Dubai there are quite a few places, so If you are in a hurry and want to eat quality fast food, Shake Shack is an ideal restaurant to eat cheap in Dubai.

The combination of its hamburgers and its delicious crispy fries is a real spectacle. Regarding the prices, hamburgers cost around 40AED (approximately €10). Highly recommend!

eat cheap in dubai
Shake Shack burgers are amazing

4. Wokyo Noodle Bar

If you like Asian food, you must try this restaurant. He was born in the streets of Tokyo and thanks to his delicious dishes he now has restaurants in other parts of the world. It is a highly recommended place to eat cheap in Dubai, since you will have a lot of options. In fact, you customize your noodles!

First you must choose your protein, then what type of carbohydrate base you want (noodles or rice) and finally the sauce, which will add the final touch. Of course, do not go overboard with the spiciness! Regarding the price, it is based on the protein you choose, so you will find options from 43AED (€11). Also, if you want to add extra protein, it will cost you only 8AED (2€).

Although without a doubt, their specialty is Sapporo Ramen. You can try it from 59AED (approx €15) but it will not disappoint you!

Also, if you are looking to complement your meal, you can also try their delicious spring rolls or their chicken gyozas. There are two locations, one in the huge JLT complex and one in Safa. Definitely, one of the best places to eat cheap in Dubai.

5. Amritsr, one of the most recommended restaurants to eat cheap in Dubai

In Dubai you will find restaurants of all the cuisines of the world. But loads of Indian restaurants! If you want to try one of the best, we recommend eating at this venue, where they serve authentic Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine in Bur Dubai.

It is so successful that they even have restaurants in Bangkok and on other sites thailand like Phuket. Their food is delicious and super well priced! You can try some of their specialties such as Chicken Tandoori Tawa Masala for just 35AED (9€).

Most main dishes cost around 32AED (€8). In addition, the menu is super extensive and they have many options for vegetarians. Definitely, one of the most recommended restaurants where to eat cheap in Dubai.

6. Zaroob, a good Lebanese restaurant to eat cheap in Dubai

Lebanese restaurants are a true salvation for tourists in Dubai. And Zaroob is no exception! This Lebanese restaurant serves traditional dishes of very good quality and at a good price. You can try their hummus, their halloumi or their delicious shawarma for very few dirhams. You will find sandwiches from 13AED (3€) and shawarma plates for 36AED (9€). Better impossible!

In addition, their staff is super attentive and friendly. There are two locations in Dubai, one in the modern JLT complex and the other, relatively close to Downtown, on Sheikh Zayed Road. So you will have no excuse not to visit it!

7. Foul W Hummus

if we talk about cheap restaurants in dubaiObviously we have to mention this place. For many locals, they say that you eat here the best hummus in dubai. It is located near the Mashreq metro station, close to the Mall of the Emirates. So don’t eat inside, better go out and let yourself be carried away by the flavors of its incredible gastronomy.

Apart from its incredible hummus, tthey also serve falafel and other local specialties. Also, another positive aspect is that they have a wide variety of options for vegetarians. The place is simple and usually fills up. But it’s totally worth it! You can fill your stomach for less than €5 per person. Without a doubt, one of the best places to eat cheap in Dubai.

8. Damascus wedding

You cannot go to a destination without testing its traditional food. It is true that in Europe we are very well used to the Mediterranean diet, but Middle Eastern cuisine is also very tasty. This Syrian food restaurant, located in the Dubai Creek, is one of the best options for eating cheap in Dubai: for its quality, and above all for its ridiculous prices. The portions are abundant and very cheap!

Most of their dishes cost between 30 and 50 AED (8 to 13 € approx). The service is very attentive and courteous, as well as feeling the flavors of Damascus on your palate. Far from the luxuries of the city, but an option to eat well and cheaply in Dubai. Of course, take cash just in case, because sometimes they do not charge by card.

9. Al Mallah

This is another classic restaurant where to eat cheap in Dubai. They have been serving cheap and tasty Lebanese cuisine since 1979. Their shawarma dishes are incredible and very complete. Also, they will only cost you 45AED (11€).

The only bad thing is that its two locations are a bit far from the main tourist attractions in Dubai. But if you have time and want to taste some of the best typical Lebanese food at more than reasonable prices, we recommend you visit it.

10. Ravi Restaurant

If you are looking for something cheaper to eat in Dubai, this Pakistani food restaurant is another great option. Despite the fact that the place does not invite you to enter, let yourself go, since the food is worth it. We ate a lot and paid just over €10 for everything.

The recommendation we give is that you be careful with the spicy, since they normally abuse it. We are not used to this type of food in Europe, and even if they reduce the quantity a bit at your request, it will still be very spicy. So memorize this: “no spicy, please”.

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On this map you will find marked all the restaurants recommended for eat cheap in dubai.


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