Do you want to know what are the best travel suitcases? You already have the tickets, the accommodation reserved, the itinerary set up, but you cannot forget the most important thing: the suitcase. Remember that you will be going up and down with her for several days, so you need it to be Super practical, safe and with enough space. We share the 10 best travel suitcases to complement your trip and make it perfect.

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1. American Tourister Soundbox Spinner

This suitcase is ideal for those who they prefer to travel only with their cabin suitcase. Especially if you have many days and several cities or even countries to visit. It is a rigid suitcase proof of any blow or fall that is not lacking in the troubles of the airports. So they will last you a long time!

In addition, they have super original colors In case you want to differentiate your suitcase easily. Another great advantage is that it is rotatable so carrying it is much easier. Despite being very rigid, it is light and inside there is plenty of space to store your belongings. If you lack space can you extend it a bit and fortunately it will continue to comply with cabin measures. It’s perfect! And if you still need more space, they also make it in medium and large size to be able to bill them.

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  • Size: cabin bag (carry on)
  • Precio: from €240

best travel suitcasesWe love the design of this suitcase and it is that, unlike others, this It has a super useful front compartment. Here you can store your computer or the essentials that you need to have on hand at the airport. Suitcase It is made of polycarbonate so its exterior is rigid and it will last a long time. This is the part where you will make up for the high price of the suitcase.

Besides, the wheels are multidirectional, so moving with this suitcase will not be a headache or back pain. Inside it has pockets that will help you organize your belongings. And if that was not enough, the lock on this suitcase is TSA approved. What guarantees total security of your objects.

3. Travelpro Platinum Elite

best travel suitcasesIf you are more classic and prefer a suitcase with soft cloth case, the Travelpro Platinum Elite is for you. It is one of the best travel suitcases since inside It has accessories that will help you organize your clothes to perfection. One of them is a module with a single compartment with closures that allows you to divide your suitcase, hold everything when you open it, and keep folded clothes from falling apart.

Also includes a sealed clear plastic pocket for liquids. No one wants shampoo spilled on clean clothes! You can include other additional modules with your purchase which have another use for suits, shirts, etc.

An extra point of this suitcase is that you can connect your power bank to the suitcase and charge your mobile in the external port. This way you will get out of any trouble and you will be able to move super comfortable.

4. Amazon Basics Spinner Suitcase, one of the best and cheapest travel suitcases

best travel suitcasesAmazon has one of the best travel suitcases at a super cheap price. So, if you are looking for comfortable and cheap luggage, this is ideal for you. In fact, this online store has launched a basic line of travel bags. But this one in particular we really liked its rigid cover that will make it last a long time.

Besides, It has several compartments to organize your belongings. And, as if that were not enough, it has a TSA approved padlock. There are several colors to choose from. This suitcase is good, pretty and cheap!

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5. Away Bigger Carry-On Flex, one of the best travel suitcases with an expandable for more space

  • Size: cabin bag (carry on)
  • Precio: from €309

If you are one of those who fills the travel suitcase to the maximum and you always need more space, then you must add this item to the shopping cart. The Away brand Bigger Carry-On Flex has an expandable fabric section that will give you almost 6 centimeters more space. Perfect for shopping and souvenirs that are not missing on every trip! Best of all is that It does not exceed the size of suitcases allowed in the cabin.

Besides, the cover is polycarbonate so it will resist any blow. It also won’t get out of shape when you try to close your suitcase full of things. It also has a TSA-approved combination lock and with four 360 degree swivel wheels. And if that was not enough, comes with a laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate. It’s one of the best travel suitcases super complete!

best travel suitcases

6. Eagle Creek Gear Warrior, two bags that make up one of the best travel suitcases

best travel suitcasesThis is one of the best travel suitcases because it is quite versatile. It is a bargain because you will have 2 suitcases for the price of one! The Eagle Creek Gear Warrior has drop-down bags. One you can use as backpack for personal use and another that doubles as regular rolling luggage.

Also can bear heavy load and still stand firm because it has a strong frame that supports the entire suitcase. Weighs less than 2 kilos which makes it one of the best travel suitcases super light.

7. Solgaard Carry-On Closet Plus

  • Size: cabin bag (carry on)
  • Precio: from €332

best travel suitcasesFor super organized travelers this will be the favorite. among all best travel suitcases, this has a wonderful differentiating factor. Given that Features a closet-style clothing organizer. Storing your things before, during and after the trip will be a piece of cake. Even for travelers who find it difficult to keep order among their things, this suitcase will be a great help.

An extra point is the security of the suitcase since it has a built-in TSA lock. It is super easy to use and very useful! Will be like have your own wardrobe wherever you go. Carrying delicate clothes or clothes that can wrinkle will no longer be a problem with this travel suitcase.

8. Beis Check-in Roller, one of the best travel suitcases with a weight indicator

  • Size: checked bag
  • Precio: from €355

Has it happened to you that when you weigh the suitcase you realize that you exceed the allowed weight? With the Check-in Roller from Béis this will not happen again because this suitcase will do the job on its own. Features a handy weight limit indicator. Forget about having to open the suitcase in the middle of the airport to reduce the weight!

This is one of the best travel suitcases and very modern. In addition, its cover is made of polycarbonate, can expand an additional 5 centimeters, has compression straps and flaps with pockets. You will have nothing to worry about with this suitcase. It is super complete!

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best travel suitcases
Beige could not be missing from our list with the best travel suitcases

9. Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner

Samsonite travel suitcases are defined in three words: durable, beautiful and cheap. This one in particular is ideal for long trips or for those who tend to pack too much. The extra-large size of the Samsonite Voltage Spinner will allow you to bring everything you need and more on your trip. Despite being incredibly spacious, it’s not heavy at all.with only 2.5 kilos for its 75-liter version.

Mobilizing a suitcase as large as this one will not be a difficult task since features 360 degree swivel wheels to perform any maneuver. The cover is polycarbonate, super durable, against dents and scratches. As if that were not enough, too has a waterproof pocket. Space and organization of your items will not be a problem with this suitcase!

10. LEVEL8, one of the best expandable cabin suitcases

We finished our post on best travel suitcases with the expandable LEVEL8. Do you need space? Just slide the closure of the extension you will have 15% more space. Surely you have fallen short on more than one occasion and with this suitcase, it will not happen again. Have a Front opening pocket ideal for putting your laptop or anything you want to keep close at hand during your trip no need to open it completely. Super practical!

It has a Super hard plastic casing that meets strict quality control standards. If you ever have to check it in, even if your suitcase is mistreated at the airport, nothing will happen to it. you will have a strong, resistant and spacious travel suitcase! Besides It has a TSA lock to protect your objects. Another advantage is that it has swivel silent wheels and a 3-level adjustable aluminum handle.


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