What to visit in Baden Baden
Mirado in Baden Baden

This list of places what to see in Baden Baden It will help you get to know one of the most glamorous cities in Germany. Baden Baden boasts its two thermal baths, its Festspielhaus (the second largest opera house in Europe) and its Casino, which Marlene Dietrich described as “the most beautiful casino in the world.” I will talk to you about them throughout this article.

I had read that Baden-Baden It was designed exclusively for the enjoyment of noble people with an air of good life. The fact of having what they say is the most luxurious casino in the world, having some of the most prestigious horse races in the world held here or having other attractions related to luxury tourism contributed to thinking about it.

What to visit in Baden BadenWhat to visit in Baden Baden
Stately building in Baden Baden

However, my two-day visit to Baden-Baden It changed my mind, because even if you can’t play in the casino, go to the racecourse or play golf, it is possible to enjoy most of its attractions and the German rhythms and way of life. During my stay in the city I enjoyed walking along its river, through its elegant streets or simply warming up with a glühwein if you visit the city during Christmas like us. Baden-Baden I found it to be a very pleasant and recommendable city, with activities for all types of budgets, and in short, a city to keep in mind if you decide to visit the Black forest from Germany.

We went there in December 2017, a trip that was my fifth trip to Germany in search of those again germany christmas markets that conquered me so much in my four previous trips. The trip would be part of the visit to the Christmas markets in the Black Forest and Alsace (Germany and France respectively).

That being said, we start with the places what to see in Baden-Badenbut first let me suggest that if you prefer to take a guided tour of the city you sign up for this guided tour of Baden Baden with guide in Spanish.

1. Walk through the main streets of Baden Baden

Green, calm and extremely orderly, Baden-Baden It is a city that invites you to walk. Its well-kept gardens, the beauty of its buildings and the slow pace of its main arteries (especially between Long street and the Sophienstraße) encourage getting lost walking for hours. These two streets are neo-baroque style and you can find everything from a fruit shop to luxurious fashion boutiques, antique stores, etc. Without a doubt a must what to visit in Baden Baden.

Centro de Baden BadenCentro de Baden Baden
Shopping street in Baden Baden

I especially liked the walk along the Oos River and crossing from one side to the other across its bridges while you immerse yourself in a very bucolic atmosphere. I also really enjoyed walking through the pedestrian zone of the two streets of the old town mentioned above.

Río Oos and Baden BadenRío Oos and Baden Baden
River Oos

2. Mirador New Castle

I also really liked getting lost in the Neues Schloss and stopping for a while at its viewpoint to be dazzled by the views of the city. I will never forget the place and the moment! Without a doubt another essential what to see in Baden Baden.

What to visit in Baden Baden from the Neues Schloss viewpointWhat to visit in Baden Baden from the Neues Schloss viewpoint
Views of Baden Baden from the Neues Schloss viewing point

3. Caracalla, one of the thermal baths to see in Baden Baden

Baden Baden is known for its thermal baths. Already in the 3rd century, under the rule of Emperor Caracalla, the first were built. One of them is named after him, Caracalla, and it was precisely the thermal bath that we visited for several hours. ¡What I wouldn’t give to be there right now! Although the large central room of this hot spring draws attention, what really seemed amazing to me was the bath in the outdoor pool, and especially when it was snowing. Quite a pleasure! It was, along with the good times experienced at the Christmas market, the best moment of the entire visit to Baden-Baden. Taking photos is not allowed inside. More information and prices about the Caracalla spa in this link.

Caracalla baths What to visit in Baden BadenCaracalla baths What to visit in Baden Baden

Photo: Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbH

4. Friedrichsbad, another of the thermal baths to visit in Baden Baden

In Baden-Baden There is another more elite spa: Friedrichsbad. In addition to being able to enjoy its waters here, which are said to be ideal for treating diseases such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis, you can also see the ruins of the baths built here by the Romans 2,000 years ago. More information and prices at this link.

5. Baden Baden Casino, a must-see in Baden Baden

The casino of Baden-Baden It is not just any building in the city. The luxury that lies within has made it one of the most glamorous cities in Europe. Located inside the Kurhaus building, Marlene Dietrich (one of the most stunning movie stars of all time) called it the most beautiful casino in the world. Without a doubt a must what to visit in Baden Baden.

Casino de Baden BadenCasino de Baden Baden
Casino de Baden Baden

I have been to few casinos, perhaps counted on the fingers of one hand, and I have to admit that although I am not a lover of luxuries and much less of casinos, I found the beauty and decoration of it extraordinary. Its rooms, filled with lamps, curtains and furniture from the period, are among the most elegant I have ever seen. The roulette wheels, the typical casino chips and all the paraphernalia present there seemed most curious to me.

Casino in GermanyCasino in Germany
Casino de Baden Baden

You can enter the casino to play or simply to get to know it like we did. If you decide to play you should know that you have to enter with a jacket and tie if you are a man. With women they are not so demanding when it comes to clothing. Guided tours are given in German or English and cost €5. Without a doubt, a visit that I do recommend. More information, visiting hours and game prices at this link.

6. Baden-Baden Opera House

Everyone raves about the Festspielhaus, the second largest opera house in Europe where the best artists in the world come together. We did not access its interior. More information with program, calendar of performances and prices in the official website.

Teatro de Baden BadenTeatro de Baden Baden
Festival Hall

7. Baden-Baden Christmas Market

The fact of visitar Baden Baden During Christmas it allowed us to enjoy its charming Christmas market located next to the casino (Kurhaus). The atmosphere here is designed to enchant. It’s one of the germany christmas markets that I have liked the most to date and I would almost dare to say about the best christmas markets in europe.

Christmas market What to visit in Baden BadenChristmas market What to visit in Baden Baden
Baden Baden Christmas Market

Here the candles and lights decorate and embrace a sea of ​​wooden stands sumptuously decorated with fir branches and lights of a thousand colors. Everything together, united with the aromas of mulled wine (mulled wine), gingerbread and the typical sweets of these dates offer a picture-perfect image that dazzles, hypnotizes and encourages you to return. Here you have all the information on the Baden Baden Christmas Market with updated dates and times.

Christmas market What to visit in Baden BadenChristmas market What to visit in Baden Baden
Baden Baden Christmas Market

8. Trinkhalle

Next to the Christmas market and the Oos river is the Trinhalle, another essential visit. what to see in Baden Baden.

Trinhalle in GermanyTrinhalle in Germany

What is most striking about the building are its 16 Corinthian columns that support the 90-meter-long lobby and its 14 murals that represent scenes from myths and legends of the region. During Christmas, handmade nativity scenes were displayed for sale.

Trinhalle in GermanyTrinhalle in Germany

9. Jardines Lichtentaler

Near the Christmas market are the Lichtentaler Allee gardens, which run along a 2.3 kilometer-long promenade following the west bank of the Oos river mentioned above.

10. Museo Frieder Burda

The Frieder Burda Museum is a jewel of fascinating architecture that offers a collection of selected works of classical modernism and contemporary art. It is our last recommendation what to see in Baden Baden.

Map with places to visit in Baden Baden

In the following map I geoposition the places what to visit in Baden Badenthe capital of the Black Forest.

Flights to Germany

From Spain the two best options that I know of are Ryanair and Easyjet since you can always find flights for less than €100 if you buy with enough time. On one occasion I bought it for 1 cent. of euro. In this website you can find the best deals on cheap flights to Germany.

Car rental in Germany

If you plan to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, I recommend renting a cheap car on this website. With a rental car you can move at your own pace. I usually pick it up upon arrival at the arrival airport and deliver it to the destination airport (it is not always the same).

Where to sleep if you are going to visit Baden Baden

In Baden-BadenAs in many German cities, you must reserve accommodation well in advance. We stayed in the Hotel Deutscher Kaiser in the center, located in the heart of the city. The general cleanliness of the room and bathroom, the good bed, the good breakfast and above all, its excellent location, encourage me to recommend it to you. The quality/price ratio is perhaps one of the best in Baden-Baden, so if you want to make your reservation at this hotel click on this link.

Hotel Deutscher Kaiser in the centerHotel Deutscher Kaiser in the center
Hotel Deutscher Kaiser in the center

Travel insurance for traveling to Germany

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Antonio Ruiz at the Baden Baden Christmas MarketAntonio Ruiz at the Baden Baden Christmas Market

More information about Baden Baden

More information about the city on the website of the Baden-Baden Tourist Office.

The afternoon progressed, the cold arrived and a well-deserved rest in our central hotel was knocking on the door to let the intense emotions we experienced rest. Tomorrow new experiences awaited us, new illusions, like the ones we experienced in the Gengenbach Christmas MarketFreiburg, Eguisheim or Colmar among others, very rewarding experiences that together would be added to all those lived throughout this 2018 that was so special for me.

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