Do you want to know the best towns in Colombia? We must warn you that you will fall in love with each of them. Unlike big and chaotic cities like Bogota, Medellín, Cartagena, Saint Andrew o Santa Marta, the small towns of Colombia show you a simpler and more magical side of the country. Did you know that it is here the most colorful town in Latin America? We tell you all the details in our list of best towns in Colombia. It will be your next destination!

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1. Guatapé

Guatapé is a jewel in the department of Antioquia and fortunately it is just 2 hours from Medellín. So it is mandatory that you include it in your list of things what to do in Medellin. It is the most colorful town in Latin America and in large part it is thanks to the skirting boards. They are small drawings or colored shapes made by hand that decorate the houses and at the same time reinforce the foundations. By law, all buildings, no matter how new they are, must have skirting boards. This is the main reason for the beauty of Guatapé!

The atmosphere of the village is so welcoming that it is inevitable to walk through the streets, the boardwalk, the main park next to the church and every corner of Guatapé. There is even a very pretty street that is adorned with colorful umbrellas. If you don’t take a picture here it’s like you’ve never been to Guatapé. We recommend you go early in the morning since it is a very famous town and the crowds do not take long to flood the streets.

In addition, this little town is super visited since It is located at the foot of the famous Piedra del Peñol. An awesome monolith 220 meters high that you can climb. After 700 steps the views are the most impressive. The photos that you will take from here will be magnificent and will not need any filter. The place is beautiful on its own!

Useful information to visit Guatapé:

best towns in Colombia
Guatapé, one of the best towns in Colombia

2. Salento, one of the best towns in Colombia for coffee lovers

Did you know that Disney was inspired by Salento for Charm? If you look closely, the locations of the film are identical streets and facades of this beautiful town. Salento is located in the Coffee Axis and it is the most touristic town in the area. Not only because of how beautiful it is, but also because the best coffee in Colombia is produced here. So, if you like to enjoy a good cup of coffee, here you will feel in paradise. you can even visit coffee farms where you will know the complete coffee process. For us this was one of the best things what to do in salento!

This little town is also very famous for being the starting point for visit the Cocora Valley. A wonder of nature that saves palms at more than 3,000 meters above sea level. As if that were not enough, the palms that are made of wax can reach measure up to 80 meters. Awesome! It is a cloud forest with beautiful landscapes and is only 30 minutes drive from Salento.

best towns in Colombia
The Royal Street of Salento

3. Barichara, one of the best towns in Colombia

Barichara is a dream town in the department of Santander. With its colonial style, cobbled streets, picturesque landscapes, houses with red tile roofs and colored shutters. The atmosphere is very calm and You can get there from San Gil, which is just 20 kilometers away. away. You can take a quiet walk through the alleys and discover the most beautiful balconies. The colorful wooden doors and shutters infect you with a magical charm.

If you want to disconnect from the chaos of big cities, Barichara is an excellent option. Here you don’t need to have a super strict itinerary or plan. On the contrary, the best thing you can do is let yourself go and explore this little place. The beauty of Barichara is also in the small details of the life of the locals, their customs, their jobs and everything that surrounds the town.

The beautiful facades of Barichara

4. Villa de Leyva

Like something out of a work of art, Villa de Leyva is a beautiful town at the foot of a mountain. The white buildings, together with their orange roofs and the cobbled floor, combine perfectly with the green of the vegetation. The center of Villa de Leyva is very picturesque and photogenic. Here it seems that time stopped in during the colonial era. This is one of the few towns in Colombia that have preserved this style in its entirety.

Near the area there vineyards that you can visit or there is also the Terracotta House, a building of 1645 square meters made entirely of mud. Is awesome! And if that was not enough, in Villa de Leyva several fossils of marine creatures have been found. There is even a museum where you can admire these remains and learn more about the traces of prehistory in the place.

Villa de Leyva is located almost 3 hours from Bogotaso if you like to lose yourself in the magic of small towns you should add it to your route through Colombia. In addition, there is a lot to explore not only in the streets of the town, but also in the surroundings. You literally have everything!

best towns in Colombia
Villa de Leyva, one of the best towns in Colombia

5. Filandia, one of the best towns in Colombia with many colors

Filandia is a town similar to Salento, however, this one is a bit larger and less famous, so it is not usually saturated with tourists. Filandia is not only famous for its colorful facades and peaceful village atmosphere. You are also lucky to be surrounded by green leafy mountains that form a movie landscape. So, in Filandia you will find many viewpoints that will allow you to admire the landscape and take super nice photos.

This is a typical Colombian coffee town, there is nothing more enriching than interacting with locals to talk and learn about their lifestyle in Filandia. For us the church also adorns this town and gives a special touch to the center square. Is beautiful! You can walk through its streets, have a delicious coffee, despite being a small place there are many things what to do in filandia.

best towns in Colombia
Filandia and its beautiful church

6. Playa de Belén, which is not literally a beach

Although when you hear the name you imagine sun, sea and sand, this is not the case. Belén Beach is a colonial town which was declared a National Monument in 2005. It is small, but with a charm like no other. Its streets are cobbled and the colonial houses with clay tile roofs still retain their white walls.

Walking around here won’t take long. So after this quiet tour you should go to one of the best things to do in Playa de Belén: The Estoraques. It’s about a unique natural area, with super high rock geological formations and amazing. You will feel like you are on the set of some movie out of this world! Going hiking and simply letting yourself be surprised by the landscape that forms is a unique experience.

7. Garden

A jewel of the best towns in Colombia that has not been fully exploited by tourists is Jardín. It is a small, well-kept town, located in the department of Antioquia. the atmosphere is authentic, especially by the locals with their hats who sit outside the houses to talk to each other. He is super calm and maintains the essence of a typical Colombian town! The simple fact of visiting Jardín and walking through its streets is already a spectacle. The central square is lined with colorful buildings and cafeterias, where you will try one of the best cups of coffee.

In addition, the landscape that surrounds Jardín is worth contemplating. There are rivers, streams and super green mountains, covered with trees, coffee and banana plantations. Garden is very close to Medellín, just 135 kilometers away. So, visiting Jardín is one of the best excursions from Medellín.

best towns in Colombia
Garden and its beautiful facades

8. Minca, one of the best towns in Colombia to see beautiful waterfalls

if you are looking adventure in the middle of nature, then Minca will be your best destination. This little town is only 35 minutes from Santa Marta. It is ideal for hiking and bathing in waterfalls in the middle of the jungle. To get around you can walk or rent a motorcycle since the streets are not paved, but cobbled and in some cases they are dirt. So the road is naughty and you probably need a 4×4 vehicle.

you will be surrounded by Huge trees, mountains, animals, which form an enchanting landscape. The views at sunset are unique. You will have the silhouettes of the mountains, Santa Marta in the background and the most beautiful colors of the golden hour. Visiting Minca is quite an experience to disconnect from everything and connect with mother earth.

Useful information for visiting Minca:

Minca, a paradise surrounded by waterfalls

9. Jericho

If you like know the traditional culture of Colombian peoples, then you must visit Jericho. it’s a beautiful pueblo colonial from the department of Antioquia and like almost all the towns in this region it is also super colorful. The locals have taken care that the essence of the place is not lost. So you will be able to know the day to day of a small town like Jericó.

Jericho is also known for being the birthplace of Sor Laura Montoyathe first and only saint of Colombia. Many visitors go to Jericho to learn about its history. In addition, there is a cathedral, a sanctuary and some churches that adorn the town. Jericho is a pilgrimage town so during Holy Week many Colombians visit it. We recommend you avoid this date as it will be full.

10. Santa Cruz de Mompox

And to end our list of 10 best towns in Colombia, we could not leave Santa Cruz de Mompox aside. this place was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1995 and it is not for less. It is a super nice town! In particular, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, which has a magnificent color combination, yellow, white and a touch of garnet. It looks similar to the buildings and colors you can see in Cartagena. So you can already imagine how beautiful it is!

The best time to walk anywhere in Santa Cruz de Mompox is at sunset. The light makes the colors look warmer in pastel tones and the atmosphere is cosy. Also, the heat in this place is less powerful at that time. And as a bonus tip, the photos will be more beautifulyes! if you want to know a quiet and beautiful town in Colombiathen you cannot miss Santa Cruz de Mompox.


In the following map you will find the location of the most beautiful towns in Colombia mentioned above.


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