Hay various excursions from Medellín that will allow you to know impressive places and live unique experiences. you will know the most colorful town in Colombiaa 220 meter high monolith, colonial cities, the coffee making process and many more places where you can discover the traditions of the coffee country. Most of them are quite close to the city. There are others that are a little further away, but they are very worth knowing. In this list we tell you the 10 best excursions from Medellín. Take note!

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1. Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol, one of the best excursions from Medellín

Guatapé is the most colorful town in the tricolor country and keep one of the best things what to see in colombia: the impressive Peñol Stone. This wonder of nature consists of a monolith 220 meters high and has 700 steps that will take you to the top. You will be impressed not only with the huge stone, but also with the wonderful views of Guatapé and its dam. It will take your breath away!

After climbing the Piedra del Peñol you will visit the beautiful town of Guatapé. We are delighted with the colors and the drawings of each house called sockets. Did you know that by law everyone who builds a house in Guatapé must include baseboards? A very interesting way to preserve the originality of the most colorful town in Colombia.

turn around includes a typical Colombian breakfast and lunch. And the arepa cannot be missing! You can also enjoy a ride on a large boat where you will visit the Guatapé dam. Here you can show the ruins of the Hacienda la Manuela, a mansion of the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar which was bombed in 1993. On the banks of this enormous dam is also a house of the Colombian player, James Rodríguez. This is one of the best excursions from Medellín!

The best excursions to Guatapé:

best excursions from Medellín
The imposing Piedra del Peñol, one of the best excursions from Medellín

2. Coffee tour of Medellín

if there is something you can not miss in Colombia is a coffee tour. Would you like to know how the coffee you drink every morning is made? On this fun and informative tour You will know the process of making coffee from start to finish. You will also take a walk through the coffee plantations to harvest coffee fruits. You will feel like a true coffee collector!

The transfer is super short, the coffee farm is 40 minutes from Medellín. You will arrive in the blink of an eye! An extra point to this tour is the beautiful landscapes that you can see. You will go from being surrounded by the city buildings to green mountains full of vegetation.

Book a coffee tour of Medellín

best excursions from Medellín
Collecting the fruits of coffee!

3. Salento, one of the best excursions from Medellín if you have several days

Doing the coffee tour in Medellín is good if you don’t have many days. However, if you have enough time in Medellín we recommend you to visit the beautiful Coffee Axis. Salento is its most touristic town! Is about a very colorful little town located in the famous coffee axis of Colombia. In addition, it keeps a treasure of nature, the Valle del Cocora with its huge wax palms. Did you know that they can reach 80 meters? It is impressive to see a palm at a height of almost 3,000 meters above sea level.

Salento is also very famous for being one of the three areas that make up the Colombian coffee axis. If you are looking for a good coffee, the best in Colombia is found on the coffee farms near Salento. Make room in your suitcase because you will surely take a few bags of coffee home!

Although the journey may require more time to get around, it is totally worth it. To get to Salento from Medellín you have two options.

  • Go by plane to Pereira and take a bus from that city to Salento. The flight takes around 42 minutes. Take into account that you must be about two hours before the flight at the airport. Then the bus from Pereira to Salento takes about an hour.
  • Or you can take a bus in Medellín directly to Salento. But we must warn you that this last option can take 8 hours or more depending on the state of the roads and traffic.

15 things to see and do in Salento

best excursions from Medellín
The beautiful Calle Real de Salento

4. Garden

This beautiful town is 3 hours from Medellin. It is located in a valley surrounded by coffee plantations and waterfallsthe most famous is Splendor Cave. It also has a large and very beautiful basilica in the main square. In its surroundings you will see the daily life of the locals.

Sitting in colorful wooden chairs, wearing hats, chatting over coffee, a must in their days. We recommend you take walks in the town and its surroundingsIt’s the best way to get to know Jardín!

5. Jericho

In Jericho you can know what a typical town in the Antioquia region is like. The colorful facades and the atmosphere of village life are charming. Among the merchants and locals you will be able to discover the essence of Antioquia and its traditions. Each window and each door in Jericho have different colors that give a charming touch to the town.

In this colonial town was born Sor Laura Montoya, a saint from Colombia. Many visitors go to Jericho to learn its history. In addition, there is a cathedral, a sanctuary and some churches that watch over the town. During Holy Week many Colombians visit Jericó as it is a pilgrimage town. It will be full so we recommend you avoid these dates.

jericho too It is very famous for being carriel manufacturers, the typical leather bag that is a symbol of the Antioquia region. You will see them in all souvenir shops! If you want to visit Jericho consider that It is located two and a half hours from Medellín.

6. Santa Fé de Antioquia, one of the best excursions from Medellín for history lovers

Very close to Medellín, one hour away, is the colonial city of Santa Fé de Antioquia. The most famous thing here is the Puente del Occidente, it is a large hanging infrastructure on the Cauca River. It is supported by 4 triangular towers. Don’t leave without crossing it! In addition, there is a huge cathedral in the main square, a very pretty park and cobbled streets that give it the Colonial touch to Santa Fe de Antioquia.

One of the most curious activities you can do is discover the history of gold prospectors and silversmiths. A very important work of Antioquia that has existed for years. This is one of the best excursions from Medellin.

Book the excursion to Santa Fe de Antioquia

Santa Fe
a colonial jewel

7. Excursion to the Hacienda Nápoles

This place is very famous not only for being one of the largest amusement parks in South Americabut also because It was owned by Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug trafficker who sowed terror in Colombia in the 80s and 90s. Today it is in the hands of the Colombian State, it has 1,600 hectares, 20 attractions, hotels and restaurants. Among the attractions are a zoo, Jurassic Park, a butterfly farm and an African museum.

To transform the place and try to erase its dark past, millions of dollars were invested. But 3 things from their former owner, Pablo Escobar, were preserved: the plane at the main gate, its hippos and a museum that recounts the tragic events that occurred during the conflict. If you want to visit the Hacienda Napoles you should consider that It is located 4 hours from Medellin.

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8. Santa Elena, one of the best excursions from Medellín for flower lovers

if you like flowershere you will see a wide variety of species and colors. Most famous here is Medellin’s annual festival, the Flower Fair., which is usually held every August. You will be able to see the most colorful side of this town. The highlight is the Parade of Silleteros where the participants are transported in huge artistic floats completely decorated with flowers. The parade is so important that it even ends in Medellín, going through mountainous roads.

In addition, Santa Elena offers a colorful vision of Colombian daily life. There are orchid farms that surround the city and make this region so special.. If you want to add some color to your trip, you must visit Santa Elena. Fortunately, It is located 40 minutes from Medellin so it can be a great excursion from Medellín.

Book the excursion to Santa Elena

9. Saint Raphael

One hour from Guatapé there is a very quiet town called San Rafael. He is very famous for crystalline river where in addition to swimming, you can also do tubbing, canyoning and other activities in the middle of nature. You will live an adventure!

The church is pretty and adds a lovely touch to San Rafael. You can too stroll through the streets to get to know the town and its daily life. The weekends is when you will notice more activity since the farmers come to sell their fruits.

10. Paragliding flight from San Félix

And to finish this post of the best excursions from Medellínwe recommend the experience of seeing the city from the sky. The excursion will head to San Félix, a mountainous area on the outskirts of the city. Then you will receive very important safety instructions on handling the paragliders. With your equipment and guide ready, you will only have to run towards the cliff to leave the ground and fly over Medellin. The flight lasts 15 minutes, so make the most of it!

You do not need to have previous knowledge to carry out this activity since you will have an instructor who will go with you on the paraglider. We recommend doing this activity very early in the morning so that you have the best visibility of the day. You will have the best panoramic view of the city!


On the following map you will find marked the best excursions from Medellín.

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