Las best cities in greece They are a perfect combination between history and natural paradises. In itself this country is already privileged with its climate, its beaches, food, culture and prices that are super reasonable. But you will also find incredible destinations to complement your visit to the beautiful islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and others that are the most famous what to see in greece If you plan to visit this incredible country, you should know which are the best cities and what each of them has to offer. So you can assemble very easily your route through Greece. Below we tell you the 10 best cities in Greece.

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1. Athens, one of the best cities in Greece with historical treasures

The Greek capital keeps important treasures. In fact, Athens is one of the most interesting and oldest cities in Europe. It has been inhabited since the fourth millennium BC! If you are one of those who loves to explore Historical places, then Athens will be one of your favorite cities in the world. Walking through Athens is going through monuments, ancient temples, archaeological sites in every corner.

Among the buildings of the city prevails the Acropolis, a fortified city built on top of a hill. It had two functions: defense and religious. The main monument is the Parthenon It was built in the 5th century BC and was the largest temple of the time. In the same place is the famous portico of the caryatids in the Erechtheiona sanctuary in honor of some Greek gods where the oldest and most sacred relics of Athens were kept.

But that’s not all, nor half of everything you should know! This city is huge and very important in the world, so you won’t be short of things to see in Athens. It is definitely one of the best cities in Greece!

Guide to visit Athens:

best cities in greece
The Parthenon, symbol of Athens

2. Nafplio

Did you know that in the past Nafplio was the capital of Greece? Yes, it was the first, before Athens, because it has always been the center of commerce and politics. It is located in a quite strategic place, so there are 3 fortresses that protected the place. Not only does it treasure important and historical sites, it also It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes thanks to the sea and the mountains surrounding Nafplio. The views from certain points of the fortresses will take your breath away!

The charming architecture of Nafplio They also give it a place on our list of the best cities in greece. The narrow cobbled streets and picturesque port of this seaside town are ideal places to stroll and enjoy this Greek city. Of course, you will surely find several groups of both national and foreign tourists. The Athenians have made Nafplio their favorite place to get away to rest and relax.

best cities in greece
Nafplio, one of the best cities in Greece

3. Thessaloniki, one of the best cities in Greece if you want to learn about Byzantine history

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is full of culture, art and gastronomy. And it is that, throughout its existence, it has been governed by Romans and Byzantines. So each era has left a trace of its passage. among the most important things what to see in Thessaloniki there are the White Tower of Thessaloniki, the Church of Saint Demetrius and the Rotunda, which date back to antiquity. Walking through the streets of the city is a way to learn more about its past.

Here is also the Museum of Byzantine Culture which houses an immense collection of Byzantine treasures, including jewellery, vessels and other artifacts. They are a historical treasure that make Thessaloniki a the cultural capital of Greece! It is an excellent destination to learn about Byzantine history.

The famous White Tower of Thessaloniki

4. Rhodes City, home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The city of Rhodes is a very well preserved historical gem. The old town dates back to the 5th century BC and its medieval architecture can still be perfectly admired. Walking through its winding streets is like enter a maze and go back in time. As you get lost in these confusing alleyways take a look at the traditional Greek churches, shops, cafes and restaurants that line the streets. Surely you will enter more than one!

This ancient city was once the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Colossus of Rhodes. It is the most famous thing to see in the city of Rhodes, so it is usually packed with tourists, but visiting it is totally worth it. Rhodes the best example of what Greece is, history and beautiful landscapes. It is one of the best cities in greece that you can’t miss!

best cities in greece
The Palace of the Grand Master, in Rhodes

5. Corfu Town

You will be enchanted in the middle of the artistic culture and the incredible natural landscape that characterizes Corfu Town, also known as Kerkyra. The atmosphere is completely spectacular! The old town is beautiful. In fact, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. And it is that in the City of Corfu you will find Venetian forts, the Palace of San Miguel, of San Jorge and the Achilleion Palace.

As if that were not enough, it is also a gastronomic paradise where you will enjoy the typical Greek food. And if you like the quiet and desolate beaches you will be able to find some where you will not have to deal with crowds of tourists. Or if you prefer to go on an excursion you can travel to the vido islanda simple island that can be accessed by boat, here you will get to know a quieter side of Corfu culture.

6. Chania, one of the most complete cities in Greece

Nothing like walking through this beautiful city in Greece, getting lost in its narrow alleys and admire the architecture of the old town. Chania is located on the coast of Creta and it is very picturesque. There is an old port with a super striking lighthouse that adorns the landscape of the place. And of course we cannot forget the beautiful shores where the perfect plan is to sunbathe, bathe and contemplate the sea. Here are some of the best beaches in crete!

If you are looking for a lively night atmosphere, Chania has what you need. Music, dance, cocktails and a lot of good vibes to close the nights. Also, you can’t miss the delicious food served by the restaurants here. In Chania you will get to know the Cretan culture itself and the lifestyle of the locals. It is one of the best cities in greece all included!

20 things to do in Chania

best cities in greece
The Venetian port of Chania

7. Heraklion

This port city is known as the “Gateway to Crete” since it is a major tourist destination on the island. Heraklion is the largest city in Crete so it is rich in history and culture. Among the most important monuments that you should know is the Palace of Knossos. The archaeological ruins of the place will tell you the historical events that occurred. Exploring these sites is enriching and very interesting.

Heraklion enchants visitors with its beautiful crystal clear waters with a unique turquoise color. They adorn the landscape and form incredible views of the place. The combination between the old and modern side of the city make you always find something what to do in Heraklion. There is something for everyone!

If you like taste the local cuisineyou will be happy to know that in Heraklion you will be delighted with delicious seafood dishes and of course with the traditional greek favorites like baklava or moussaka. You will be delighted with everything Heraklion has for you!

Heraklion fortress

8. Will

Volos is a very beautiful port city and one of the most popular destinations in Greece. The main reason for his fame is the magnificent hilly landscape next to the beautiful blue waters that it has. But Volos also keeps a lot of history like every Greek city. here you are one of the oldest archaeological museums in Greecewhere an extensive collection of objects rescued from the region is kept.

Volos was first established as the port of the ancient city Iolkos in the eighth century B.C. C. Over time, it has become an important center of trade in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Greek favorite place to spend the weekends. In addition, many make a stop in Volos before heading towards the Sporades Islands. So you have more than one reason to visit Volos, one of the best cities in greece!

9. Ioannina

The beauty of Ioannina is defined between its lakes and castles. The most famous castle of Ioannina, is on an islet in the lake pamvotida, was built during the Byzantine period and is the icon of the city. The lake is huge, 10 kilometers wide and many small islands that add a lovely touch to the landscape.

In addition, the towns near Ioannina have hiking trails that surround the lake and offer some dream views. Or if you prefer you can take a boat ride to explore the lake from its waters. Fortunately, Ioannina is not saturated with tourists so it is the perfect place to escape from the chaotic cities and find some peace of mind for a couple of days.

10. Rethymnon

We end this post on the best cities in greece with Rethymnon. is the third largest city on this island and we have already seen that Crete guards precious cities. Medieval architecture and Venetian ports of Rethymnon make it authentic. And if that was not enough, Rethymnon has some of the best beaches in Greece like Prevelithe perfect place to spend the day tanning and resting with the sea in the background.

If you like the day trips, You can also explore the surroundings and the nearby towns of Rethymnon a bit. We recommend you go to Agia Galini, a beautiful and simple town where you can see the quiet daily life of the locals and which, in addition, is an incredible food center. you will not lack things what to do in Rethymnon!

The picturesque port of Rethymnon


In the following map you will find the location of the most beautiful cities in Greece.


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