In one more episode of fat people around the world… little band, La Paz, Baja California Sur is positioning itself as one of the best cities to eat in Mexico; and all thanks to its historic fishing tradition and the commitment of local chefs to regional products and original ideas on the table.

That is why today I share with you 10 extraordinary places to eat in the capital of Baja California Sur:

1. Oyster House by FISM:

The best place to eat fresh clams and oysters! They have their own sustainable farms, they do workshops to learn more about oysters and their dishes are fresh and simply spectacular. To drink ask for a Pacific whale. Our favorite: Chocolata Clam with Fish Macha.

2. Origin Restaurant

Inside the Casa Almar hotel, you will find this signature cuisine by the great chef Hector Palacios, a pioneer in La Paz in the use of local ingredients. Also ask about their wines. Our favourite: The pork jowl Gyosas.

3. Hamburger Tacos

In front of the boardwalk is this restaurant that has some of the best tacos on this side of the world, and a wide variety of craft beers. Our favorite: the Taco de Tripulpo (tripe and octopus) Sensational!

4. Central 1535

Also inside the Casa Almar hotel is this very popular restaurant for breakfast. Its French bread is unforgettable! However, during the rest of the day it also offers sensational dishes and cocktails. Our favorites: The coconut shrimp and their short rib taquitos.

5. Stadium Tacos

This place to eat taquitos from the sea is one of the most traditional in the city with more than 35 years of history! And once they give you your taquitos, you put everything you want on them. Our favorites: The shrimp taco and the manta ray taco.

6. Sea Cuisine Hook

This beautiful place with a maritime vibe is located in the Marina Cortez. The place has fresh fish and seafood, and some micheladas with Clamato that Uff! Our favorites: the shrimp aguachile and the octopus sope.

7. Ice Cream Shop

If with the warmth of El Paso you feel like ice cream, this is the most famous -and delicious- ice cream parlor and ice cream parlor on the boardwalk. They have some fixed flavors, but ask about seasonal fruits. Our favorite: a combination pitaya and mango “lily”.

8. Taco Fish La Paz

This taqueria is so loved and popular that it was even featured on Netflix’s “Taco Chronicles” and taught us that yes, indeed, you can have fish tacos for breakfast in Mexico, accompanied by a fresh horchata with strawberry water. Our favorite: The shrimp quesadillas (yes with cheese lol).

9. Divers

A perfect restaurant for dinner surrounded by the best seafood in the region. It is almost attached to La Fuente ice cream parlor so it is the best night combo. Our favorite: Lobster Roll.

10 Bar Worlds

It is the oldest canteen in La Paz. A tiny place houses one of the most emblematic drinks in the region. Our favourite: Las Dobles Canalas.

Bandita, leave your best places to eat in La Paz, Baja California Sur in the comments. We read them.

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