Hey bandage, happy international museum day! That is why today I share with you 10 of my favorite museums in the Historic Center of Mexico City, both for their architecture and for their collections.

1. Museum of Fine Arts. The palace itself is a work of art, its permanent work is its murals, and it has good temporary exhibitions. Official website: museopalaciodebellasartes.gob.mx

2. MUNAL National Museum of Art. It is my favorite building; It has an impressive collection of Mexican art, and for now Monet paintings. Official site: https://www.munal.mx/es

3. Franz Mayer Museum. Its interior garden drives me crazy, I love the furniture collection, and its art rotation too. Official site: https://franzmayer.org.mx/

4. Museum of Popular Art. Its staircase is beautiful, and it is a journey through the folklore and culture of our country. Official site: https://www.map.cdmx.gob.mx/

5. Memory and Tolerance Museum. Its building is modern, promotes non-violence, respect and human rights. Official site: https://www.myt.org.mx/

6. Templo Mayor Museum. It was the ceremonial heart of ancient Tenochtitlán, it has unique archaeological pieces. Official site: https://www.inah.gob.mx/museos/museo-de-sitio-del-templo-mayor

7. José Luis Cuevas Museum. The Giganta at the entrance is majestic as well as the collection of the great Mexican artist. Official site: http://www.museojoseluiscuevas.com.mx/inicio.html

8. Ex Teresa Contemporary Art Museum. It is an ancient church with facilities and projects for cultural dissemination. Official site: https://inba.gob.mx/recinto/55/ex-teresa-arte-actual

9. Academy of San Carlos. It is an art school with an Italian Renaissance style and its sculptures are fantastic. Official site: https://academiasancarlos.unam.mx/

10. National Museum of World Cultures. It is a historical building dedicated to other peoples and cultures of the planet. Official site: https://www.museodelasculturas.mx/

Ready! And I missed a lot. Some are free and the rest the general admission ranges between 50 and 100 pesos. The last Wednesday of every month there is Museum Night and many are also free on Sundays.

Do you want me to make another list of museums in Mexico City bandita?

Source: https://alanxelmundo.com/10-museos-imperdibles-en-el-centro-de-cdmx/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-museos-imperdibles-en-el-centro-de-cdmx

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