The best cities in Austria will not disappoint you! This Central European country is one of the most beautiful in Europe and with endless things to see that will keep you very busy. The architecture, history, nature and music will surround you in each place. Here we present you the 10 best cities in Austria to inspire you when putting together your itinerary. Take note of each one of them!


1. Vienna, one of the best cities in Austria

If you are looking for history, culture and architectureVienna could not be missing from this list about the best cities in Austria. Museums, historical sites, magnificent buildings will keep your list of things to do in Vienna full.

The history of the capital has been impregnated in every corner of the city and they make it unique among the best cities in Austria. You will be amazed by glittering palaces, legendary art collections and an exceptional musical heritage. You can even attend one of the classical music concerts at the majestic Vienna State Opera.

Another feature that will make you fall in love with the city are the typical cafes, concert halls and carriages. As if that were not enough, we cannot forget the Vienna Woods, such as the Wiener Wald and the Prater, home to the oldest amusement park on the continent. Vienna is a super complete city!

Vienna is always on the list of the best cities in the world for its quality of life. Even, from 2010 to 2019, the capital of Austria was listed as the best city to live in the worldaccording to mercer survey. The Austrian capital with an excellent public transport system, is very safe and is friendly to the environment. It is not only ideal to visit but also to live!

Guide to visit Vienna:

best cities in austria
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

2. Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart

Salzburg is the home of Mozart! It is known for being the birthplace of Mozart, one of the greatest composers in history. Here you will find music everywhere! A great option for music lovers is to visit the Mozart House Museum.

But not everything is music architecture also stands out in this city. Like the Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, located on top of a mountain. ‘It’s so impressive that you can see it from anywhere in Salzburg!

The city is located in the northwest of Austria, near the border with Germany. A gem among the best cities in Austria!

Information to visit Salzburg:

best cities in austria
Salzburg, one of the best cities in Austria

3. Innsbruck, one of the best cities in Austria for adventure

The city is located in the Alps, so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and also adventure activities for the brave! But beyond the mountains, in Innsbruck you can also enjoy the picturesque houses with a gothic, imperial and modern design at the same time.

In the center of the city it is easy to recognize the iconic and historical sites of the area. In the medieval quarter you will find the Baroque St. Jacob’s Cathedral, the Habsburg Imperial Palace renaissance style and Schloss Ambras, 16th century.

The location of Innsbruck between the Alps is picturesque and at the same time strategicThey thought of everything! Because that’s how it became influential center of European politics and culture under the Counts of Tyrol and Emperor Maximilian I.

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best cities in austria
Innsbruck, surrounded by mountains

4. Eisenstadt

Walking through the streets of the center of Eisenstadt, one of the best cities in austriais to meet unique monuments considered artistic heritage. The advantage is that there are many pedestrian streets where you can walk very quietly and watch them.

But we cannot forget an Eisenstadt jewel like the Esterházy Palace, from the year 1364, a relic that is still standing! There is even a room dedicated to Joseph Haydnwho was a court musician and conductor of the Esterházy princes, a noble family from Hungary. The best thing there is to listen to Haydn’s music that bounces off the walls of the room up to your ears. An experience not to be missed!

Also, this city has three very important cultural treasures. He Kalvarienberg is a mountain made of stones where the passion of Christ is represented with wooden figures, but life-size! there is also the Jewish museum, which is still functioning and is the oldest synagogue in the country. Finally, the Gloriette Temple where you can have the best views to enjoy everything from above. Eisenstadt is one of the best cities in Austria and it has it all!

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5. Graz, a very picturesque destination

The second largest city in Austria has a lot to offer you. like all best cities in Austria, Graz is full of historical places. The center is the most valuable because it is considered the best preserved in all of Central Europe.

In Graz, Baroque palaces and Renaissance courtyards combine with centuries-old churches and modern museums. In the middle of it all stands the hill Castle Hill covered with trees and at the top there is the famous clock tower that stands out among the city.

The city is located on the banks of the Mur River. Thus, Graz combines the green of nature with old and historical architecture. A lovely place!

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best cities in austria
Graz, one of the best cities in Austria

6. Krems an der Donau, one of the best cities in Austria

This small town is only 70 kilometers from Vienna, the capital of Austria. It grew a lot during the Middle Ages thanks to its location, on the banks of the Danube. Since then, it has had great commercial importance in the country.

However, what is worth it is getting lost in its streets. Walking through Krems an der Donau is like going back in time. The streets look like something out of a fairy tale! Its medieval historic center is one of the most beautiful in the country. So don’t miss it!

The city is surrounded by the beautiful wachau valley, which will offer you unique landscapes and wines. As a curiosity, wine has been produced in the region since Roman times. In the city you will find plenty of local taverns where you can enjoy Austrian dishes and good wine while you travel back in time.

Krems looks like fantasy!

7. Linz

This is the third largest city in Austria and is crossed by the Danube River so if you like take bike rides or walkIt is a destination that will fascinate you.

He old town hall and old cathedral are the places that steal the show in Linz. But there is also the town square, Hauptplatz, which is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee with the traditional Linzer cake.

Something you can’t miss is climb up to Pöstlingberg, a 540-meter hill with beautiful views of the city. You can get there with the tram, super easy and the photo from above will be worth it!

Linz, beautiful even on gray days!

8. Steyr, the most romantic of Austrian cities

This city is one of the most populated in the country and is lucky to be located between two rivers: the Enns and the Steyr. If we have seen something that they have the best cities in Austria are viewpoints or emblematic places located in high areas. At Steyr, the place for that is Lamberg Castlean Austrian historical site located on a small hill with magnificent views of the city.

And very close to this site is the city park. The best thing is to go to the orangery and see the pond that is decorated with a spectacular weeping willow. An excellent place for photographs! Even at Christmas time you will be lucky to know the christmas market that they put on this site, the place becomes magical!

We couldn’t forget about the beautiful Marienkirche church. The light pink color that it has makes it look very delicate despite its large size. Steyr is one of the best cities in Austria and will envelop you in its magic!

best cities in austria
Steyr, one of the best cities in Austria

9. Bregenz

This city is the perfect combination between culture and nature. What we can highlight the most about Bregenz are panoramic views of the Swiss and German Alps. A real spectacle for the eyes!

Another point in favor of the city is that it is located in the shore of lake constance. You can already imagine the walks that you can do next to the lake and the views that you will have if you go up to the Pfänder mountain by cable car.

You also have hiking trails up the mountain and very good places to eat, especially for the unbeatable views. The Alpine Wildlife Park and the Eagle Observatory are a great option to get into nature. And if you visit this area in winter, you should know that the mountain becomes very popular for ski lovers.

Bregenz is also known for its large lakeside festivals. The most important is the Bregenz annual festival that occurs between July and August. The entire event takes place on a huge floating platform next to the lake. You will lose yourself between the music and the atmosphere of the lake!

10. Melk, one of the best cities in Austria that will impress you

We close the list of best cities in Austria with Melk. The most important and tourist place is the Benedictine Abbey, it is a monastery with an impressive baroque design, it looks like a royal palace. We assure you that you will be speechless as soon as you see it!

Although the show is completely stolen by the monastery, you can also visit the old town which is located at the bottom of the hill below the abbey. There you can visit the Rathausplatz or town hall square and the main square Hauptplatz. One of the best cities in Austria that you cannot leave off your list!

The imposing Melk Abbey


On the following map you will find marked the best cities in austria mentioned above.


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