The best cities in Norway They are full of magic. Each one in her own way! The main attraction of Norway is its landscapes, but the country also has small cities with a lot of history and charm. You are going to fall in love with them! In this post we tell you which are the best cities in Norway. You will want to visit them all!

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1. Bergen, one of the best cities in Norway

Bergen It is the second largest city in Norway and, in our opinion, the most beautiful in the country! It is considered the entrance to the famous fjords of Norway. In addition, the mountains that surround it are the perfect complement to magnificent views. So get your camera ready!

It is also one of the most beautiful cities in Europa. It has an important history related to maritime trade. Among the most distinctive features of Bergen is the Bryggen waterfront district. They are very colorful wooden buildings that house artisan shops and traditional restaurants. Touring this place is a must!

Guide to visit Bergen:

best cities in norway
Bergen, one of the best cities in Norway

2. Oslo

It is true that there are cities that dazzle more than Oslo, but we cannot fail to mention the Norwegian capital because it has beautiful places to visit. Thanks to the fact that it is located next to the sea and surrounded by mountains, Oslo is one of the greenest cities in the world. It has ecological policies with a vision for the future that have been key to taking care of this title. It is an example for the world in terms of caring for the planet.

It is also packed with world-class museums, art galleries and, most impressive, the pure white opera house. Don’t ask for a favor from Sydney! Oslo has become a modern art gallery that you will meet while walking through its streets. In addition, you will find delicious food, a very fun nightlife and activities in the midst of extraordinary nature. All in one place!

Useful information for visiting Oslo:

best cities in norway
The beautiful Opera House in Oslo, one of the best cities in Norway

3. Stavanger, one of the most beautiful cities in Norway

Stavanger is a city that combines the old with the modern in a fascinating way. It has a very beautiful old town. We recommend that you go to Fargegaten street which is lined with charming colorful houses. Also, at night the place has a very cool nightlife.

But that is not all! The best of Stavanger are the spectacular nearby landscapes, one of them is the Pulpit. We did a cruise on Lysefjord from Stavanger and it was phenomenal. We were able to admire the impressive nature that is super close to this city. 100% recommended!

18 things to do in Stavanger

best cities in norway
Stavanger, view from the port

4. Trondheim

Did you know that Trondheim was the first capital of Norway? It is a small but very nice and quiet city. While you walk through its old town you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. Forest-covered hills and canals surround its colorful buildings and old port. Visiting the docks of the Nidelva river is essential, since you will be able to get the typical postcard of the city.

It has a medieval cathedral, Nidaros Cathedral, dating from the eleventh century. This it is a national sanctuary. Also, you should know the Royal Residence is the largest wooden palace in Scandinavia. It is fascinating!

best cities in norway
The typical postcard of Trondheim

5. Tromsø, an ideal city to see the Northern Lights

If you want to see the Northern Lights, there are few better destinations than Tromsø. This city is lucky to be located north of the Arctic Circle. So in summer you will be able to observe the famous midnight sun, while, in winter, the beautiful northern lights. They are fascinating and unforgettable experiences!

But Tromsø is much more than its northern lights! As a curiosity, travelers from the 19th century were impressed with the women, fashion, food and culture of Tromsø. With admiration they called the city “The Paris of the North”. you will run into beautiful fishing villages, botanical gardens and crystalline waterfalls.

How to photograph Northern Lights

A paradise to see Northern Lights

6. Bodø

Bodø is a very underrated city in Norway, although it has gained some popularity lately. You will be surprised to know that It was almost completely destroyed in World War II., so the buildings you will see are practically new. What does take the prize in Bodø is the beautiful location it is in, with snow-capped peaks in the distance making for some spectacular scenery!

The place is also famous because many come here to head to the fascinating Lofoten Islands and one of Norway’s most beautiful islands, Træna. They are very close and there is even a ferry that will take you to this idyllic destination. Here you can explore the wild north of the country. Get ready to discover one of the best cities in Norway!

7. Ålesund, one of the best cities in Norway to enjoy landscapes

This city is like the phoenix that was born from the ashes. ANDn 1904 it suffered a devastating fire at the beginning of the 20th century that destroyed almost everything except for jail and church. Then was rebuilt with a style Art Nouveau. Therefore, you will notice a mixture of style in Ålesund. But therein lies its charm!

But it also has a natural beauty because It is located very close to several fjords. You will be able to admire the majestic mountains of Sunnmøre. Even from one of the nearby hills you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding fjords and mountains. They will take your breath away! It is one of the most iconic sights in Norway.

Without a doubt, one of the best cities in Norway

8. Kristiansand

Kristiansand it a beautiful coastal city in southern Norway. It’s the fifth largest city in the country, so you’ll have plenty to explore! The beautiful atmosphere is made up of the white wooden houses of Posebyen in the old town. In addition, you can enjoy Bystranden, a beautiful beach with palm trees.

As a curiosity, For Norwegians Kristiansand is one of the warmest and sunniest places in the country. Many spend their summer here, although we, being from Barcelona we cannot exactly call it summer.

9. Lillehammer, one of the best cities in Norway to visit in winter

Lillehammer it became famous in the eyes of the world after hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1994. It’s no surprise that today it offers a variety of winter sports activities. Even in Lillehammer you will find one of the most popular ski resorts in Norway. You can also go fishing and hiking!

But that’s not all, Lillehammer it has a picturesque setting, with hills and forests all around it. Also, near Lake Mjosa, there are some very interesting museums and galleries. You won’t be short of things to do and see in Lillehammer! The best time to visit it is winterwhen she gets prettier!

10. Tønsberg, one of the best cities in Norway to feel like you are in the Viking period

To finish our list of 10 best cities in Norway, we could not forget about Tønsberg. It’s the oldest city in the country! Was founded by vikings in the ninth century. During the Middle Ages It was also one of the most important cities in Norway but it lost relevance when it was destroyed by some fires. In the eighteenth century it was recovered and it became a prominent whaling and shipping center.

You have a lot to discover in this beautiful city. You can see the ruins of the Viking period and an impressive full scale copy of the world famous Oseberg viking ship. It is moored in the port of Tønsberg, it is really impressive!

if you are looking For the best panoramic views of the city you must visit the Castle Rock tower. On the other hand, you can get to know the historical side in detail at the Slottsfjell museum. All this makes Tønsberg one of the best cities in norway!


In the following map you will find the location of the most beautiful cities in norway. Do not miss it!


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